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How Do C-level Executives Make Buying Decisions?

Those who follow my LinkedIn articles must know my respect and admiration for sales and marketing expert, Tim Riester, also the Chief Strategy Officer of Corporate Visions. I’d recently written an article recapping his brilliant talk on creating a "why change" dialogue with your customers, which was also the opening salvo for Digital Sales Camp.

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Ticking the Checkboxes of Successful Sales Accountability

 Sales accountability is considered more as a concept rather than seen as a real determinant of the team performance. Holding sales reps accountable for their unachieved targets is one of the most difficult tasks for sales organizations. Managers in a rush to achieve success, tend to focus more on ‘results’ without communicating reps about their set expectations, leading to poor monitoring and performance management practices.

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Inside Sales Box, All-In-One Inside Sales Software Announces Integration With Zapier

Inside Sales Box, an all-in-one Sales Acceleration platform for B2B inside sales teams today announced its integration with Zapier, the one stop app for automating tasks that enables businesses to connect with 500+ top web services that includes Marketing Automation, Forms, CRM’s, Social Media and much more.

Things to Say Instead of ‘How Are You?’ In A Sales Call

If you are a sales rep, you would inarguably understand the importance of being an extrovert or a people’s person. You would be aware about the importance of having good conversational skills, especially during a sales call.

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Top Pay Challenges in Inside Sales and How to Tackle them [Infographic]

The realm of inside sales and compensation structures associated with it, is witnessing drastic changes in recent times, and this is expected to continue further.

A fresh survey has revealed that 40% of big tech companies is planning to up their inside sales headcount before the end of 2016.

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6 Inside Sales Training Ideas Meant for Experienced Sales Professionals

In today’s dynamic and ever-changing business environment, even experienced salesperson who may have been selling for more than 10 or 20 years are likely to face new sales challenges. Entry of new competitors, changing customer expectations and technological evolution require experienced salespeople to let go of some sales practices that worked for them in the past and adopt new ones. So, no matter how matured, skilled and knowledgeable they are, there is always something to learn so as to keep pace with the demanding marketplace and grow.

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Top 5 Inside Sales Books to Develop Better Understanding

How long has it been that you have been initiated to the world of Inside Sales?

Well, it is ok - the answer is not pertinent. It is more of a metaphorical question, especially because you might be experienced, and yet not know enough.

At this point, you must be wondering why the heck I have dismissed your years of experience in inside sales.

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Inside Sales Training - Are You Still Stuck With These 5 Challenges?

Inside sales is very much different from field sales. Convincing a person from face to face interaction is quite simple then lining up a sales meeting or selling over the phone. Also, the changing business environment has shown a drastic shift from field sales model to inside sales model.

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Designing the Perfect Sales Compensation Plan

Managing sales compensation plans is a delicate balancing act. It requires insights, knowledge and there is always a risk factor involved. To be in the top game, you need to have guts to show where your money lies and lure your workforce accordingly.

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The Anatomy of an Inside Sales Team

Division of labor has been practised since the industrial revolution of Europe and America. It lead to highly specialized jobs which in turn lead to greater productivity and prosperity.

A similar specialization wave was observed a few years back in the software development industry. Software developer profile made way for designations like web developer, iOS developer, front end developer and full stack developer.

Naturally, this hyperspecialization had to affect the modern inside sales teams also. 

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5 Must Have Sales Productivity Tools

In a sales centric setup, it is very important to keep a tab of your sales reps productivity index. It can either make acquiring prospects easy, or it can all go haywire. This is why it becomes crucial to lean on some sales productivity tools and making selling from an every day’s chore.

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Inside Sales Box New Feature Announcement - Aug'16

This week we have come up with massive new features and improvements in Inside Sales Box. The new release brings an awesome user experience and empowers salespeople to connect with more leads and convert faster. Let’s have a look at them in detail.

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How To Manage Your Millennial Sales Team

Not all generational sales teams are created equal. Millennial sales reps-part of the generation that’s rapidly overtaking all others in terms of numbers in the workforce-come with unique challenges in terms of managing and motivating.

It’s in every business’s best interests to re-evaluate and refine their sales coaching techniques in order to engage this generation of salespeople and maximize their efforts in the marketplace.

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10 Powerful Selling Techniques that Really Work [Infographic]

Selling is one of the most difficult and demanding tasks in the world. Sales representatives come across various challenges throughout their professional journey. However, with ample knowledge, adequate training and appropriate execution of knowledge and effective selling techniques, a salesperson can succeed in his career.

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Inside Sales Technology - An Exploding Landscape

Inside Sales is not a hot topic.

It doesn't get much press outside industry magazines and I'm sure it isn't something you want to come home and tell your significant other about.

Unless ofcourse, you are a venture capitalist.

Yes, recently there has been an explosion of  startups coming up in the space of inside sales. A total of 317 startups have come up in the past 25 years according to VB Profile. The year 2015 alone 40+ new companies had come up. 

Why did I call it an exploding landscape? Let's take a look at some reasons along with data.  

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How to Stop Wasting Time Chasing Bad Sales Leads

One of the linchpins of marketing is how you approach inbound leads. With an inbound lead, there are multiple chances that you will end up successful. However, getting an inbound lead is not the end of it all. You still need to work towards making a ‘SALE’.

Many companies don’t put a quality check on their new sales leads. They simply pass every single sales lead to the sales team, even if the prospect is nowhere near ready to buy, or is a bad fit for what the company sells.

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator And Social Selling : The Art And Science of Selling

Many businesses are dwelling deep in this vast space of social selling. Facebook and Twitter had a lot of initial focus in this regard, but the game is changing with LinkedIn being the most comfortable option for sales reps to connect with prospects and for lead generation.

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4 Reasons Why Predictive Sales Analytics Will Help Bolster Sales

Can you determine the future demand? Or can you identify the unseen trends?

I am not talking anything fictitious but in another 5 minutes I will make you understand what predictive analytics is and how it can be used to make predictions about unknown future events.

Predictive analytics is a branch of advanced analytics and data mining that extracts information from data and uses it to predict trends and behavior patterns. It uses many techniques from data mining, statistics, and artificial intelligence to analyze the current data and make predictions about future events.

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5 Paramount Sales Management Metrics

For any business – big or small, if you want it to thrive and make money, you cannot overlook the importance of sales management metrics. This becomes especially true if your business has been ideated around sales performances, products and services.

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Why Pokémon Go for Inside Sales Technology?

What if Rattata could suggest prospecting opportunities?

Or what if Charmander gets enraged if you are falling short of your sales quota?

If you have no idea of what I am writing about, I consider you 'lucky'. For I have fallen for the "Pokémon Go" craze.

Poké Ball, Poké Stops, Gyms, Eggs, Poké Money, and all the countless pocket monsters are already driving me nuts. Influencers and my fellow colleagues in companies - big and small - have wasted no time in writing about the implications of "Pokémon Go" on businesses.

I find some of the write-ups opportunistic. Nevertheless, it has encouraged me to think why inside sales technology should learn from the "Pokémon Go" mania. 

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5 Dreadful Signs that your Lead Management Sucks!

“Hola, we have got fresh leads for our business,” the new marketing executive cried at the top of his voice to a rather apathetic team. For, they knew better about the sad state of lead management in their organization.

If your business has come face-to-face with a situation that somehow resembles the aforementioned state of affairs, you must be aware about the weight of effective lead management.

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Want Prospects To Speak With You? Create "Why Change" Dialogue!


“...As the opening act, if you will, I’m here to talk about creating and delivering great messaging and content through these digital applications. In other words, if your content and messaging sucks, all these great tools can really do is speed up the SUCKING!”Tim Riesterer

And thus began Digital Sales Camp...with a bang!

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