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Rhythm: Set Military Grade Order for Your Inside Sales

Get live with the new feature introduced in Inside Sales Box that adds rhythm to your B2B  inside sales workflow. Rhythm, as the name suggests, lets a sales person to leverage simple yet systematic process to reach out to the leads.  It follows a series of sequenced actions like calling and emailing with social touchpoints like Twitter, Linkedin, etc, or even messaging at periodic intervals of time to nurture your leads over time with a sales platform tool.

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7 Must Read Sales Books for a Great Sales Pitch

Books are your best friends. They will guide you, support you, motivate you and give you a much needed push - to go and win the world, to face whatever may come, and to take charge and change the throttle of the game.

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How to Successfully Close a Sales Phone Call

Talking to someone you have never met and getting their help to fulfil certain tasks is the most difficult job a human being can come across. Ask a sales rep, how difficult it is to pick up the phone, and call someone to final a deal. It is a humongous task and takes a lot of effort to get things done. The key is to give them a reason to not hang up and continue with your call.

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Sales prospecting techniques for winners

Prospecting is not just selling though it forms the first step in the ladder of sales.

It’s about separating the wheat from the chaff. Only when the prospecting happens right, we can expect the right leads to fill up our pipeline. 

Owing to this challenge, not many sales reps are actually fond of prospecting and hence often claim it as the most challenging part of the whole sales process. As they look to overcome the challenge of sales prospecting, I have few techniques in my mind which winners usually follow.

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How to Get your Sales Prospects to Return your Calls

Many sales reps have a love-hate relationship with voicemails, most of them downright hate it. It is easy to have a machine reliably answer your calls at any time of the day, but leaving a message on voicemail can be daunting. This is because most of them are either too busy to reply or simply neglect your message for reasons of their own.

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Powerful Mantras to Follow For Better Lead Distribution

Never underestimate your marketing and sales campaigns, as they can also help score leads and prospects for you. However, if you are not routing this information appropriately, it will bring all your efforts back to square one. ‘Lead distribution’ is equally important as lead generation.

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7 Reasons why Sales Prospects are Not Returning your Calls

The job of a sales rep is never easy, as they have several tasks to complete with a lot of hindrances. One of the major challenge is getting a call back from sales prospects.

Very often, prospects stop responding to emails. No matter how much you try to impress them, you cannot strike a good impression with them. For me, this is the biggest challenge, as a lot of times they disappear into a black hole. Hence, it is important to know the underlying reasons behind this particular scenario.

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What to Always Look For in a Good Sales Management Tool

Sales managers usually are constantly caught up with multiple tasks – managing leads, drawing prospects, overseeing the entire sales process, and supervising sales reps to ensure optimum productivity.

This makes sales management burdensome and at times, an unmanageable task.

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How to Use Social Media for B2B Sales Prospecting & Engagement

For business-to-business (B2B) sales processes, prospecting is no longer limited to cold calls and emails to reach out to potential prospects.  

Sales teams across the world have realised the importance of warm leads to initiate conversations, and here social media plays a defining role. Sales reps are going all out to engage with the prospects on social platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Sales Prospecting Technology - The  Journey So Far...

Sales has evolved dramatically in the past decade.

Deals which required a lot of travel and months of time can be closed in a matter of days now. Thanks to some cutting edge sales prospecting technologies and tools.

I am not going to brag about the benefits of sales prospecting technology in this blog, but take you on a journey of technological evolution, era by era.  

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How to Derive the Best ROI from Sales Coaching [Infographic]


The average investment on sales coaching program had been on an increasing mode with every passing year.


However, why do you think companies would invest on a plan that comes with a doubtful chance of return on investment(ROI)?

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5 Signs your Sales Prospect is Losing Interest

As a sales rep, it is of top most priority to deal with prospects and continuously add customers in the database. You make a lot of promises while you pitch. It is such a pain point for anyone trying to keep a business relationship going, knowing that the efforts might not reap rewards.

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All You Need to Know about Sales Call Software

Imagine this - It is the month of March, end period of financial year,
A very busy month for the entire sales department,
Sales reps are busy making a large number of calls,
Some calls have turned successful, while the others are simply going to the voicemail.

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Say Hello to Lead Conversion – Be Your Own Sales Hero!

Lead conversion is absolutely crucial for your business. This is a no brainer!

But wait! While a lot is said about its underlying importance, there is very little information available on how one can have a successful business strategy in place for fool-proof conversions?

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Sales Prospecting Process that works

The State of Inbound 2015 says - Sales Prospecting is a Top Sales Challenge.

The report also tells us that lack of information about prospect is the primary reason for sales prospecting being a top challenge

In my opinion, the report should have also covered other reasons like not having a systematic sales prospecting process. Every sales rep scrambles and hustles, but not many have a sales prospecting process.

Do you have one? 

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Effective Sales Closing Techniques to Seal More Deals

With buyers being more cautious and decisions being more complex than ever, you need to have a few tricks up your sleeve to close deals more effectively.

In simpler words, a sales representative must have some unique and effective sales closing techniques with them.

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Sales Cadence: The Less Realised Way to Boost Inside Sales

“Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others”.

This quote by John Maxwell holds true in terms that leaders must possess some uncanny capabilities to make things happen, maximize resources and to provide inspiration to others.

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20 Dilbert Comic Strips to Make Life of Salespeople Easy (Sales Tips)

Well, to be true, we don’t do this very often and you will surely not find much about the underlying humour around sales, being talked about in the most honest manner that is a bit brutal at times.

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We are at Saastr Annual 2016

It all started with Inside Sales Box planning to leverage the Saastr Annual duration for gaining traction and followers on social media. 

Now here we are sponsoring the event. Inside Sales Box is a proud gold sponsor. Do visit us (Stall No.55) if you are attending.

I missed the hustle (story) till sponsoring. Didn't I ?

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5 Must Dos for a Faster Lead Response Time

Did You Know - Lead conversion is determined 57% by lead quality and 43% by lead response time!

Sales and lead scoring demand your 100%.

Your effective lead response time gauges how long it will take for your sales rep to get in touch with a prospect who has contacted your business. The more time they take, the more leads they miss.

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8 Phone Sales Skills Sales Reps can’t do without

Simply taking your phone, calling a stranger and offering a product/service takes courage, as rejection is always on the cards. “Oh I am sorry. I do not have any such requirement as of now”, is the most likely statement you are going to get as a reply.

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Prospecting, not Sales Prospecting

Have you read 'The State of Inbound 2015' by HubSpot?

It made one thing very clear. 

"Sales Prospecting is a top sales challenge"

The report further suggested probable reasons and top of them was lack of information about the prospect. I couldn't agree more. 

I have seen deals going cold due to lack of information and deals done with even the slightest of insightful information like - "The prospect is a dog lover".

Is your experience similar?

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Lead Nurturing Practices to Hear ‘I Do’ from Your Prospects

Lead nurturing is an efficacious tool, which is not only limited to marketing and sales department, but coalesces the overall brand value.

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How Sales Enablement Tools can Boost Sales Effectiveness [Infographic]

Sales enablement is a practice of aligning marketing and sales teams to help nurture leads through sales opportunities.

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