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How to Talk About Sales Competition without Bad-Mouthing Them

Competition is always a good thing. It forces us to do our best. A monopoly renders people complacent and satisfied with mediocrity. - Nancy Pearcey

If you are in business, it would have become a part of your daily routine to hear certain phrases and words every day. One such word which would appear and reappear in most of your conversations - ‘competition’. These conversations can be with your prospects, your manager, or any random person from your sales circuit.

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Inside Sales Software is not for everyone

Wish I were serious.

Inside Sales Software is for everyone, of course.

The entire spectrum from marketing to sales is in a big state of flux. New technologies, companies and terms are coming up everyday. The latest terms being martech, salestech and mar-sales tech. Do you use any of these?

In one of my earlier write-ups I had highlighted - How Sales and Marketing are coming together and how companies like HubSpot and Salesforce are complimenting it with their product extensions. It is tough to call where all this is headed.

Interestingly, only Inside Sales Software is uniquely positioned to straddle the two ends of the spectrum - marketing and sales. But this all-in-one feature rich approach clouds out, the specific short-term requirements of a significant segment - the small business and individuals.

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Inside Sales Box New Feature Announcement - April'16

Insides Sales Box is back with monthly update on all new features. All this time we were driven to make our customer experience better than the best. So join us in announcing some of the wonderful features that will make your inside sales team's life easy for sure!

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Worst Sales Prospecting Questions to Ruin your Sales Pitch

“Until you contact the customer, you haven’t done anything”, is one of the widely used quotes in sales. A sales rep has to be a fireball to be successful and contacting customers comes first in the to-do list. One of the most important steps towards achieving a great sale is via sales prospecting.

Sales prospecting determines the future of both - the sales rep and the prospect. It plays a major role in setting up a long term relationship with the prospect. And as a sales rep, it is a given that, the right questions are being asked.

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12 Most Positive Buying Signals from Sales Prospects

Sales reps are always looking to pounce on every opportunity they can get their hands on. It takes immense effort to assure sales prospects that the product is good enough and it matches their requirements. At times, sales prospects are worried about their decision to get the deal finalised, as they fear the worst and this is where a sales rep’s work becomes even more important and at the same time, gruesome.

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Simplifying B2B Inside Sales Over Social Media [Infographic]

We all are aware about the latest buzz-word - ‘social selling’, and how sales teams are trying to leverage social media as a part of their traditional sales process. However, it is more important to have a right approach towards various social media platforms, rather than just including social in the sales process to keep up with the ongoing trend.

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How to Uncover the Pain Points of your Sales Prospects

“Life is a fiery ride, everyone has issues,
there are things that are beyond our control, others we want to control.
However, what matters is the beginning of a new journey
Things that keeps us motivated towards a new goal.”

Wondering why you fail while closing sales deals or to successfully sell a solution? The answer sometimes is simple - in this case, you are missing on the concerns faced by your sales prospects. These concerns are big time issues that are bothering them most of the time. Discussing about your products and technology isn’t just enough to earn loyal customers.

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Sales Coaching within an Inside Sales Software. Really?

Sales coaching is an integral part of a sales rep's development process. Yet, ignored by most sales managers. 

I am not saying that it is being ignored intentionally, but, with the burden of work and achieving targets a priority, sales coaching for SDRs has dropped down the pecking order. As a solution to this, most companies have come with classroom programs and training manuals. 

But is that enough? I don't think so. 

Reading just books and attending classes won't have much impact when compared to tribal knowledge (Live Sales Playbook). This is just one reason for integrating sales coaching within an inside sales software.

Let's take a look at some more.

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5 Main Character Roles in a Sales Process

I know this might come as a shocker for most people involved in sales processes, but I need to get this off my chest. The other day I was thinking about a sales rep’s life and how worrisome it is in many aspects. Thereafter, I started watching a gripping thriller, and dawned to me that a rep’s life is somewhat similar to that of a protagonist - the kind they show in awe-inspiring movies. Yeah, go ahead...react!

However, come to think seriously about what I just said, and you’ll know that the comparison I made is not far-fetched. In fact, a lot of parallels can be drawn from a sales rep’s day at work to a protagonist in any movie.

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10 Types of Sales Leads That Will Make you Quiver [Infographic]

It must be pretty easy for you and your team to be pumped up every time you catch hold of newinside sales leads? But wait, have you weighed your leads and carefully classified their disposition or key characteristics?

Of course you haven’t done lead management, because very few of us can boast to actually identify the type of sales leads before the initiation of serious business talks. Fret not; we have managed to get our hands on the various monsters that sales leads can actually turn out to be, how they can make sales reps quiver and finally, how you can deal with them.

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5 Ways to Annoy the Hell Out of Your Sales Prospects

A sales rep always looks at creating a good impression in the minds of the prospect as it sets them up for the future. Most of the times, a good rapport is built during the sales funnel as it determines the success rate of the sales rep. Since the sales reps are the bridge between the organization and the prospects, it becomes very important for the sales reps to be nice to the prospects and the same time, be informative enough. At times, in pursuit of being too good to the prospects, they tend to forget that they are getting equally annoying. A prospect wants to be in the thick of things all the time and sales rep are not doing their offering any good by being vexatious.

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Key Guidelines to make the Perfect Sales Follow-up Call

“Success is counted sweetest

By those who ne’er succeed.

To comprehend a nectar

Requires sorest need.”

These beautiful lines said by Emily Dickinson clearly portrays the fact that success needs hard work and determination. In order to be successful, people have to fall in love with their profession - be it a doctor serving patients, lawyer fighting for clients, or a sales rep struggling to get deals. At the end what matters is a favorable outcome and it requires a perfect nurturing and an effective follow-up process right from the beginning.

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Will Inside Sales Software stay outside the Marketing Technology mesh?

Recently I came across a few reports and research papers by Aberdeen, Forrester, and ChiefMartec.

These were great and very insightful, but nothing was as good as the "Marketing Technology Supergraphic" by ChiefMartec.

No, I won't be explaining the supergraphic here.

ChiefMartec has been making these since 2010. Let's just understand some of the sales related highlights and check where Inside Sales Software stands in the marketing technology mesh.

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Ways to Sniff Out Hidden Sales Opportunities

If you have been in the sales circuit for quite some time, you would be well acquainted with the hardships and effort any sales rep puts in, just to gather raw data and leads, leave alone the amount of energy they spend to nurture them and have a successful conversion.

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6 Habits that will help you in identifying Sales Laggards

Studies show that “more than half of all salespeople close at less than 40%.”
Have you ever given a thought over the decreasing revenue of your sales organization?
Focusing on top performers is an easy task with minimal effort but at the same time have you ever thought about focusing on the laggards.
How can companies succeed widely with the presence of sales laggards who need massive improvement?

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Sales Cadence: How To Design a Sales Workflow That Delivers

One of the most compelling questions salespeople encounter is - ‘How often should prospects be contacted to initiate a conversation?’ If we go by the research - in order to maximize the conversion rate, it is required to touch a prospect 8-12 times. This sequence of touch points can be a mix of calls, emails and social media actions. However, a contrasting study reveals that the average rep attempts to call prospects 1.3 times before giving up. So, what is the actual reason for such a huge variance between the ideal scenario and the ground reality?

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Whither Inside Sales Software?

It's a bird... It's a plane...

Ok, I am not even close to talking about Superman.

Inside Sales Software sometimes gives me the same feeling - not as invincible as Superman, though.

In this case, the question marks are a little different.

Marketing Software?

Calling Software?

Marketing Automation?


Lead Management Software?

Inside Sales Software. Heck, yeah.

Have you got a sense of the challenges I face as an Inside Sales SaaS Entrepreneur? 

5 Biggest Lies Salespeople Tell to Hide Their Shortcomings

Sales reps’ role in any organization revolves around their selling skills and they have to sell, in good times and even during tough days. When this does not happen, many professionals come up with various reasons that didn’t allow them to reach their sales goals.

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Inside Sales Box New Feature Announcement - March'16

Another month and we have another set of new releases to make user experience awesome at Inside Sales Box. The new feature enrolments focus on saving your valuable time with an ease of action to give a whole new sales experience. Let's go through all these latest additions in detail.

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Why, When and How to Ask for the Sale - Are you Doing it Right?

For most sales reps, selling is the ultimate proposition. Their career hinges on how much business they bring. There is nothing better than sales happening at the right time, as more often than not, you end up achieving your targets.

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Fundamentals of Successful Sales Teams you Need to Adopt [Infographic]

The secret to a successful sales teams involves various components out of which the combination of people, process, and technology are the most effective. Gone are the days when sales team solely used to focus on building relationship with clients. The new strategy involves the rejuvenation of the entire sales technique for building a smart and fortunate sales troop.

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