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Should SDR's be Generating their own Leads for Sales Prospecting?

Sales is challenging and there is no doubt about that. Getting that consistent grind on day after day is not an easy task. One of the biggest challenges companies face is having their sales team remain motivated. There has been a lot of buzz in the market on sales coaching, mentoring, and training.

But the key aspect many companies miss is the process, especially the smaller ones who just want their sales rep to hit the gas on random sales outreach. They don’t care; they just want results by bogging down their reps with too many tasks to handle.

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6 Reasons you are Losing Sales Deals

As a sales representative, you ought to lose some deals. As long as you are constantly winning clients, everything balances out. However, if you have started losing most of the sales deals which is keeping you from achieving your targets, it’s time to take a close look at the sales strategies and practices you are following. There are always concrete reasons why you are losing deals and it’s imperative that you figure those out those and correct them before you are in real trouble.

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4 Habits to be an Effective Sales Development Representative

Beginning of the Quarter

Sales Head: Sam, how is your funnel showing up?
Sam: Mam, things look positive and I am sure it will be a rocking quarter.
Sales Head: Interesting, All the Best.

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Quick Tips to Boost Your Sales Follow Up

The sales follow up email/call stands to be the most important part in your funnel. But are you practicing them rightly? Is your sales follow up email/call too straight? Surely the above email is one of the most awful emails to be sent to your prospect. Following up timely and in an effective manner can do wonders for your sales team but at the same time can even destroy your funnel if not followed effectively.

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5 Sales Call Hacks to Increase your Conversions

Tring Tring…The phone rings

Natasha: Hello who is this?

Mike: This is Mike from ABC ltd. Just calling you today to see if you would be interested in our new product.

Natasha: Why would I be interested in your product?

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Bring Intelligence To Social Listening With Inside Sales Box

Social selling is the buzz word but when it comes to implement it and make it a part of daily sales process; salespeople have their apprehensions. But there have been proven results that sales reps who identify and leverage social triggers at the right time and in a right manner have achieved higher sales conversion than their counterparts.

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Key Qualities that Define a Top Performing Salesperson [Infographic]

What separates a top performing salesperson from a regular one?

Most of us would say that there are some basic qualities and etiquettes that set apart a top performing salesperson. However, it is much more than meets the eye!

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3 Key Tips to Close More Leads with Social Selling

Smaller high tech companies and startups have already generated 55% of sales from inside sales teams, and social selling is swiftly becoming one of the key skills for inside sales reps.

So, how successful have you been in driving more sales by closing more leads with social selling?

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How to Maximize your Success Rate with Data-Driven Sales Forecast

How much revenue will you generate this quarter? How many leads or prospects will you convert from your sales funnel?

Are these questions being properly addressed by your sales manager?

The reason behind continuous failure is due to poor vision in projected sales which is an outcome of the out dated sales forecasting methodology. Accurate and efficient forecasting has always been a major concern for sales reps lagging behind their sales target. Studies have shown that “74% of sales leaders felt their company’s sales forecast were either only somewhat accurate or, in worst-case scenarios, not accurate at all.” Thus, a sales methodology without a proper sales forecast in place tends to degrade the quality of your team performance.

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Predictive Dialer Vs Power Dialer - What should you use?

Before the dialing technology had emerged, sales processes used to be arduous.

Sales reps had to dial numbers manually, resulting in low sales conversations and more time wasted. The times have changed, for good. 

Today's dialing technology is enabling sales reps to get more connect rates  without having to dial a single number manually.  

Dialing technologies are many, but the ones dearest to inside sales reps are Power Dialers and Predictive Dialers

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9 Secrets of Quota-Crushing Sales Reps Revealed!

Successful sales professionals are able to achieve their goals over and over again as they keep themselves on the right track even in the most difficult and odd situations. They have the right attitude, personality traits, habits and skills that enable them to meet their targets and keep ahead of others. Quota-crushing sales reps are always open to learning new things and they know that they need to constantly improve and have the right perspective so as to close more sales.

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How to Improve Productivity with Sales Gamification

Do you often see a dark cloud hovering over your sales plan?
What measures do you take to ensure the successful implementation of your sales plan?

You as a sales manager must be wondering why does your sales team keeps on falling behind their set targets. Setting goals is an easy task but taking the path towards achievement is much more painful. Managers keep on conducting weekly review meetings but what results do you exactly achieve out of these is of utmost importance. In order to ensure that your team is performing at its best, you need to include certain parameters to your planning process.

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5 Key Traits Of A Modern Sales Development Rep


Role of a Sales Development Rep (SDR) is ever evolving and the modern SDR has come a long way from just cold calling and pitching the product. SDRs are well aware about their prospects’ environment and needs, are communicating with them via communication channels where prospects are more comfortable and they have taken the role of thought leaders and influencers to earn the most important thing in today’s buying process - Trust.

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User Generated Content To Boost Inside Sales [Infographic]

If you are in a marketing or inside sales domain, chances are that you know all about social media, SE0, SEM and their supporting configurations. The times are changing now, it is the moment that you start paying heed to content churning and data leveraging.

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What actually Motivates Salespeople - Recognition or Money ?

“Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.” – Dwight D. Eisenhower

The first question that strikes my mind is - should money be the only key differentiator in motivating Salespeople? A lot of managers think that they should hire salespeople who are easily motivated by money, but I don't agree with that. Successful sales reps say that money should not be the only reason for salespersons to be motivated.

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Voicemail Tips that Can be Valuable to your Sales Board

You pick up your phone,

Dial the number,

Your call lands up in the voicemail.

What will your next step be? Will you call again or leave a powerful voicemail?

Let me tell you, out of all the dial-outs, maximum number of calls land up in voicemail. Research have also shown that 80% of calls go to voicemail, and 90% of first time voicemails are never returned.”

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How an Automated Sales Email can Steal the Spotlight

Do you agree if I say - Prospecting is the most difficult or time consuming part of the sales process?

I believe you will, and email campaigns thus stands as an essential part of your day to day prospecting activities. For an email campaign to deliver satisfactory results, it is important to categorize the type of emails you need to send out to your prospects or customers. Generally we have seen people mixing the two terms - Sales and Marketing, and this even happens with emails, so let us first begin by understanding the difference between a marketing email and a sales email.

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