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Founder Inside Sales Box Passionate about products and their impact on lives of millions. Loves data driven decisions. Has travelled to over 40 countries. Father of 2.

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Key Attributes for Successful Inside Sales Management

40% of new managers fail in the first 18 months - American Management Association

Much has been written about inside sales management and managers, but every inside sales professional knows that it's often the intangibles that separate good inside sales managers from the great ones. 

Below are some of the key attributes I find in most of the successful inside sales managers. I have not only defined success on the basis of numbers but have also taken into account coaching, training, empowerment, and leadership.

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Sessions for Inside Sales Leaders at Dreamforce 16

Secured your spot at the Dreamforce 2016?  If yes, great !!

I'll also be there having managed to grab a place just in time.   

With an ocean of sessions at the Dreamforce, we've highlighted the standout sessions on inside sales through this blog.

Do register for them before it's too late.

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When should you buy an Inside Sales Software?

Prospects are often found confused even after asking for a demo or trial. 

The confusion is whether to invest in a sales software or not. Buying an inside sales software is about the need and not hygiene at this point.

The entire spectrum of sales is in a state of flux. The shift to technology driven sales is making sales predictable and easy on one side. But on the other side, sales leaders have to make sure they invest in the right technology (when needed). 

Inside Sales Software is not for everyone - Having already explained who shouldn't buy a sales management software, let's find out when should a company invest in an inside sales software.

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Inside Sales Software Market - Time for more Research

What is the size of the inside sales software market?

As the Founder of, I get this question, a few times, each month. Mostly from well-wishing friends, and industry colleagues. Maybe, it is my excitement that elicits that question.

I confess that I find it tough to give them a straight answer.

So, I ask them back.

Their responses usually revolve around the Global CRM market, which at this point in time, is well-researched.

Wish I could say the same for Inside Sales?

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How Do C-level Executives Make Buying Decisions?

Those who follow my LinkedIn articles must know my respect and admiration for sales and marketing expert, Tim Riester, also the Chief Strategy Officer of Corporate Visions. I’d recently written an article recapping his brilliant talk on creating a "why change" dialogue with your customers, which was also the opening salvo for Digital Sales Camp.

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The Anatomy of an Inside Sales Team

Division of labor has been practised since the industrial revolution of Europe and America. It lead to highly specialized jobs which in turn lead to greater productivity and prosperity.

A similar specialization wave was observed a few years back in the software development industry. Software developer profile made way for designations like web developer, iOS developer, front end developer and full stack developer.

Naturally, this hyperspecialization had to affect the modern inside sales teams also. 

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Inside Sales Technology - An Exploding Landscape

Inside Sales is not a hot topic.

It doesn't get much press outside industry magazines and I'm sure it isn't something you want to come home and tell your significant other about.

Unless ofcourse, you are a venture capitalist.

Yes, recently there has been an explosion of  startups coming up in the space of inside sales. A total of 317 startups have come up in the past 25 years according to VB Profile. The year 2015 alone 40+ new companies had come up. 

Why did I call it an exploding landscape? Let's take a look at some reasons along with data.  

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Why Pokémon Go for Inside Sales Technology?

What if Rattata could suggest prospecting opportunities?

Or what if Charmander gets enraged if you are falling short of your sales quota?

If you have no idea of what I am writing about, I consider you 'lucky'. For I have fallen for the "Pokémon Go" craze.

Poké Ball, Poké Stops, Gyms, Eggs, Poké Money, and all the countless pocket monsters are already driving me nuts. Influencers and my fellow colleagues in companies - big and small - have wasted no time in writing about the implications of "Pokémon Go" on businesses.

I find some of the write-ups opportunistic. Nevertheless, it has encouraged me to think why inside sales technology should learn from the "Pokémon Go" mania. 

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Want Prospects To Speak With You? Create "Why Change" Dialogue!


“...As the opening act, if you will, I’m here to talk about creating and delivering great messaging and content through these digital applications. In other words, if your content and messaging sucks, all these great tools can really do is speed up the SUCKING!”Tim Riesterer

And thus began Digital Sales Camp...with a bang!

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Inside Sales Books to make you a better Inside Sales Professional

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” - Dr Seuss 

From Warren Buffet to Elon Musk, every successful individual reads.

Do you?

Through this blog, I won't be asking you to become a voracious reader, but just read some of the best books on inside sales

These books have been very helpful in building my understanding in the vast space of inside sales and grow as a sales leader.

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