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5 Essential Tips for B2B Sales Prospecting that Fill Your Pipeline


For any business, it is imperative to keep the pipeline filled with sales prospects but it is not something that it can be achieved overnight. It is not a one-time activity; it involves many steps, strategies, and different avenues. It takes patience, practice, hard work, and dedication. B2B Sales prospecting is considered to be the foremost challenge for the business. But to accomplish it successfully, decide how you will manage to pursue your prospect on the phone, prepare questions, and think through the information you want to share.

Now here are 5 B2B Sales Prospecting Tips that will come to your rescue:

1) Use Every Possible Mode of Communication to reach your prospect:

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Start your day with a list of prospects who are most likely to buy your product. It happens very rarely that a prospect becomes your client the first time you call. Most prospects will not be ready unless you push them by calling at least 3 times.

Shooting over an email is another good idea. Email helps you visualize, a text message can be accompanied by uploading a demo video of the product. This way your prospect gets time to think what you’re trying to say. Emails can be saved in your drafts for future reference and can even be forwarded to somebody  who might fit in your business criteria. Don’t make a mistake of sending just one email to your prospect. Follow up with subsequent emails so that your prospect never forgets your value proposition. Sending them a mail time after time in the same context will keep them reminding of your presence. Here is a blog which has defined how cold email templates worked for us.


2) Proactively ask for Referrals:

Referrals can be an extremely effective way to grow your business. Don’t wait for one to come to your doorstep. You need to ask them proactively.

The best referral comes from the client whom you had served to the level of excellence.  To set yourself up for success, consider pairing referral requests with positive client outcomes. The moment you feel they are overwhelmed with your performance, get prepared to fetch yourself the next prospect with their help.

3) Using LinkedIn for B2B sales prospecting is a wise move:

LinkedIn can help you create a strong professional brand image. Be an active participant on LinkedIn, join groups, and engage in relevant discussions. Follow your prospect’s profile and their regular updates, try understanding their business and what kind of product they are seeking.

LinkedIn is majorly used for the purpose of mapping out the decision makers within the target prospects.

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4) Follow up regularly with your prospects:

The effects of your attempts are commonly not shown on the first contact you make with your sales prospect. Turning a prospect into a customer normally takes a lot of effort. This includes multiple calls, emails, messages, and other follow-up activities. Your CRM system will help you keep a track of all your prospects.

5) Don't Try to Bypass the Gatekeeper:

Decision makers for B2B companies are besieged with calls and emails. Gatekeepers filter out irrelevant calls that interrupt their manager’s time.They prevent the unwanted sales approach. They might not allow you to enter your prospect's horizon. So, the best way to get past the gatekeeper will be is to get them on your side. Before you build a relation with your prospect, try developing with them. This tactic might help you reaching your prospect easily

Business to Business Sales prospecting is one hard job for all businesses, but the right tactics can help you in the purpose. Following the tips above will make you a proficient sales rep.

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