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Still thinking SDR Sales Coaching?

Yeah, the key is in 'doing' SDR sales coaching. Just thinking won't cut.

The Inside Sales community can't think enough, when it comes to SDR related challenges.

In this write-up, I

  • Touch on these SDR challenges,
  • Present my views why they are here to stay
  • Introduce coaching as a solution
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Why Your Sales Hates Your Marketing and Vice Versa

Sales and marketing departments drive the growth engine of any organization (including yours). You really can’t have one successful department without the other.

You’d agree to this. There’s really no way not to. Every company would want to achieve the remarkable feat of an idealistic relationship between these two departments.

However, the reality however, is that most companies, these two departments are mostly at loggerheads with each other and just don’t seem to get along.

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What’s Next For Linkedin In B2B Sales Space


The acquisition says it all. LinkedIn powered with Microsoft may become a powerful Sales CRM enabling Microsoft to give tough fight to Salesforce.

You would agree with me that we all joined Linkedin to network with businesses and individuals for career, sales, and other business opportunities. As more and more professionals joined Linkedin over the years, it became the most reliable professional contacts network comparable to no one. Linkedin has slowly evolved as the one of the most promising tools for B2B sales teams across the globe.

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3 Inside Sales Training Mistakes You Might Be Making

Closing a sale.

As an Inside Sales Manager, you know that phrase all too well.

If you’ve been in this marketing position for sometime now, you likely know the in’s and out’s of what it takes to deliver and close a deal with someone on the other end of the phone.

With a lot of knowledge under your belt and the responsibility of training other sales reps, you are probably wondering what mistakes to avoid when training those under you.

Here are the top three mistakes you’ll want to avoid when you’re starting to train your sales reps.

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Why Your Sales Process is Crippled without Inbound Lead Tracking

The world is not the same place you knew few years ago, it has changed in many ways than can be defined in a few sentences. With the emergence of internet as the primary mode of communication, the sphere of sales and marketing has observed paradigm and some irreversible changes.

The sales process primarily used to be confined to outbound leads and cold calling prospects till some years back. The tables have turned and now inbound sales prospecting has gained prevalence with the help of organic & paid website leads, social media, email marketing, and referrals.

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Progressive Statistical Approach for Effective Sales Process [Infographic]

While recruiting a sales team, sales managers take extra precautions to ensure that they hire the best sales reps to have a smooth sales process. They want their reps to have the most influential speaking tactics; they want them to be great when it comes to handling pressure; and they want them to be quick learners above everything else.

Most importantly, they seek people who are hard working and don’t give up easily. These traits can’t be taught, but a person can still acquire them and contribute towards enhancing a company’s sales process.

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7 Worst Sales Closing Techniques that are Complete Disasters

Hammering prospects for closing a sales deal is the old school method of doing sales. However, with the advancement in business environment and increased number of competitors at each level, buyers have access to more information and more options than ever. At the same time, sales reps are dealing with more rejections working under same sales techniques and they are clearly aware of the fact that there are far better ways to convert a prospect.

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The Outside Case for Inside Sales Software

Is cold calling still in business in the US? Seems so.

I was surprised at the incident by my friend at Inbound Mantra in his blog. A B2B lead generation calling business with a focus on the US has been growing in double digits, for the last 3 years. 

Surprising isn't it?

There is another great insight in his blog - "When you call a prospect, he may google you up.

Rings a bell?

It did to me actually. A loud ring.

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How to Deal with Passive Aggressive Sales Prospects

Sales reps have to sell, no matter what. It doesn’t matter what kind of sales prospects they have to deal with. At the end of the day, it is the quality or the quantity of the sale that matters. Organizations don’t need to know what kind of prospects sales reps had to deal with, before they actually were converted to your customer.

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Welcome to the World of A Sales Dialer

“The top salesperson in the organization probably missed more sales than 90% of the sales people on the team, but they also made more calls than the others made.” -  Zig Ziglar

How tedious it can be to be glued to the desktop or your high-tech laptop for hours and hours? How boring it can be to sort out contact details one after another, and keep on dialing numbers all day? It can be really annoying. I get that. But maybe that is because I have been on your side. I have had targets to keep up with and to do so, I had to put in efforts, a lot of efforts.

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Inside Sales Box New Feature Announcement - May'16

New features! This feature update is packed with all new UI experience and insightful analytics. So, without much ado, let’s dive into all the recent features added to Inside SalesBox. Team Inside Sales Box had a lot of fun in developing all these features, hope you enjoy using them too!

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How to Build Rapport with Sales Prospects in 5 Easy Ways

An old saying says, “People buy from people they like.” And it is true to a great extent and research has even proven likewise. When you have a strong relationship with someone, you tend to have more influence on that person.  That means, for the customer your experience and advice are very valuable, therefore, they are more likely to value your contribution to the decision process, and there is a great chance of this customer turning out to become a “long-term” customer. One of the best methods to develop a strong relationship with a customer is 'building rapport'.  

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7 Ways to Make Sure Your Sales Pipeline is Always Full

“We all know that dreams can come true,
But nightmares are dreams too.
Of all the dreams that makes us happy,
Some can end on a worthless spin.”

What are your worst nightmares? You have always thought of fulfilling your dreams but have you ever thought of the challenging path on your way to success. Success and failure can’t be planned in advance, rather it is just the outcome of our hard work and capabilities

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Inside Sales Software for a Sales Development Process. Really?

Don't all your leads passed on from marketing to sales become customers?

No? Too bad.

Before you go for my jugular, I must remind you that it was just a dream.

The numbers games is a rude reminder that most of the leads do not have a buying intent, today. As a result, not too many close. 

Do you confront similar issues?

The situation is tricky and we have also faced this in the past. The key is to develop an effective sales development process. With the rise in technology, you can shop around for many an inside sales software that can help you create a sales development process. 

How do you choose one? Which one will help you create the most effective process?

Let's take a look at the features you should consider.

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Dig Best Sales Forecasting Methods

There are hundreds of professions. There are trillions of professionals and there are many customers. But, there is a one particular profession which demands excessive and rigorous qualities. It is the world of ‘Sales’. 

If you are sales rep, you need to be a smooth-talker; you need to be a people’s person. You need to have high-end persuasion skills, you need to dress up smartly, and you need to be enthusiastic. In short, you need to be a whole package to make it big - in this ‘big, fat’ sales industry. The opportunities are limitless, or so they say, all you need to do is push harder.

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5 Emerging B2B Sales Trends that will Rule the Realm in 2016 [Infographic]

Salespeople and Sales Managers are frequently on the lookout for some key trends that are most likely to dictate the sales world now and the times to come. Normal chores are vital for the sustenance of a sales team, but they would do a much better job if they are able to identify the factors that will alter the sales realm in the times to come. If sales teams can track these developments, they can surely be ahead of curve.

We have got hold of a great Infographic from SalesforLife that enlists 5 emerging B2B Sales & Marketing Trends to watch out for in 2016.

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Decode the True Power of Silence in a Sales Process

Every time you ask a sales rep about the way they go about their job - aggression and keeping the ball in their court comes first for them. They want to lead the sales process and hence are focussed on taking the entire process their way. However, while doing so, they become too assertive and end up losing a deal.

Many a time, sales reps underestimate how silence is important in a sales process. There is a strong belief among most sales reps that by being hostile, they can close a sale. But, the fact is they are actually ruining their chance of selling. A sales rep must be aware of the fact that, staying silent at times is as important as the pitch. After all, you want to give your prospect a chance to think and make a decision.

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Will HubSpot become an Inside Sales Software?

HubSpot Sales wasn't a surprise (at least to me), they were already pretty much into it with Sidekick.

Now, the messaging has changed and they have started to talk Sales Acceleration.

I recently read a blog of a friend who recently met Ryan Bonnici from HubSpot. Do you know him? Ryan discussed the future of HubSpot in India and the overall direction as a product. It looked like they are moving towards sales quickly and want to capture the sales acceleration space.

It would actually make more sense for HubSpot to move towards Inside Sales Software? Wouldn't it? 

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5 Dead Giveaways that your Sales Team is Dysfunctional

Damn right - your company has build a great product and everyone who takes a look at it is absolutely mesmerised by it. Moreover, the management is convinced that the product is so fab, it will sell itself. I hate to break this to you but no product is good enough to sell all by itself, sooner or later you will require a fully functional sales team.

Yes, a fully functional sales team, not a dysfunctional one. No matter how much we say or write on the negativities of a dysfunctional sales team, we can’t emphasize enough on why it is a strict no-no. This specifically means that you are better off not having a sales team, rather than having a dysfunctional sales team.

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Why Lead Validation Demands Attention in Online Marketing

Lead validation, which necessitates a human being listening to phone inquiry recordings and reading form submissions, enables a company to separate sales leads generated from their website from other non-sales inquires. As the data in the presentation indicates, about half of a company’s website inquiries are not leads. Those inquiries include your typical spam, personal phone calls, sales solicitations and customer service inquires.

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