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5 Best Practices for Onboarding Sales Reps

Onboarding Sales reps - The key to reducing costly ramp time.

Bringing onboard new talent and getting them ramped up instantly (in order to realize a return on their investment) is one of the biggest challenges of sales organizations which starts right after the recruitment process. It can take 6 to 9 months for a new sales rep to meet their quota. Newly recruited reps needs ample time to learn the sales practices because of them coming from different backgrounds.

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Impact of Social Selling on Inside Sales Reps [Infographic]

An integral part of the sales process is understanding your prospects, their needs and establish relationships with them. Social media can help you accomplish this quickly and easily. To reach your buyers effectively these days, inside sales reps must utilise Social platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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11 Sales Demo Mistakes that will Murder your Chance of Making a Deal

Demonstrations (demos) are a very crucial part of the sales process as they can convince the prospect to actually buy the product. Sales demos give a salesperson the opportunity to showcase how their solution can solve the customer’s problems. It also gives the prospects a chance to see how the product works and to judge whether it can offer real-value to their organization.

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Instantly Book a Calendar over your Sales Call

The bad news is time flies. The good news is you are the pilot. The Sales reps spend a lot of their time on scheduling client meetings and keep on hopping from Calls to CRM, CRM to Email, Email to Calendars -for fixing a meeting with a client(appointment booking). If the time taken to schedule a meeting can be axed down, the productivity per employee will take an upward route. Hence, empowering sales reps with a functionality to manage their contacts, schedule and meetings on a single platform, will definitely add to their daily productivity.

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Tips for Overcoming the 5 Most Common Sales Objections

One of the universal truths and probably the toughest of sales is that every sales rep has been in a position where they have faced an objection. And the underlying truth is that many find it hard to believe that objections are assets to a salesperson if they have the ability to turn them into positive opportunities. And with buyers becoming more discerning than ever, the importance of mastering the art of combating sales objections has become pivotal to sales.

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5 Strategies to Supercharge your Sales Productivity [Infographic]

Sales productivity is the top most challenge for most of the organizations. Optimizing sales productivity should be the main focus and the most important aspect of any organization as the revenue generation process is directly linked to efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity of the salespeople.

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5 Reasons why Inside Sales Reps Shouldn't be Multitaskers

Multitasking - It is actually performed by every inside sales rep; talking to a customer while searching for another prospect’s details on LinkedIn, chatting with a client, or sending a mail to them during meetings. Recruiters mention the multitasking as a Key point in the job description these days. A multitasking rep is falsely perceived to be more productive than a single tasking reps.

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8 Ways to Build a Loyal and Successful Inside Sales Team

Sales is considered to be one of the most difficult roles in an organization and is highly demanding. Each sales career experience is unique and different based on the company, products and personal sales skills. It might sometimes become challenging for salespeople to stay motivated and sustain in a company for long time.

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Anatomy of a Bad Sales Presentation

Sales reps are the front face of a company. They are held responsible for making sales using different techniques. They decide the company's faith because they make moves to pitch the clients. A sales presentation is a tool to impress a buyer by informing them about the salient features of the product they are offering. A dreaded presentation, on the other hand, could be fatal. And on top of that, it can even cause the death of a sale. There are 300 Powerpoint users in the world, they do 30 Million Presentations each day, out of which 50% are unbearable.

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8 Killer Tactics to Coach Sales Beginners

With the desire of introducing new people to the company, the sales managers need to take risks on young reps who possess a similar kind of raw talent. But to hone their talent and turn it into sales expertise, coaching is required. And before introducing the reps to the clients, they need to figure out the company's strategies and the tactics to sell their respective products to them, so that they turn out to be asset to the company

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10 Shocking Facts every Sales Manager must Know [Infographic]

We all know that Selling is not as easy as it sounds. It requires a lot of effort and a strategy driven approach to outperform in this domain.

Below is featured an infographic  by The TAS Group, in partnership with Salesforce, that displays 10 Things about Sales Performance that every Sales Manager should know. It highlights some of the very sobering facts and stats that will leave you surprised.

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Stop Wasting Time and Improve Sales Productivity [Infographic]

Sales productivity has always been a perennial challenge to organizations. And time is the most important resource that a sales rep has, but many have failed to expend 'time' to their advantage. Why? Simply because they spend more time in non-core selling activities. 

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10 Things Unsuccessful Inside Sales Rep Never Stops Doing

Habits and character are what separates the strong from the weak. And as how Charles Darwin clearly puts it “survival of the fittest”, the strong will survive and the weak will fade away. This works for salespeople too. Successful salespeople drive their habits and do things that make them top performers and the unsuccessful settle and struggle with their stinking habits.

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Inside Sales Box + Zoho: An Ultimate Sales Accelerator you can't Ignore

Businesses rely heavily on Zoho CRM along with power dialers and other sales tools for remote sales for Sales Accelerator. However, the systems still lack efficiency due to loose or no sync at all among them which results from data mismanagement, effort duplication, loose workflows. Inside Sales Box integrated with Zoho is proven to be an ultimate sales engine for your remote sales team.

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10 Signs your Inside Sales Cold Emails are ending up in SPAM

Email has become a vital part of communication these days, especially in sales. When written well and delivered to the right people, it can become a major source of nurturing and generating new customers.

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6 Key Capabilities of Power Dialer to Boost Outbound Sales

What frustrates an Outbound Sales Manager is to catch sight of all time low revenues and demoralized sales force due to ineffective sales calls.

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5 Common Sales Negotiation Myths BUSTED

Sales discussions are perennial in most businesses. It would be great if your client agreed to all your terms of sale, no questions asked or negotiations required. But that sort of luck rarely comes by. Most salespeople don’t understand the dynamics of negotiation, making them apprehensive and nervous. Sales negotiations can disarm even professional salespeople if taken lightly.

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5 Inside Sales Tips to Win More Referrals from Existing Customers


Asking the client a referral for the 1st time might become a shaky situation for sales reps. But the reps shouldn’t feel awkward because it’s a part of their job to achieve targets, and what better way to do that than referral selling. Many reps hesitate to ask for referrals simply because they haven't had any luck doing so in the past. Sales reps need to remember that customers provide referrals only if they are satisfied with what you do. Everything comes down to 'faith'; the faith your clients have on you and your company will enable them to understand the true nature of the request and will be responding accordingly.

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