Francis Cyriac

5 Common Sales Negotiation Myths BUSTED

Sales discussions are perennial in most businesses. It would be great if your client agreed to all your terms of sale, no questions asked or negotiations required. But that sort of luck rarely comes by. Most salespeople don’t understand the dynamics of negotiation, making them apprehensive and nervous. Sales negotiations can disarm even professional salespeople …

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10 Sales Negotiation Skills Every Sales Rep Must Master

Sales negotiations is an awry business, it can be simple or complicated, courteous or brutal, fast or slow. Negotiations are termed successful when real and perceived differences are adjusted while preserving credibility, customer value, and profit margins. While there is no surefire approach to barter positive results from a sales negotiation, one can decrease the …

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A Quick Guide to Lead Scoring [Free Whitepaper]

The good news is that inside sales, inbound marketing, and big data have helped sales organizations attract high volume of leads and later helped them in lead conversion. The challenge then becomes, how do you separate the high-quality leads from the leads that are just looking around for information? That’s where lead scoring makes its …

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5 Elements of a High Performing Sales Team

In today’s highly competitive economy, the line between high performing sales teams and average sales teams is becoming darker and darker. Sales managers have to do all that it takes to make their team high performing. The sales landscape is quickly growing more competitive, and it’s increasingly important for sales organizations to understand what makes …

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Inside Sales Tips to Uncover Sales Context

Inside sales reps spend an extensive amount of their time distributing and spreading sales content. However, in this fast-paced tech-savvy world, there is always more than one solution to a business problem which is not far from your prospects reach. This makes it imperative for Sales Development Reps to spend time gathering sales context.