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How to Sell to Millennials or Gen Y Decision-Makers

Millennials, also known as Generation Y (born between 1980’s- 2000), are the fastest-growing and the most diverse generation of the world. Many salespeople are encountering millennials as key decision-makers within targeted companies. And what millennials seek in a sales experience is very different from than their predecessors (Generation X or Baby Boomers). This has propelled companies to fine-tune their sales strategies that adapt to this generation and win them over.

5 Common Sales Reporting Mistakes that Drive your Reps Insane

Inside sales cycle is a  lengthy and complex process. Prospects may take longer time to close depending on the kind of selling approach being used. Inside sales representatives have different styles of functioning. Some reps may have great power of persuasion and might be expert in closing deals while others may struggle in performing specific tasks. There might also be a situation wherein the customer is not fully convinced and might walk away. In order to manage the sales cycle well, Inside sales managers need to analyze the performance of their team at each level. Reporting can help managers in analyzing and gaining actionable insights about their team. This will help in providing reps with enough information about the opportunities in each stage.

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10 Sales Negotiation Skills Every Sales Rep Must Master

Sales negotiations is an awry business, it can be simple or complicated, courteous or brutal, fast or slow. Negotiations are termed successful when real and perceived differences are adjusted while preserving credibility, customer value, and profit margins. While there is no surefire approach to barter positive results from a sales negotiation, one can decrease the chances of the negotiation getting derailed by developing the essential skills for negotiations.

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15 Tips to Convert your Sales Leads Quicker [Infographic]

While a considerable amount of effort is utilized to generate the leads and prospects that businesses need, converting most of them into inside sales opportunities is something that most of the companies fail to achieve. The trick here is to adopt and engage better strategies to convert a larger portion of your leads into customers.

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Everything an Inside Sales Beginner Should Know


There are a number of people who plays a critical role in selling a company’s product. However, the real movers and shakers are the intermediaries, also called the inside sales reps. These are the people who are constantly moving between and communicating with the customers. They play a major role in boosting the company’s sale. Somehow it is daunting for the rookies to deal in the same way as the existing players because they lack experience and possess only the theoretical knowledge. But the process of practicing makes every man perfect. With optimum training, one can give a kick start to their career. Following are some helpful tips for an inside sales beginner.

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The Right Sales Dialer for your Business

Any sales professional would rely heavily on making outbound calls and responding to inbound leads for sales. The question is how many calls do you actually make in a day? If you believe you are making a good number of calls per day, the question is are you making enough connects? Even if connects are also favorable, are you making a significant number of quality sales calls? Many dialer technologies have been built to answer these questions. However, either dialer technologies are inefficient or wrongly chosen by the businesses for sales. Hence it is important to have a intelligent dialer for your software.

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A Quick Guide to Lead Scoring [Free Whitepaper]

The good news is that inside sales, inbound marketing, and big data have helped sales organizations attract high volume of leads and later helped them in lead conversion. The challenge then becomes, how do you separate the high-quality leads from the leads that are just looking around for information? That’s where lead scoring makes its entry. Lead scoring provides a solution by devising the parameters for following up on leads according to their importance.

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How an Inside Sales Representative can use Quora for Lead Generation

Quora is an easy-to-navigate, question and answer platform which was launched in the year 2009. It provides its users with the opportunity to ask a vast array of questions and also attracts experts to come and share their knowledge and expertise. Being an extremely wonderful resource for networking, it has enticed a huge number of industry insiders, high-level executives and senior professionals since beginning.

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Top Linkedin Groups that an Inside Sales Representative should Join

Social selling should not just be considered as a buzzword but should also be implemented as a core process for developing relationships with clients on various social media platforms. The immense potential of social media allows sales reps to convert their prospects into loyal customers. It is an effective medium to gain knowledge about the industry, competitors, latest trends and to have a clear understanding of the needs and pain points of the customers.

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Stop Wasting your Hard-Earned Inbound Leads

Inbound Digital Marketing - A must for Generating Leads!

Organizations rely significantly on inbound digital marketing for their business. One of the most popular marketing channel used is Pay-Per-Click Campaigns, wherein inbound leads are captured as soon as a visitor clicks on sponsored landing pages/Google Adwords links and fills the details to access specific resources/offers. Direct inbound traffic leads are generated through Newsletters, Blogs, Contact Us, Demo Pages, Case Studies over website/ social networking sites where the visitor expresses an interest by filling their details over website to access the required information or request for a personal contact. Another way to generate direct inbound leads traffic is through organic content publication, SEO.

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Top Attributes of a Successful Inside Sales Manager

For a business that is into selling, no matter how remarkable the product’s features are, its viability to success depends on the inside sales reps. And when it comes to organizing and maintaining a team of such sort, the inside sales manager gets to play a crucial role.

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Best Practices of Sales Leader to Produce Top-Notch Sales Teams

I often come across many sales people but have seen only few of them acting as leaders. Over here I am referring to “Leaders”- people who are real heroes and have completely changed the traditional process of sales. what do you think “Sales” is now? Is it merely a process of going on field and following a door to door knocking methodology? or persuading your prospects to buy your product even if he/she is not willing to? Is this what sales is all about?

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5 Elements of a High Performing Sales Team

In today’s highly competitive economy, the line between high performing sales teams and average sales teams is becoming darker and darker. Sales managers have to do all that it takes to make their team high performing. The sales landscape is quickly growing more competitive, and it’s increasingly important for sales organizations to understand what makes a winning sales team.

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12 Ways to Recruit a Phenomenal Sales Team

Proficient and capable salespeople are a vital asset for all businesses. They are often the first point of contact for your prospects and customers and add to an organization’s bottom line heavily.

However, building a high-quality sales team is not always easy. It requires the Sales or Inside Sales managers to invest a considerable amount of time and money to assemble a team of awesome sales reps.

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How to Close more Deals on Phone

Technological advances have transformed the business culture completely. It has enabled companies to stay close to the customers through various mediums. The traditional way of marketing is going out of fashion where the customers walked up to the sellers to buy a product, rather the companies these days themselves reach their customers. One of the efforts made in this direction is that they have deployed the inside sales team along with the field sales in order to reach more customers in less time. This way it is easy to remind the customers about their existence, or sell them directly. In fact few companies today depend entirely on this method for doing their business.

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Introducing Some Cool New Features with Inside Sales Box [Feature Roundup]

If you agree with me, the fundamental art of selling has really changed. When you buy a sales acceleration application, the only thing that comes up in your mind is that you should have complete flexibility while using the tool to multiply your sales. Not to be forgotten, there are several applications in the market that don't favor flexibility and the sales agents find a tough time dealing with such irksome utilities.
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30 Words that Kill Your Sales Pitch

You know what’s worse than using a traditional sales pitch?

Using ineffective phrases and words that hurt your sales. Salespeople are prone to using the same phrases and words over and over again in their pitch making them sound less sincere.

In other words, you may come out as a generic one-way communicator that serves up your words just like you were scooping them up from a can. But with all the words swirling in your head, how do you know what words encourage the sale and what words kill them.

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15 Most Renowned Sales Enablement Leaders to Follow

 With changes in sales processes and evolution of sales techniques and technologies, it is not sufficient for the marketing teams to deliver a steady flow of qualified leads to sales. Therefore, it is essential for the marketers who want to help their sales teams close more deals to focus on sales enablement as a way of providing a complete view of motivation, behavior, and activity.

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