Best Practices of Sales Leader to Produce Top-Notch Sales Teams


I often come across many sales people but have seen only few of them acting as leaders. Over here I am referring to “Leaders”- people who are real heroes and have completely changed the traditional process of sales. what do you think “Sales” is now? Is it merely a process of going on field and following a door to door knocking methodology? or persuading your prospects to buy your product even if he/she is not willing to? Is this what sales is all about?

Let me tell you that if you are following this old school process then you are just going to face the dead end and will be left out with no prospects. Over the past few years, the role of sales leader has evolved. These people are the ones who enable their team with right methodologies to crack the deal and maintaining the relationship with their client at the same time.

According to a research by brainshark, “48% of B2B trainers say that their organization’s sales training content isn’t engaging enough, and only 32% of respondents described their sales training program as effective.” Sales reps are the key to lead-generation strategies and are the first human touch points that your leads will have with your organization. Thus ensuring that reps understand the key messaging well and deliver them accurately to the customer could be a wise step that any sales leader may take to train his team.

According to Aberdeen group analysis when sales teams implemented best practices in their methodologies, they doubled their quota attainment. So, how can sales leader enable best practices throughout their sales strategy? Lets discuss few points to produce best practices across sales teams so that they can sell with an insight towards success:

  1. Equipping new hires with right messaging: Hiring a sales rep in an incessant manner is a common trend being followed by most organizations. Hiring is either being done to fill in the vacant position or to brace the expansion of the organization. This is a major challenge for the management leaving the productivity of the organization as a riddle to be solved. Providing new hires with the right and a defined messaging could be one of the fastest way to ensure that they confidently communicate the right value proposition and sell quickly. When sales rep know about your product and its benefits, they can respond effectively to technical or competitive questions, and hence can engage prospects and get to quota faster.
  2. Introduce Sales best practices: Enabling teams with best practices will have a positive impact on overall sales productivity. Coaching is considered as one of the best practices that a sales leader can provide to his fellow sales team, but the most important thing over here is to push trainings to reps in real-time, whenever they need it. A recent study showed that core sales team members that complete quality sales training programs achieve 19% more of their sales goal. Training however could be a short term solution. Studies show that 80% of sales training is forgotten within the first 90 days. If it isn’t reinforced, it’s quickly lost. For example: Adequate training material and guidance can make the newly hired sales reps more efficient when it comes to delivering product demos to the prospects and making them aware of the key value proposition of the product.

  3. Utilize Sales content Library: Using content in sales situations is one of the other best practices for sales enablement . When top performers engage with their prospects they already know that what kind of materials should be shared and how should they respond to different situations. A study by IDC showed that sales rep don’t use up to 80% of marketing content until they need it. It is very crucial that the sales team has a central hub for all the resources they need to succeed at their job. This sales content library can be hosted on company’s website including a section that is especially designed for educating sales reps and should include content like:

    > first call deck

    > customer stories and testimonials

    > event and webinar calendars

    > white papers, e-books, and other long-form content

    > infographics, videos, and other visual content

    > email templates
    > presentation tools and templates

  4. Providing Sales script: There can always be a possibility that all your team members don’t have the same mastery and getting the middle 2/3rds of your employees to message like your top 20% could be a difficult task. Therefore providing your sales team with a perfect sales script for reference during their sales calls can create a great impact on customer’s decision. Ensuring that the reps are clear about the key messaging of the company and the value proposition of the core product can help them in overcoming sales objections.

  5. Enabling Tools and techniques: Sales reps need to have the right tools and resources for providing best possible service to the customers. So many enterprises are transforming towards  on-the-go computing, mobile point of sale and remote connectivity for sales pitches, hence pioneering tools such as mobile and analytic resources are major necessities for insightful sales projections and strategies. Sales leaders can also institute social selling in the sales enablement techniques for having a top level engagement activity that generates interest with prospects.

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