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Build a Hot Prospect List with Sales Prospecting Emails on Weekends

I recently came up with an interesting hack of building a hot prospect list easily with sales prospecting emails on weekends. 

Wondering who would reply to a prospecting email on weekends? 

Actually no-one, but their auto responder would. This is all I need for initiating a sales conversation.

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5 Sales Ted Talks To Boost Your Sales Drive

The only way to get ahead in the game is to get started. If you don't start and don't take initiatives, you are actually going backwards and not forward at all. This statement holds true in all aspects of your life. And, this becomes strikingly more pronounced, if you are a sales agent. 

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How to Jump-Start a Sales Prospect that Gives you the Silent Treatment

Prospects that reciprocate each and every sales interaction a rep initiates is truly blissful. It sets them in a good mental space. On the contrary, ask a sales rep, how it feels when the prospect gives you a silent treatment.  There cannot be a more frustrating and at the same time a precarious situation. Dealing with such prospects is very difficult as you never know what the future holds.

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Sales Referral Mistakes that will Surely Lead you to Failure

A sales rep is always looking for ways to get inside the minds of clients to get their business rolling. A good service oriented sales rep is more valued in the market because clients find them more approachable. One such value addition for a sales rep is getting referrals. Having a referral is pure gold and a sales rep’s life becomes very easy if they have certain referrals.

A sales rep can be assured of an easy first step if they have a referral. However, at the same time, one must be aware of the fact that having a sales referral will not assure you of success. There are certain mistakes that many sales reps commit which can easily lead them to failure. In this blog post. we will talk about a few of them.

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Why Sales Coaching Needs to be on Top of the Priority Funnel [Infographic]

Sales organizations suffering from unqualified leads, missed sales goals, and lost opportunities are turning to sales coaching as a solution. And why wouldn’t these companies coach their sales reps when they are investing so much on each and every resource.

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Does your Lead Nurturing Process Suck?

Lead nurturing is an integral part of marketing, especially for businesses which are using inbound marketing for lead generation.

It helps you turn prospects into buyers with little effort. The process can never be perfect and after a series of hits and misses, you may arrive at a sweet spot but it won't stay for long.  

I won't be giving you lead nurturing lessons in this blog, but explain what Inside Sales Box does for lead nurturing and how we arrived at this process. This is the current process and we will keep working on it for further improvements. 

Stay Tuned!

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Insights From AA-ISP Roundtable On Social Selling

AA-ISP (American Association of Inside Sales Professionals) Gurgaon and Noida Chapter held its first quarterly meeting for the year 2016 on 19th March that revolved around the buzzing topic of Social Selling. The event was a huge success and witnessed a diverse audience from Marketing, Sales and Inside Sales domain. This time the Roundtable was hosted by Inbound Mantra - a leading inbound marketing agency and a HubSpot Partner.

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BPO Talent To Be Groomed For Inside Sales In SaaS India

With ongoing expeditious advancements in communication, social media, cloud, mobility and related technologies - sales is on a continuous path for digital transformation. This is going to place inside sales teams at a strategic position in sales and marketing process, in terms of significance. A shift is being observed from field sales model to inside sales model which is attracting field sales guys towards inside sales jobs. Therefore, the Inside Sales industry is moving towards a revolution worldwide.

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5 Most Common Cold Calling Mistakes that Will Hang You Out To Dry

Cold calling is something that most sales rep worry about. Simply taking your phone, calling a stranger and offering a product/service takes courage as rejection is always on the cards. “Oh, I am sorry. I do not have any such requirement as of now”, is the most likely reply you are going to get. Sales reps find it to be very intimidating since it takes a lot of courage in calling someone with brash attitude expected in return. The key is to give them a reason for continuing with your call. It is a well-known fact that cold calling is a very difficult aspect. But, at the same time, it is equally adventurous if common mistakes are avoided and certain techniques are adopted.

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Bucket Your Hot Leads For Better Conversion Rate

Sales reps are inundated with large volumes of B2B sales leads on a daily basis. Irrespective of the lead source, reps need to keep a close watch on their valuable leads which are nearer to appointment setting or closure. There should be an immense focus on the hot leads so that they could turn such leads into their valuable customers.

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The Dark Side of Sales Gamification

Sales gamification is often confused as a fading trend but has become a real buzzword over the past few years. Salespeople are a group of highly competitive lot, and needs motivation as a key driver for target attainment. Managers often create new strategies to boost the ROI of the organization but at the same time lack in utilizing the role of gamification.

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How to make your Sales Cold Email look 100% manually typed

Ask any sales professional and they would extol the value, sales 2.0 and automation, bring to sales prospecting.

My suggestion - just don't get them talking about it.

But not everyone is excited by automation. Why should they be? Especially, when it comes to the subject of personalization. Not easy to offer personalization at scale. Somehow, automation and personalization, are perceived to be on two different axes.

Through this article I wish to share, some very effective sales cold email tips that will make your email look 100% manually typed i.e. personalized.

Make your contacts feel, truly cared for. 

Now you will be able to spend more time with your warm leads without giving your cold contacts a feeling, that you don't care about them and couldn't spend 10 minutes extra in writing a personal email.

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Inside Sales Box New Feature Announcement - Feb'16

The wait is finally over! Inside Sales Box presents the latest feature updates that will make SDRs' life hassle free and boost their sales productivity. With intuitive sales insights, advanced analytics and customized reporting, Inside Sales Box helps managers to monitor and scale the overall sales process. The updates are aimed at faster lead response time, intelligent social prospecting and flexible lead management to name a few.

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Six Sales Challenges Faced by Today's Sales Reps

A sales rep’s job is never easy as they are the ones who face the brunt of anger, frustration and expectations of the manager, as well as the prospect. Every day is a challenge for a sales rep, as new issues pop up almost every now and then. Being the face of the organization, they need to keep the organizational values in mind before going for a sales process. At the same time, being the one who listens to the prospect at all the times, about their worries and confusions, they have to come back to the top management to let them know about the same.

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3 Benefits of HubSpot Integration with Inside Sales Box

In today’s converging world of sales and marketing, organizations can’t afford these two teams to work in silos which leads to opportunity and data loss. InsideSalesBox offers a two-way lead-sync between sales and marketing teams. The integration ensures a 360 degree view of leads and prospects across the organization.

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10 Lessons in Ethical Persuasion to Hear More ‘Yes’ From Prospects [Infographic]

“All of life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Experiment in business is clearly required for surviving the competition in the market and to stay relevant among customers. Effective experimentation with great result is a positive change valued by customers that in turn leads to more sales.

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Reasons your Inside Sales Rep needs a Sales Dialer Software

Is your rep still dialing from a regular desk phone?

They can be a lot more productive and save time by switching to a sales dialer software. Sales Dialer is a software which automatically calls people from a list of contacts. When a contact connects the SDR can immediately get on the line. 

No, we are not here to sell you a Sales Dialer Software, but will give you enough reasons to switch from traditional dialing to power dialer

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8 Worst Sales Voicemail Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

It is a well-known fact that the life of a salesman is never easy. They are the face of the organization and have to be on their toes all the time to be successful. It is never plain sailing, as there are too many hindrances for happy selling. One of the vastly accepted methods to start selling is by sending the perfect voicemail to your prospect.

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Why Sales Prospecting Should be an Everyday Affair?

Let me start this blog with a very clichéd quote – “Either you run the day or the day runs you.” - Jim Rohn.

Everybody is in a constant state of motion. You, your friends, your colleagues, and your leads, and finally your sales prospects. They are all a part of a never-stopping, never-sleeping system.

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6 Reasons Why Sales Reps Fail at Sales Negotiation

“Nobody is going to buy from you because you have a quota to meet. They are going to buy from you because they see value in doing so.” - Bob Burg

I have met lots of salespeople who want to succeed, but have only heard few of them talking about ways to succeed. Sales is a tough nut to crack, but surely with right skills and expertise, reps can prove their sales mettle. This demands a lot of effort from the part of sales reps and a full-fledged training program to enhance their latent skills.

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How to Align Sales & Marketing for B2B Lead Nurturing

In simple words, Lead Nurturing is all about engaging with your leads at each stage of the sales funnel, and grooming them via targeted content to move them further down the sales funnel, and finally convert them into customers.

This is the ideal scenario that everyone out there wants to achieve. However, majority of the organizations ignore the “targeted content” part. They bombard the prospects with weekly or monthly content based on their subscriptions & ignore the key aspects that would actually make the leads consume their content.

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6 Essentials of a Sales Presentation that Sets you Apart

Sales reps are often the ones who represent an organization. On close scrutiny, we would find that one of the key roles of reps is Sales Presentation. Once a client’s interest is identified, all it takes is to have one good presentation for business to happen.

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Have you faced these common Sales Objections when Prospecting?

Whenever we talk about about objections in sales prospecting, it is usually associated with the later stages of buying (during negotiations).

However, there are a myriad of objections encountered by sales reps at the very beginning of sales prospecting. Here are some of the most common objections my sales team comes across regularly while selling.

Along with that, there is a bonus tip, keep reading to find out. 

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The Wolf of Sales World: Sell Me This Pen

“If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! Just get on." - Sheryl Sandberg

Finally, the long wait is over! With Leonardo DiCaprio winning the Oscar for the best performer in a leading role, it would be just appropriate to remember his terrific acting skills and dialogue delivery, of course – with a pinch of business twist!

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Top 6 Sales Insights From SalesKickoff16


This year's Sales KickOff 2016 event was indeed huge. The two day Summit (23rd Feb-24th Feb) was focused on Sales Development, Sales Executives & Social Selling. The speakers line up was amazing with industry veterans Grant Cardone(@GrantCardone), Jeffrey Hayzlett(@JeffreyHayzlett), Trish Bertuzzi(@BridgeGroupInc), Miles Austin(@MilesAustin), Mark Hunter, Gary Vaynerchuk @Garyvee)and many more. The Summit was co-hosted by Sales Hacker & Hirevue. But don’t worry in case you missed out the Awesomeness  of #SalesKickOff16, we have collated the key insights from the event and trust me it could be a game changer for your Sales process.

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