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How Inside Sales is Evolving into Social Selling

Has inside sales stopped working? 

According to HubSpot,

  • 200 Million people are on Don’t Call List
  • 91% unsubscribe from cold emails
  • 44% of direct mails are never opened

Buying a database, making cold calls and sending cold emails no longer get you customers.

Are companies scrapping their existing inside sales reps? Have they stopped investing in inside sales? 

Let's find out. 

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How to Inspire your Sales Team with Sales Gamification?

Sales is a tough job and requires the complete devotion of the rep to stay ahead in the competitive environment. Out of all the salespeople I have met in my career, I have never seen them completely motivated or highly enthusiastic towards their job role. These days we find more of sales laggards than sales leaders. What could be the chronic problem or issue that hovers around the sales process? Why are sales rep underperforming and failing to achieve their sales quota?

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7 Key Sales Call Metrics To Boost Sales

In the present sales circuit, there is an abundance of data. There are many tracking tools, dialer technologies, CRM setups, monitoring platforms; and all this has created a vast repository of data, customer details, sales statistics, etc.

However, despite such grand reservoir of information, there can be a lot of times when your sales reps are underperforming when they are not able to get as many leads as you expect them to. It can also happen that their leads turn their backs on your business as soon as you reach a decision-making stage. It can partly be their fault, and it can be partly be yours.

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8 Tips to Create The Ultimate LinkedIn Profile for Social Selling

One always craves to build a powerful and strong LinkedIn profile, as it is often viewed as a sure shot way to grab the attention of prospective clients. In the age of social selling, LinkedIn has become a tool that can enhance your chances of selling. At the same time, it helps you to create an opportunity to be in the sight of the ones who are important for the business.

If you look to reach out to potential buyers, there are certain ways you can update your LinkedIn profile in such a way that can boost your reputation, and let them know who you are and what you do.

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5 Most Common Reasons Why Your Sales Prospects Say 'No' [Infographic]

Hearing a ‘No’ is disdainful.  There is no contesting this actuality.

Hearing a ‘No’, especially when you yearn to hear a ‘Yes’, is many more times painful.

In the realm of sales prospecting, hearing ‘No’or variations of the word might be commonplace, and we know every time you hear the word, there some part of you that wants to quit.

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Boost Sales Productivity With Inside Sales Box and Zoho Integration

Zoho CRM is an easy to use platform for sales teams to manage sales pipeline. However, if you plan to use the power of inside sales software along with Zoho for your inside sales team, it becomes a challenge to keep processes of both the inside sales and sales teams in sync.

Inside Sales Box is an inside sales tool which provides flexibility to integrate with prominent CRMs like Zoho and Salesforce. In this blog, we will talk about the immense value we bring to inside sales with Zoho integration.

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Manage your Sales Pipeline better with an Inside Sales Software

Inside Sales Software is a powerful suite of tools built for inside sales professionals. 

But any software is only as good as the people that use it. 

Why do I say so?

I am often asked if an inside sales software can also function as an efficient sales pipeline management software.

Let's check it out. 

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Business Development Vs Sales Development

Are Sales Development and Business Development different things?

Most organizations and sales teams see both the disciplines as just two ways geared towards the same activity.

These two are two inconspicuously varied skills, and shouldn’t be considered synonymous job functions.

So, business development vs sales development.

What is the difference?

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Accelerate your Salesforce with Inside Sales Box Integration

There is no second thought that (SFDC) is the most widely used CRM. However, in today’s fast paced sales world, inside sales tool accelerates sales in sync with your CRM and marketing automation tools. Higher sales productivity and better conversion rate is what makes the difference.

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5 Things to Know Before Getting That Inside Sales Tool

We are all excited when we shop for that new toy. 

But how do you choose one from the thousands of toys available?

There is a similar problem with inside sales tools these days. How do you buy one?

If you're thinking free trial, think again.

Almost every inside sales tool out there today offers a free trial.

Are you going to try them all?

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7 Deadly Sales Forecasting Mistakes you must Avoid

Sales forecast is a very important indicator of business performance. Although, customer behaviour and current health of the marketplace often dominate sales success or failure but incorrect forecasting is also one of the very common reasons for failing to meet sales targets.

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Is Lead Management Limited To A CRM ?

Simply put “Lead Management” is a process of organizing & managing prospective customers right from being just prospects to paying customers. Some key areas that fall under lead management are :-

  • Lead Generation : Capturing interested prospects information by means of marketing tactics using newsletters, blogs, E-books, Webinars, Events etc.
  • Lead Segmentation : Quantifying prospects based on the content they consumed and segmenting them into buckets/tags 
  • Lead Nurturing : Running drip marketing campaigns via email or social networks campaigns to push prospects closer to buying stage.
  • Lead Distribution : Distributing sales ready leads to sales reps to follow up via phone, email, social media and finally close them into customers. 
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5 Sales Operations Tips to Get the Best out of your Sales Team

Sales operation can often be a great tool to determine the overall productive value for an organisation. It can boost your workflow productivity or bring it down.

The important aspect in this context is that often within an organisation, people don’t know how and what a sales operation team does. They have little or no knowledge about their working tactics, strategy formulation, framework building, and so on.

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A One Stop Guide to Learn Everything About Inside Sales [Infographic]

Inside sales can often overwhelm you with the presistent efforts that you put in everyday. You can go about doing your daily tasks, making those calls, approaching prospects to grab opportunities and close deals, and still might not grab enough converted leads.

So, in spite of such great endeavours, what goes wrong while making these deals? The question is tricky for inside sales reps. They might have many answers to this or have none.

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Why Should SDR Use Global Search in Inside Sales Box?

Sales development reps come across a large number of leads every day. Even though there are smarter filtering options, often these options exist in silos, forcing the sales reps to spend extra time in selecting the right parameters to search for a specific lead from the filters. Thus, to counter the constant demand to locate a specific lead information quickly in the system, it is imperative that the search option is optimised to provide a quicker access to the information that reps require.Global search is one such functionality that helps to search any lead data in Inside Sales Box instantly.

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If Sports Coaches Coached SDRs - A Sales Coaching eBook

The inspiration for our latest E-book 'If Sports Coaches Coached SDRs' came from a magical moment.

The sports' greatest like Phil Jackson, Anson Dorrance and Sir Alex Ferguson hailed us with their wisdom from the skies with blessings of success and gentle whispers of 'Godspeed'.

Champagne poured from our office water dispensers and the echo of crowds cheering their favorite team with a happy roar filled our halls. Is what I would like to say.

The truth, though, is much more interesting.

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A day in the life of an Inside Sales Consultant

This week, we took some time to interview Prasun Newar, a veteran  sales consultant at InsideSalesBox.

We thought it would be wonderful to give our readers a feel of what SDRs and sales managers are all about and the challenges they face daily.

Just a quick 15 minute interview consisting of 7 short questions revealed a lot of things that we know, but don't usually think much about.

But, we should.

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7 Questions to Ask Your Sales Reps During a Sales Pipeline Review

Sales has a lot of dependency on variable factors. These factors are your prospects, product upgradations, festival season, long weekends, market economy, etc.

Though forecasting allows us to make sure that we can narrow down the effects and consequences to the bare minimum, there is always an element of uncertainty involved. In such cases, your best guess is to lock your end of the deal.

5 Sales Mistakes that are Costing you Time and Money

Regardless of conflicting opinions, it can never be denied that sales reps are always at the center of a sales process, and the performance of a sales organization depends mostly on them. Thus, it is of utmost importance that sale reps know what works and and what doesn’t, in the world of sales.

To be the face of the organization needs a lot of care, as you put your image as well as the reputation of the organization on the line. At the same time, one needs to know that the organization has put a lot of investment to prepare sales reps for grueling tasks. Therefore, reps must try to avoid some costly sales mistakes while prospecting, to make sure that time and money are not getting wasted.

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Why do you need a Sales Development Framework, Now?

Sales development is stacking up to become one of our hot topics.

Why you ask?

Ever wondered what happens to all the leads passed by the marketing department to the sales team? Of course you have and are all too familiar with the answer as well. Most customers are not ready to buy your product even though they might be ready to engage with your brand’s content at the moment. As a result, not too many closures take place.

Wouldn’t you love it if your leads or prospects were warmed up enough to make well-informed decision and buying?

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6 Reasons Why Predictive Lead Scoring Beats Traditional Scoring

Lead scoring helps marketing teams to separate quality leads from the huge bunch of leads and hand them over to inside sales teams so that they are able to reach out to only those prospects who are ready to buy. These methods help in distinguishing potential customers from cold leads. Lead scoring methods attach scores to each of your leads based on various patterns of their on-web activity and indicate whether or not a lead makes sense for the business, thus increasing sales conversion rates.

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Break-Up With Your Cold Inside Sales Leads

Being the optimists that about 90% of humans are, we always hope that inside sales leads which have gone cold are not yet lost. 

There are several theories you could make to justify why you have not been able to budge the prospect forward.

Maybe it's because decision makers are putting out internal fires or a new strategic priority has emerged. Maybe your competitor has been enticing them and they’ve decided to take more time to consider the alternatives. Maybe they’ve got cold feet about committing to a large purchase.

But, not every lead is worth taking forward and spending time on.

As businesses, we must also know when to end the relationship with them.

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