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30 Power Sales Words that will get you More Sales

Remember Robin Williams and the way he inspired our generation? Here is a quote from him to jog your memory - “No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”  

That’s right people; words can really alter the world as we know it and ascribe new meaning to rather listless things. 

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10 Tips to Create The Ultimate Sales Playbook

Life is never easy if you are a sales rep. It is a cumbersome task, as there are too many hindrances for happy selling. There are also too many situations where you would need all the help from your sales godfathers, but many a time they are not available. 

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Sales Prospecting Imperatives - You should be doing these

You must have seen loads of sales prospecting articles floating on the internet. Haven't you?

Top tips to write that perfect email, proven ways to call your prospects successfully and so on...


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Business Development: 5 Tips to Hit The Bull’s Eye

When it comes to Business Development (BD) for professional services, one of the biggest challenges any executive faces is not finding time to do it all. After all, you don’t sell full time.

A typical job description for the role of managing business development will certainly involve prospecting, identifying new opportunities to create proposals and executing projects. And, this list doesn’t end here.

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A Proven Framework for an Effective Sales Prospecting Email

This blog happened by accident, a welcome one though.

I had earlier written a blog quoting our successful cold email prospecting campaign for which we achieved an open rate of 38%

Did you read it?

If no, I recommend you to do so. If you did, I still can't see any comments there.

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How to Breathe Life into Zombie Sales Prospects

For a number of us, zombies are a treat to watch in movies. They entertain with their rather uncanny manner of walking and tattered clothes. However, take some time out to ask sales reps, how it feels when a Sales prospects shows genuine interest in a conversation and then wanders off into wilderness.

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Importing Leads To Inside Sales Box With Enhanced Field Mapping Options


If you have leads stored in some databases or spreadsheets, you will definitely like to pull that data into inside sales software, so that you can organize all your leads at one place. This calls for an effective way of importing leads where you can move a bulk of leads to your system from any other outside source.

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How can you Gear up Marketing with Lead Management System [Infographic]

Lead management is a process where marketers nurture and qualify the lead to turn it into an opportunity, then inside sales and sales finally work the opportunity.

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5 Top-Notch Sales Strategies to Up Your Appointment Settings Game

Fixing up a meeting is an art in itself, as you need to be persistent without being too pushy. There will surely be times when you might have to bear the brunt of the person on the other side of the conversation.

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4 Phases of Sales Prospecting, where art thou?

Hasn't sales come a long way?

From the days of door-to-door knocking to hangouts, rolodexes to CRM, instinct to insights and sales to inside sales :) 

Sales Prospecting is no more guesswork and sales reps rely on data for prospecting, increasingly. Keeping up with this change is a challenge. Thus, we break it all down in...

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How Effective Lead Management Propels High Conversion Rate


Businesses invest huge money and efforts in generating leads and if these leads are not managed properly then everything goes for a toss and company’s bottom line bears the beating. As Zig Zagler said, “A goal properly set is halfway reached”, similarly an effective lead management system in place ensures half the job is done.

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7 Sales Follow up Mistakes to Avoid Getting Benched


Prospects and leads keep the wheels of sales organization turning. They are the lifeblood of any sales team. But, getting a lead is just the first step of the long journey one need to travel to get the prospect converted to a client. For most organizations, it is an arduous task to get one more client added in the database. Thus, it is very important for organizations to have good sales reps that can follow up well.

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How to Re-Engage your Cold Leads Impeccably [Infographic]

An old saying ‘time is money’, comprehensively defines a salesman’s career. Regardless of the aforementioned fact, companies end up spending a lot of time and money to acquire sales leads, that eventually turn cold.

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10 Most Common Grammar Bloopers you Should Avoid in Sales

A.P Martinich once said that great philosophy is nothing but excellent grammar. If you look closely at this marvellous statement, you will realize the depth and connotation it sparks.

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Evolving Buyer Behavior - Sales Prospecting Methods need a change

The traditional sales playbook is broken. Well, it’s simple – buyers have evolved and changed in multiple ways. The power has dramatically shifted towards the buyers, who are now immune to old sales tactics. They’re socially connected, more informed and empowered than ever. 


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2016: 5 Sales Strategies You Should Adopt At The Earliest

Darren L. Johnson had once remarked “If you want to grow, you must learn to let go.” Your sales team requires clamp on new selling strategies to upsurge their sales process. So are you still chasing your old school methodology for winning client's trust and closing deals?

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17 Success Tips for Better, Quicker Sales Leads Conversion [Infographic]

In a hypothetical sales world, there are N-number of practices to move a customer faster through the sales funnel.

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Why Introverts Make Great Inside Sales Reps

When the word sales rep pops up, few things that comes into one’s mind is aggressive, candid, unreserved, communicative, persuasive, etc. There are many stereotypes about sales reps and those who thrive in the job, the most common being their persuasive skills.

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