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Key Attributes for Successful Inside Sales Management

40% of new managers fail in the first 18 months - American Management Association

Much has been written about inside sales management and managers, but every inside sales professional knows that it's often the intangibles that separate good inside sales managers from the great ones. 

Below are some of the key attributes I find in most of the successful inside sales managers. I have not only defined success on the basis of numbers but have also taken into account coaching, training, empowerment, and leadership.

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How to Win the Sales Battle with High Social Selling Index

Social selling is one of the latest and refreshing new technique being used in sales by smart sellers. It is considered as one of the best techniques to understand and engage the buyer personas, by budding bonds with them.

The most intriguing part about every stage of this strategy is that it is the best measurement of every small effort made towards building strong pillars of sales conversion. Social selling has truly changed the game for average performing sales organizations. Studies have shown that “Salespeople who excel at social selling are creating more opportunities and are 51% more likely to hit quota.”

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5 Factors That Make an Inside Sales Rep Successful

Recent lead management research indicates that over the past 3 years, inside sales positions have increased at a rate of 15 times more (7.5% versus .5% annually), than outside sales - creating 800,000 fresh sales jobs.

In order to successfully establish yourself as an inside sales rep, here are five habits worth adopting.

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3 Reasons to Follow A Sales Cadence

Converting a lead in the very first attempt is a dream that every sales guy cherishes. And then, there is reality.

Reaching out to prospects in today’s scenario is a totally different ball game. Prospects are overwhelmed with sales messaging thrown their way from all the possible routes. But what’s important is that today’s buyer is more knowledgeable and empowered than ever and knows what he/she needs even before approaching the seller. So, the question is how can salespeople move through this clutter to get the valuable time of their prospects.

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A Complete Inside Sales Software or Not?

ChiefMartec has listed 220 companies under the Sales Automation category, but not many are close to being an inside sales software. Hence, there isn't a dedicated inside sales category.

Our Founder Sachin recently wrote about the Inside Sales Software Market and talked about how limited the current research is. Also evident in the ChiefMartec Infographic. 

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7 Movies Every Sales Manager Should Watch

In an environment where sales managers need to close more sales deals, and convince clients to purchase products/services, there is a constant cry for motivation in order to keep going, without stopping.

However, at the end of the day, we are humans and we can’t function like machines - working tirelessly 24/7. Well, come to think of it, even machines give up after a point of time!

Therefore, the need for inspiration never ceases to exist, especially if you need to perform well in the workplace. The easiest way to unwind is by watching a great movie, and it is even better if those movies revolve around sales

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Sales Evolution : From Bartering to Intelligent Tools [Infographic]

‘Sales’ has been the oldest occupation from the very beginning. But as they say that change is the spice of life, the sales evolution saga cannot be overlooked. From being the oldest occupation to being the most dynamic field, sales evolution has seen it all.

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5 Sales Follow Up Email Templates for a Winning Sales Campaign

Sales follow ups can be brutal. At the same time what seems like a tedious, everlasting process can land you your next big client. In this highly competitive era, you need to make the best use of every opportunity, especially in sales.

Sales follow up emails are just as much gruelling. But, with good email etiquettes and a winning email template, sales follow up can turn out to be your niche in no time. With the best email marketing and sales tools available for your use, sales processes have been very much simplified.

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7 Ways to Attain at Least 95% of your Sales Quota

Salespeople are measured on how well they attain their sales quota. Sales target is set for a specific period and it is either measured in revenues or in the number of products or services sold.  Sales professionals are under constant pressure to hit their quota and to perform at their best. So, it is crucial for sales managers to set realistic goals for their reps and provide them with enough guidance to achieve the same.

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Sessions for Inside Sales Leaders at Dreamforce 16

Secured your spot at the Dreamforce 2016?  If yes, great !!

I'll also be there having managed to grab a place just in time.   

With an ocean of sessions at the Dreamforce, we've highlighted the standout sessions on inside sales through this blog.

Do register for them before it's too late.

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Inside Sales Box Feature Updates Sep'16

At Inside Sales Box, September began with some awesome feature updates to make our user experience a delight. So just sit back and have a look at all the wonderful features which will help you to up your sales development game.

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To Emoji or To Not Emoji in Sales Emails?

We all have heard the saying that “there is nothing more contagious than a smile”, haven’t you?

Well, I honestly think that a smile is a curve which can often set a lot of things straight. If there is absolutely nothing worrisome with smiles and laughter, then why do people refrain from adding an emoticon in business mails and messaging?

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5 Social Selling Strategies to Better Your Sales Team Performance

The active sales performers are very different from the laggards. They have spark in themselves with the burning desire to achieve and perform better.
But what is so different about them?
Is it the style with which they close a deal or the strategy behind the closure? Are they using any tools or apps to kick start their sales process?

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When should you buy an Inside Sales Software?

Prospects are often found confused even after asking for a demo or trial. 

The confusion is whether to invest in a sales software or not. Buying an inside sales software is about the need and not hygiene at this point.

The entire spectrum of sales is in a state of flux. The shift to technology driven sales is making sales predictable and easy on one side. But on the other side, sales leaders have to make sure they invest in the right technology (when needed). 

Inside Sales Software is not for everyone - Having already explained who shouldn't buy a sales management software, let's find out when should a company invest in an inside sales software.

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5 Hand-Picked Mobile Apps for Sales Reps

Last night, I woke up pretty hungry. It was around 10 PM, and I just did not have the patience to cook food. So, I took my smart phone and ordered a nice meal from one of the famous food-apps. It was delivered hot and fresh to me within minutes, without any added efforts or tedious routine work.

For a brief second, the power which technology and smartphones render to us overwhelmed me with such great pride. Hello Technology!

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Sales Contest Cheat Sheet to Revive your Sales Team Performance [Infographic]

Keeping your sales team aligned towards their goal is one of the most difficult tasks for sales managers. There are never enough room for gamification ideas in sales organization committed towards achieving quarterly or yearly targets. Their complete focus revolves around the strategies to improve the lead nurturing plan and to achieve more closures. In the rush to achieve excellent results, managers usually forget the importance of motivating the reps which leads to an overall sales team with stale performance.

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Inside Sales Memes to Motivate your SDRs

How do you motivate your SDR team?

By giving an occasional uplifting speech? How effective has it been?

No research suggests that memes are effective in increasing sales productivity, but you can surely inject some levity by sharing memes within your team.

Let's take a look at some of the best inside sales memes and when they should be used.

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Inside Sales Software Market - Time for more Research

What is the size of the inside sales software market?

As the Founder of, I get this question, a few times, each month. Mostly from well-wishing friends, and industry colleagues. Maybe, it is my excitement that elicits that question.

I confess that I find it tough to give them a straight answer.

So, I ask them back.

Their responses usually revolve around the Global CRM market, which at this point in time, is well-researched.

Wish I could say the same for Inside Sales?

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