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Sales Prospecting Vs. Lead Generation - Know the Difference

Sales and Marketing are two very important pillars of any business setup.

While there is little confusion amounting to knowing the difference in these two vast verticals, their further business catalogues have a different story altogether.

So, if I were to ask you to define the terms ‘sales prospecting’ and ‘lead generation’ what would you say? You would perhaps say that they are essentially the same thing, synonyms for a strategy that serves a shared purpose.

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Sales Prospecting is Trending not Surviving

More often than not I read articles where authors question the survival of sales prospecting.

In my opinion, the question is slanderous and usually misleads the readers. 

20 years ago, after the Telemarketing Sales Rule in USA, people assumed that cold calling (sales prospecting) will be dead. We still get those cold calls, don't we? 

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Flashback 2015: A Look at the Top 10 Inside Sales Blog Posts

As 2015 is coming to an end, let's take a walk down memory lane to some of the most important progress that Inside Sales Box witnessed - including Series A funding, Forbes and Mattermark recognition and software breakthroughs.

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Top Capabilities of Sales Pipeline Management Software

Sales pipeline acts as a great indicator to company’s health and provides a real time view of the money that can be earned in a given year. Nearly every company in the world maintains sales pipeline, but the main question is about its management.

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Struggling with Social Selling in Sales? You are not alone

Social networking platforms, Linkedin and Twitter have had an amazing impact on B2B Sales. Among the first ones to understand this is the Marketing team. However, Sales teams have had a rather bumpy relationship with social, for quite some time now.

Marketing Automation tools like Hubspot have built links to the social networks to automate some of the marketing tasks. Social helps with Content amplification or the "Attract" phase of inbound marketing. 

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Get 38% Open Rate for a Sales Prospecting Cold Email Campaign

Have you ever done sales prospecting cold email campaigns?

Isn't the experience mixed - nervousness, excitement and at times, even anxiety?

In this post I am going to explain - How Inside Sales Box achieved an open rate of 38% in a sales prospecting email campaign. It was a lot of effort but the response made it totally worth and gave a lot of encouragement for future email campaigns. 

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Sales Process Management: Strategy to Pump your Sales Team

Understanding and managing your prospects can sometimes be a toilsome task. Your prospects are delicate and need to be nurtured in an efficient way. However, with the help of an efficient sales process management software, reps can now build and track their success effectively.

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Ghost of the Christmas Past- Technology and Inside Sales


As we head towards the last week of yet another year, the feeling is a bittersweet conglomeration of ups and downs. But, as the saying goes, all’s well that ends well’, we hope, like everybody else, that the finale and the new start would be uplifting and extremely positive for inside sales and business prospects.

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How to Get your Sales Prospects to Jump Ship!


It is a well known fact that all salespeople face competition. The quote by the great Mr. Charles Darwin, “survival of the fittest”, is appropriate for anybody facing competition, and what matters the most is how you come out being the fittest.

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How Inside Sales Tools can Power up your Sales Funnel?

  "A man is only as good as his tools". This saying now has profound intepretations for sales teams and organizations struggling to ramp up their productivity. With abundant technology tools available for sales, its only a matter of arming your sales team with the right ones.

No Sales Lead Tracking Software? You Might be Shooting in Dark

We often become victims of sloth and we tend to say that we are running out of time to hide our laziness. As remarked by Zig Ziglar, “lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem”.

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How to Slam Dunk Sales with Cold Calling Software

These days everything we can imagine of, is going digital and thus, most of us argue that cold calling is a nuisance. Cold calling is often a feeble attempt to convince potential customers to buy your product/service. What if we told you that with the implementation of effective cold calling software, you can be sure to turn cold calls into warm calls? Yes, the same digitalization that has proved to be a hindrance for cold calling can now prove to be a boon when integrated with a great software.

Anatomy Of A Perfect Sales Pitch

Pitching your product and selling it is a humongous task. Where do you start? How do you approach? What are the first things to be said? A few of the things that creeps up in the minds of most salesperson. By carefully crafting the sales pitch to the right audience you can have a successful sale and build a healthy relationship with your client. It is also important to know that a sales pitch is a two way path between the customer and the seller, where the seller listens to the buyer, asks questions and provides them with the solutions for the problems they are facing.

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Quick Recipe to Sales Success [Infographic]

Sales success sounds very simple, but in reality it is a “tough nut to crack.” It is very easy to complete monthly or yearly quota by simply selling off to people who don’t have necessary requirement of buying your product. But at the same time it is very difficult to find the right audience who might become your brand advocates in future.  In the process of finding true buyer, sales representatives may face lots of objections but true leaders are those who don’t lose hope and keeps on striving towards proving their sales mettle. This can be achieved by following a well defined process that will not only help in converting leads but will also help the sales troop in outperforming their peers.

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Sales Trends and Predictions for 2016

There is no doubt that the sales organizations have experienced major evolutions. Buyers have become more choosy and harder to reach. Customers have become more powerful to leave a product for alternatives, especially when they are offered better. Sales teams are also on the treasure trove of best practices to keep pace with the customers demand. They are adding tremendous innovations to their sales trends every year. In 2015, we saw a lot of modification and diversification in traditional sales methods. Inside Sales Box predicts few best practices that can be opted by sales team in 2016.

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Best Sales Prospecting Tools - The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

Let’s face it: The sales volume game is dead. Agree?

As buyers become adept at blocking out interruptive marketing and sales messages, the high-volume outreach strategy of salespeople is increasingly becoming redundant. Identifying interested buyers at the right time in their search – targeted prospecting – is the name of the modern sales game.

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5 Rationales to Convince your Boss to build an Inside Sales team


At present times, organizations prefer inbound leads as it is a powerful indication that your product or service might be adopted by a prospect. At the same time for it to be successful, you should have a very good inside sales team. The members of this team generally make the first level of interaction with the prospect. After speaking with the prospect, the inside sales team knows what the problem is and how your product can play a role towards providing the solution they are looking for. However, at times the middle level management is sceptical about investing in an inside sales team with doubts looming large over their effectiveness.

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Sales Motivation: A Donut to create Star Performers [Infographic]

We all need motivation at some point in our career to re-shape and mold ourselves into star performers. Same is the case with sales team who are considered as the backbone of every organization. Salespeople need active motivation throughout their complete journey in order to accomplish their tasks. Many progressive organizations were able to spawn better performance from their team members by treating them individually like a building block that requires close and different levels of attention at each stage.

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Definitive Guide to Following-up with Inbound Leads


Inbound leads are something that most salespeople relish. With an inbound lead, the chances of converting a prospect into a client increases. It is also an indication that your product or service is on the radar of a potential client. However, getting an inbound lead is just the beginning. There could many reasons behind a conversion fail of an inbound lead. A properly tailored approach needs to be followed in order to convert an inbound inside sales lead. There are many ways to have a successful inbound lead management and follow-up. Here are a few of them:

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Power Dialing - An Insightful Way to Prioritize and Connect to Leads


Going literally by its name, a power dialer empowers sales reps by giving them more control over dialing activity to ensure that they are in a better position to engage with customers by leveraging the information provided to them before making a call.

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Inside Sales Tools from #SalesStack15

Did you have fun at the Sales Stack sales hacker conference #SalesStack15?

Our entire team did. The Inside Sales Box team was so excited that we took it upon ourselves to document all the marketing and inside sales tools that were discussed in the conference.

This blog is an attempt to present all of those. (Feel free to use the comments section to point out the missing ones)

It was one hell of an event. (Ask us, we scoured over thousand tweets to bring you this list)


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Sales Enablement- Strategically Build Your Sales Leaders [Infographic]

Managers in inside sales organizations are continuously evaluating the amount of effort their team is applying in cracking a deal. But with the ongoing process 9+of evaluation they have failed to understand the true worth of a sales leader. They are often confused between a sales leader and a sales performer. There can be a situation when the sales guy is performing just for completing his quota and there can also be a situation when the salesperson has to strategically think and overcome the objections as a leader for taking bold decisions. Sales performer can be molded into a leader by providing them with effective guidance and training towards the art of smart selling.

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B2C vs B2B Sales Strategies - Key Differences

Sales is sales, be it B2B or B2C. However, it is important to know that B2B and B2C sales strategies are not alike. The strategies used in B2B cannot be used in a B2C business set up. Mixing both up would waste a lot of money and time. Therefore, it is very important for everyone to understand the key differences between B2B and B2C. Here are a few points of difference:

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