Best Sales Prospecting Tools – The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

Let’s face it: The sales volume game is dead. Agree?

As buyers become adept at blocking out interruptive marketing and sales messages, the high-volume outreach strategy of salespeople is increasingly becoming redundant. Identifying interested buyers at the right time in their search – targeted prospecting – is the name of the modern sales game.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at the statistics below:

  • Only 2% of cold calls result in an appointment. [Source: Leap  Job].
  • 50% of sales time is wasted on unproductive prospecting  [Source: The B2B Lead]   
  • Only 33% of inside sales rep time is spent activelyselling. [Source: CSO Insights]

{{cta(‘db1f981d-cd2d-4bc6-a679-b3466f4cd4fc’,’justifyright’)}}The old sales playbook is broken.

 Gone is the era of mindless prospecting, cold calls, batch-and-blast email campaigns to purchased/rented lists. Buyers have evolved and so should you as a salesperson.

Sales Prospecting Tools - Old sales model and new sales model

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We know, sales prospecting is not one of the favourite parts of the job of many sales folks. But your prospects are out there looking for products like yours. So the game boils down to your first impression. It does mean a lot! Today, if you do not start off your sales pitch in the right way to the right prospect at the right time, rest assured you’ve lost the deal to your competitor.

>"}” data-sheets-userformat=”{"2":769,"3":{"1":0},"11":4,"12":0}”>So what are the new rules of the game?

Aggressive growth goals call for a quick surge of lead generation.

Targeted prospecting is the new success mantra. Fortunately, technology is by our side – there are a bunch of great sales prospecting tools available to help you identify right prospects. So ready to do some smart prospecting?

Want more hacks like these

Let’s look at some channels using which you can reach out to your prospects:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Mutual Connections

Best Sales Prospecting Tools

Here, we’ve compiled a list of best sales prospecting tools across these channels.

Phone tools

A sales person spends a major chunk of his day on the phone. So let’s explore a couple of phone tools that can accelerate your productivity and empower you to make calls more efficiently.


RingioThis CRM-enabled telephony application empowers sales managers in gaining more control and complete access into their sales team’s calling activities, converting more leads, closing more deals and delighting your customers. It helps sales people: 

  • Perform all calling activities right from the CRM
  • Leave pre-recorded voicemails with a single click
  • Identify the best performing sales reps
  • Closely integrated with Salesforce and Zoho

Close.ioThis hassle-free, web-based Inside Sales Communication Platform helps you get rid of the inefficiencies of the current CRMs and the tedious task of manual entry. Instead, you can spend more time closing deals. This platform helps you: 

  • Automate sales calls and email marketing
  • Make and receive calls with one click
  • Fully integrated phone system
  • Leverage actionable insights and goal setting
  • No manual data entry 

Call Activity Tracking System (C.A.T.S)This comprehensive and flexible phone call tracking system combines the power of back-office functionality with Salesforce automation. This web-based tool helps you: 

  • Quickly review the status of your calls
  • Add all client information in one place
  • Understand your prospects better

Email Tools

After phone, email is the most preferred choice of sales people to reach out to prospectors and nurture the leads. However, gauging the way recipients engage with the email content is the biggest challenge faced by many sales people today.

Let’s explore some of the finest Sales Prospecting tools that will help get the most out of your emails.


Sidekick for Business: This free HubSpot tool is one of the most effective sales prospecting tools. It’s time to turbocharge your sales game by improving your email marketing, having more meaningful interactions with prospects just at the right time in their buyer’s journey. Sidekick allows you to: 

  • Leverage its database of contact information
  • Schedule and track every template email that you send out
  • Get notifications on the prospect’s activity
  • Save time and close more deals

Yesware: This email tracking and analytics platform helps you sell smarter, right from your Inbox by giving you clear idea as to which prospects are most interested. This prescriptive tool helps you: 

  • Track email open and reply rates
  • Attachment opens
  • Presentation page views

ToutApp: This app helps you fetch real-time email tracking and analytics. So it becomes easy for you to know if a prospect has seen, clicked or replied to your emails. It integrates directly into your Gmail, Outlook or any other CRM and helps you to close more deals. This app helps you with:

  • Email tracking
  • Attachment tracking
  • Location and device tracking
  • Meeting scheduler

Social Prospecting Tools

The true value of Social prospecting lies in effective targeting and engagement capabilities on professional social networks. In the B2B space its either Linkedin or Twitter. Times are changing and organizaions are aligning social selling strategies to their core sales strategy by means of quality content, strong engagement and building thought leadership. Few good Social prospecting tools are LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator (for advanced intelligence about the prospects), Buffer (for automated social media publishing and monitoring) and KiteDesk (for smarter lead generation and management across social media).

We at InsideSalesBox have focused on building a complete sales prospecting solution with integrated phone, e-mail and social prospecting capabilities. Aall-in-one inside sales software that defines and improves your sales process to make it predictable and enables you to go beyond CRM pipeline management and get actionable insights to boost productivity. See how it helps you build rapport with prospects. The software is aimed at helping one generate predictable revenue for his/her business. Its powerful features include:

Are there any smart sales prospecting tools we’ve missed? Which sales prospecting tools do you use the most? Please let us know in the comment box below. Don’t be shy.

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