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5 Sales Acceleration Strategies to Boost your Business

The world of sales is changing rapidly. Once, the sales process was all about selling  products and services remotely. And now companies have developed sales structures which include a larger mix of inside sales professionals and field sales who interact with buyers remotely. The businesses are adapting the new structures so they can accelerate their sales cycle and generate huge amount of profit and turnovers. However, it is not a simple task to perform, it requires strategies.

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7 Must have Features of an Inside Sales Software

In a previous blog, we discussed the benefits of using an inside sales software. Now that we have ascertained that sales software is critical for better managing the sales troop, we will move on to few important features that every sales software must have.

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Guided Selling- Strategy To Upsurge Your Sales Productivity [Infographic]

In today’s ever changing business world, sales is evolving at a very rapid rate . From traditional sales to modern sales, the journey has been remarkable and it is expected that with the increased demand for cost effective and better techniques, the salesforce will have to smartly rebuild their existing strategies for improved sales productivity.

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How to Create a Sense of Urgency with Sales Prospects

One of the most frustrating things for a salesperson is to wait for a prospect to show up and actually buy your product/service. This usually takes a long time and salespersons are actually left to wonder what they could have done better to get a quick response from the prospects. Most of the times this happens because either the client is too busy with their own work or going about finding a better option for themselves. When things creep up, we actually look at finding some miraculous technique that would help us in such a scenario. So, whenever you feel that the prospects are too busy try following the below mentioned tips as these would help you to know how to create urgency in sales:

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5 Lead Scoring Best Practices to Accelerate your Business

According to Marketing Sherpa's B2B Benchmarking Report, only 21% of B2B marketers have established a lead scoring program. Lead scoring is an effective methodology to determine whether the prospect is a potential buyer or not. It plays a vital in lead management. It helps the marketers know, which prospect would fetch them immediate profit and which prospect can be preserved for future.

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5 Lead Management Best Practices to Power up your Sales Funnel

Lead management is a process where marketers nurture the leads, inside sales qualifies it to turn into an opportunity and sales finally works the opportunity.

Lead management best practices are ever-changing

New customers acquisition is important for every business, companies cannot totally rely their business on their existing customers. But the new acquisition is costly. According to a research, it is 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to keep a current one. Lead management strategies plays an imperative role here, it helps in reducing cost and decreases time spent in the sales funnel.

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7 Reasons why your Inbound Leads Aren't Converting

With inbound marketing gone mainstream, B2B and B2C sales organizations generate a fair share of their leads through inbound strategies. Salespeople too prefer an inbound lead to that of an outbound lead as it is easier to convert when compared. With an incoming lead there are many chances that you slam dunk. It also suggests that the prospect has heard something about your offering. But getting an inbound lead is not the end of it all. You still need to work towards making the ‘SALE’.  When not done properly you end up losing a client who could have become a long term associate. Here are few of the reasons why an inbound lead is not converting:

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8 Tips to Turn Cold Calling into Warm Calling

Cold calling is something that most of us fear. Simply taking your phone, calling a stranger and offering a product/service takes courage as rejection is always on the cards. “Oh I am sorry. I do not have any such requirement as of now”, is the most likely response you are going to get. The key is to give them a reason to not hang up your call. Cold calling is unanimously a daunting task, but with a few cold calling tips you can turn your cold calls into warm calls.

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6 Awesome Twitter Strategies for B2B Sales Prospecting

We all have active social media profiles with more than 100+ connects but are we optimizing the most out of our social presence? We keep on posting photographs, sharing funny and interesting posts and chatting with people from all around the world but is this all about social media utilization? People are creating awareness all around aimlessly without knowing the true worth of social media optimization. Social media is much more than posting and sharing. In other words, it is the greatest tool to appreciate or demolish a brand's value.

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What should you do with your Unqualified Sales Leads?

Unqualified sales leads are the ones who are either not nurtured enough or their requirements are not matching the offerings made by the inside sales rep. Reps usually do not find any point wasting their time behind any unqualified Sales leads, especially when they are packed with highly qualified sales leads. Somewhere, you cannot criticize them for their actions because companies have their rigid targets for their reps to accomplish. 

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How B2B Social Media has made an Impact on Inside Sales? [Infographic]

Social media is the new pilgrimage for millennials, logging into it frequently has become a routine ritual. According to a research study in May 2015, almost 90% of the U.S digital media population visited social networks, which accounted for more than 300 billion minuates of user's attention.

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What Forbes and Mattermark did to Texo (now Inside Sales Box)

A start-up needs love, kindness and some drinks.

Thank You to the lovely folks at Forbes and Mattermark for covering Inside Sales Box as one of the hottest Cloud-based Marketing Startups of 2015.

We were so thrilled that in the excitement we started drawing an infographic (refer below) that we fell in love with and then you know what happened to the time.

The infographic depicts the entire Mattermark spreadsheet and also adds interesting details on the business and customer segments, addressed by the 30 odd cloud businesses.

Do you know which business segments dominate this list?

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5 Hidden Benefits of using an Inside Sales Software

Inside sales has always been the prevailing sales model for “high-touch,” phone-based business-to-business (B2B) selling practices. In simple words, inside sales is predominantly virtual sales or sales done remotely. Inside sales role involves heavy volume of cold calling through telephone or mass emailing attempts to target prospects. Many of the sales organizations have failed to understand the true value of their inside sales team. They are more focused on achieving targets rather than working on the strategies that leads to sales enablement.

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How to Deal with Sales Rejection like a Boss

"Thank you for your offer, but...” If you are a salesperson you are bound to hear the word "but" a lot. Hence, it is important not to be afraid of it. This actually means that you didn’t do a great job in convincing the value of your solution that warrants them to part with their budget. So you just need to retrace and think how you can add more value to your proposition. Rejection in sales is inevitable, therefore it is important to stay positive and persistent.

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Sales Success tips to Enhance your Sales Process [Infographic]

“You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.” - Zig Ziglar.Sales success is not easy to achieve. The primary goal of all Sales organizations and sales professionals is to achieve sales target. Sales target might be an ordinary word, but it carries lots of significance around its true meaning. Those who have understood its value have realised the effort and involvement required in the complete sales management process.

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