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5 Words or Phrases to Avoid in Sales Email

Writing great emails is one of the most important aspects of sales success. Sales Managers want to know the the capability of their team, i.e., how effective they are in communicating independently with prospects, the knowledge and expertise towards selling a product. These days sales organizations are also taking in account the best practices for writing sales emails.

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Inside Sales Books to make you a better Inside Sales Professional

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” - Dr Seuss 

From Warren Buffet to Elon Musk, every successful individual reads.

Do you?

Through this blog, I won't be asking you to become a voracious reader, but just read some of the best books on inside sales

These books have been very helpful in building my understanding in the vast space of inside sales and grow as a sales leader.

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How Email Template Optimization Will Help In Greater Conversion

Emails are a pivotal part of sales development process and can actually make or break the deal. If done the right way, it can fetch you most of the qualified appointments. There are various inside sales tools offering email automation functionality, but the question is how far can such tools improve the sales development process, adds to SDR’s efficiency in addition to just cutting down the manual efforts on SDR’s part.

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Account Based Sales Development for Accelerating Sales

Generating leads and to get successful conversions is a challenging task. Its absence can lead to dipping motivation levels; your team’s performance can show a steady downfall and eventually your business will start suffering.

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Inside Sales Box Product Release

Inside Sales Box has come up with a ton of feature updates for July Release. Along with the major user interface changes, we have brought you some awesome feature enhancements that will keep you organised, save time and close more deals in your Q2.

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8 Disastrous Mistakes Salespeople Make with Email Subject Lines

Oh, those email subject lines... so difficult to think about and write, yet, so important for success of an email campaign. As a matter of fact, getting your email noticed among hundred other emails can be a tricky task and having a great email subject line goes a long way in determining your success rate. At the same time, one cannot start a conversion if nobody opens your email.

Writing the best email subject lines, which can provide you an assurance that it will be read, can be a challenge, and one needs to be right on top of their game to get it done.

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Time is of Essence - How to Boost Sales Productivity [Infographic]


If you are working in a sales circuit, you would unarguably understand the importance of time. You would realise that more time your sales team has, the more productive they would be. If you carefully monitor the average time they spend closing a deal or chasing a prospect, you can come to a conclusion that your sales productivity is heavily dependant on hours in a day.

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What can Inside Sales Reps learn from Pokémon Go?

This augmented reality app is on 5.16% of all android devices in the US.

If that doesn’t seem like much, consider that by Thursday, July 7th, Pokémon Go was already installed on more US Android phones than Tinder. Shares of Nintendo have skyrocketed by an estimated $7.5 billion in just a week's time.

Pokémon Go has certainly created a wave which won't die out soon . 

While everyone else tries to become a Pokémon master, let's try and learn something about inside sales from this viral game. 

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Best Practices of Inside Sales Training to Boost Sales

It is a cliche but as the saying goes, in army they say, “Shoot to Kill” and in sales “pitch to Sell”. In a perfect scenario, all your sales pitches are ought to yield great conversions and fetch you leads, but often this perfect scenario does not exist. To make it happen your sales reps need to put in extra effort and follow certain practises rigorously.

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5 Deadly Inside Sales Training Mistakes You Must Elude

One of the most important tools for an organization to stay ahead of the competition is having a well trained and organized inside sales team. According to a recent study," inside sales is growing 7.5%, compared to outside sales at only 0.5%." With the advent of new technologies and the emergence of the hyper-educated buyer, organizations are focussing more on the inside sales model. The inside sales team are not only helping organizations transform the way they sell; but at the same time are also adding value to the bottom line of global businesses.

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Interested In What Is Inside Sales Evolving Into?


Well, selling is no joke. You can make an out of the world product or provide an extremely good service, but if you can’t convince your buyers, you are done my friend. In the field of sales, new technologies have come up, new processes have been adopted, the only thing that has remained constant is “Sales”. The objective has remained the same, the means have changed and will do so in the future. One of the means is Inside Sales

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Questions you Ought to ask your New Inside Sales Representative

Inside Sales Representatives come and go for a multitude of reasons.

Managers try to keep the environment productive and positive, but new team members can either work for or against that mission. 

Fresh blood can surely disturb the equilibrium of your office.

That is why interviewing a new inside sales rep should be a carefully curated process. 

Let's learn about things that will quickly tell you if the prospective sales rep has the legs to keep pace or accelerate the team. 

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5 Key Aspects of Inside Sales Training you can't Ignore

Inside sales can be often a very tricky slope. It requires a lot of attention-to-detail, research, people’s skills and a lot more unasked attributes. While there are some sales reps who are just naturally good at it, there are others who need to refine these skills or often develop them.

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Top Skills to Impart in an Inside Sales Professional

Inside Sales Reps often have their plates full with tasks like cold calling, demo meetings and emails. 

So if you have hired a first timer, he needs to soak up all this information in conjunction to learning modern rules of the sales game. 

Though this role is a blend of different responsibilities, it directly contributes to the growth of a company as it can trigger new qualified business opportunities.

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Know Your Buyer's Approach To Choose Sales Development Tool


As we all want to leverage sales technology to accelerate business sales, we should first have a look at the buyer’s journey. One might be wasting time on a tool which might be very innovative and efficient but won’t help in accelerating sales. Our buyer’s approach defines the sales development approach we should follow.

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Inside Sales Box New Feature Announcement - July'16

We bring you some amazing new features and enhancements in our June product release. Check out the live streaming chat functionality that provides single click support to our customers. To streamline your efforts on Rhythm, we have introduced smart filters and some new stages. Let's have a quick glance on all the features.

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Cold Calling Strategies That Give You Warm Introductions and High ROI


Emails, phone calls, and social media marketing are one of the best ways of making new connections. And no matter how many other ways technology would continue to create for us to connect, nothing could ever replace face to face, hand to hand connect. And in the challenging world of businesses today, sales people and business owners are focussing more and more on their efforts, securing sales appointments and winning new businesses. When done right with some smart research, scripts, presentations, and delivery, cold calling does land businesses even if the money is tight.

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Humor - The Spice of a Sales Pitch

There’s a very famous quote which almost all sales reps have heard and perhaps used in a conversation at least once. It goes like, “If you want to make god laugh, tell him about your plans” and in sales, you tell your agents about their targets. It is pretty much the same page of the riddle.

What are our ‘plans’ to god, is exactly what a ‘target’ is to a sales rep. It can go either way. You can either crack it open or be stuck with not achieving those numbers. To be stuck is easy and doesn’t require any much further explaining. To get ahead, well that’s a tough climb.

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Are You Looking To Scale Your B2B SaaS Sales?

I recently took part in one of the Playbook Roundtables organized by iSpirt. iSpirt organises roundtables for leadership cadre of Indian SaaS companies to drive growth through collaborative learning. Alok Goyal, Partner at Stellaris Ventures facilitated the Roundtable on "B2B Overseas Sales Scaling: 1 million USD ARR to 5/10 million USD ARR". It was interesting to see founders, Sales & Marketing heads and others management professionals from SaaS companies to come up with their business problems around sales scale up. In this blog I will be sharing 'curated' problems and solutions as discussed at the event and as per my research and experience.

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5 Types of Selling Styles - Which One is Yours?

There is more to selling than you think. As easy as it looks and  however you feel, it is very important to know the type of salesperson you are.

The primary reason for this is that, once you are outside your comfort zone or the usual operating style, you become pretty much uncomfortable and less efficient. 

If you sell outside your primary selling style regularly, you are in danger of becoming unsuccessful.  Once you know your style, you’re likely to seek out sales positions that take advantage of your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. With the kind of personality you have, your selling style may differ.  

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7 Deadly Sins of B2B Sales [Infographic]

Selling is tough. A salesperson needs to be self-confident, disciplined and must trust his institution to excel in this extremely competitive field. However, sometimes salespeople end up making painful mistakes that let all their hard work go to waste.

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