Best Ways to Optimize Your Email to Get Better Engagement


You’ve finally secured your business with enough subscribers. It was definitely an overwhelming experience! But, we’re here to remind you: having a list of subscribers is one thing, but you also need to worry about getting them engaged. After all, email marketing has no purpose if you don’t have feedback from your subscribers. For a B2B and B2C businesses, creating engaging emails is a key to the success of their email marketing campaigns. And to do that, you need to start by optimizing your email templates. Before actually reading your emails, your subscribers perceive them visually to determine whether they are worth their attention. Thus, the choice of the right template plays a great role in improving engagement.
So, what are the best practices to optimize your email template, which will bring you more engagement? Let’s take a look.

1. Make a Branded Email Template

Ideally, your email template should be a brand identity of your business. That’s why, to improve subscriber engagement, you need to start with an email template. A branded email template should include a logo of your brand, a motto that you use to promote your business, and other distinctive features that describe your business.

Why should you make a branded email template? It influences your web visibility and improves brand awareness. The more you include your brand features in your marketing emails, the better subscriber engagement becomes.

So, before you start creating a template, figure out where you’ll put your brand features. They should be visible and distinct; your brand logo image should be of high quality.

The brand logo should be included at the top of the email template because it is the first thing that your subscribers will notice when they open the email. Help your business become stronger in the market with brand awareness.

2. Experiment with Fonts

When looking for great email template inspiration, pay attention to different fonts. Using them will help you make the important information stand out. Besides, using different fonts greatly contributes to how your email will be perceived visually.
Starbucks often experiments with different fonts in their marketing emails. They use them to highlight important messages and inform their subscribers of some important updates.
Experimenting with different fonts brings a lot of creativity to your email templates, but don’t overuse them (go for no more than three fonts in one email). Moreover, fonts that look too vulgar and scream for attention won’t contribute to subscriber engagement.

3. Call your Subscribers to Action

Call-to-action buttons and other features that invite your subscribers to participate in some sort of activity is a great way to boost engagement. And accompanying it with motivating text will definitely attract more attention to your brand.
Including call-to-action features also helps brand turn the attention of their subscribers to some important messages.

Introduce new addition to your menu and invite your subscribers to download the offers by including a call-to-action button in your emails to get better engagement.

4. Personalize

Personalization is the major trend in today’s marketing. Company review sites report about businesses that use personalization have better conversion rates and subscriber engagement. By addressing a subscriber directly, you show that the opinion of the subscriber matters to you the most. This is a great way to get better engagement.

Guest Blog

Look at the example above. Here, TripAdvisor sent an email with hot traveling offers, but by including the name of the customer (just below the logo of TripAdvisor), they show that the whole offer is personalized too. It’s a nice touch to your marketing emails that will help you boost engagement.

5. Adjust the Mobile Version

Probably, the vast majority of your subscribers use their smartphones to go through their email boxes. So, when working on an email template, remember that it should be fit for a mobile version as well. That’s why, when creating an email template, stick to these tips:
• Don’t use images that will take a lot of time to load. This will make your subscribers swipe away.
• Avoid too much text. Visual representation is on top of the email marketing world right now. So, if you want to boost engagement, include less text and more visual features.
• Use accessible fonts to make sure that the message will open in all browsers.


Email marketing is a great way to promote your business. But your success starts with the small things, and in this case, it’s the templates of your emails. Stick to these tips, and you’ll increase the chances for your subscribers to become more involved and engaged.

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