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7 Cold Calling Techniques That Will Improve Your Calls

If the idea of making a cold call fills you with dread, you're not alone. They are frustrating, painful, and inevitably expose you to more rejection than you'd prefer to deal with. What's more, people are as unenthusiastic about receiving cold calls as they are about making them.

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Writing a Sales Email? 10 Traps You Should Avoid

When writing a sales email there are many templates and formulas out there on how to get it right, but not all advice is good advice and everyday hundreds of sales emails which have been slaved over, just end up in the junk folder and are deleted without being read. If you don’t want that to happen to your amazing copy then avoid these 10 common traps. 

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Tips to Achieve the Best Results from your B2B Marketing Campaign

When it comes to B2B marketing, having a good strategy is the key to increasing its effectiveness. An effective marketing campaign needs to be planned and executed in order to have successful results. Marketing should be aimed at retaining new customers and old customers for generating new business in all segments. Success in B2B marketing campaign lies in the appropriate combination of offline processes with the ability to use online tools. Now a day’s email marketing is a relatively cheap but effective online tool.

There are various elements that you should consider into your B2B campaign in order to make it successful.

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How To Generate Leads With The Help Of B2B Emails: 6 Effective Tips

Despite how much marketing has changed over the years, emails remain one of the most effective marketing tools even now. However, the strategy of writing effective B2B emails remains a mystery to many. What differs an email that gets opened and responded from the one that goes straight to the bin? Is there any difference at all?

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4 Tips for Optimizing Your B2B Sales Process


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What Can Outbound Sales Learn From Inbound Leads?

We have all heard the buzzword “Inbound sales”. Basically it means selling to prospects that have shown some level of interest in your product/service and are inside your sales funnel because of your marketing efforts. With Inbound marketing picking up at a  rapid pace, especially in the B2B tech space Inbound sales has evolved very fast. And, it is time that one leverages another. 

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5 Factors That Make an Inside Sales Rep Successful

Recent lead management research indicates that over the past 3 years, inside sales positions have increased at a rate of 15 times more (7.5% versus .5% annually), than outside sales - creating 800,000 fresh sales jobs.

In order to successfully establish yourself as an inside sales rep, here are five habits worth adopting.

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5 Sales Follow Up Email Templates for a Winning Sales Campaign

Sales follow ups can be brutal. At the same time what seems like a tedious, everlasting process can land you your next big client. In this highly competitive era, you need to make the best use of every opportunity, especially in sales.

Sales follow up emails are just as much gruelling. But, with good email etiquettes and a winning email template, sales follow up can turn out to be your niche in no time. With the best email marketing and sales tools available for your use, sales processes have been very much simplified.

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How To Manage Your Millennial Sales Team

Not all generational sales teams are created equal. Millennial sales reps-part of the generation that’s rapidly overtaking all others in terms of numbers in the workforce-come with unique challenges in terms of managing and motivating.

It’s in every business’s best interests to re-evaluate and refine their sales coaching techniques in order to engage this generation of salespeople and maximize their efforts in the marketplace.

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Cold Calling Strategies That Give You Warm Introductions and High ROI


Emails, phone calls, and social media marketing are one of the best ways of making new connections. And no matter how many other ways technology would continue to create for us to connect, nothing could ever replace face to face, hand to hand connect. And in the challenging world of businesses today, sales people and business owners are focussing more and more on their efforts, securing sales appointments and winning new businesses. When done right with some smart research, scripts, presentations, and delivery, cold calling does land businesses even if the money is tight.

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