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Discuss Inside Sales Metrics the Minions way

“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Gru moaned while he glanced at his inside sales report on Monday morning.

"Kevin. Stuart. Bob." Gru called out to his inside sales reps.

With reckless abandon, Kevin, Stuart and Bob rushed out from their seats to Gru's cabin. Gru was pacing up and down his room, looking at the report.

"Congratulations lads," Gru exclaimed. "Our inside sales metrics are off the charts thanks to my brains and your efforts. We left Vector's enterprise behind in terms of growth this quarter. I called you in here to appreciate your efforts."

"Tank Yu." Kevin let out a yelp and hugged Gru.

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Secrets of the Most Productive Salespeople [Infographic]

Increasing productivity of sales professionals is crucial for building a more efficient sales process and for improving the bottom line of any business. However, the onus lies more on the person himself than on the company when it comes to boosting productivity. It is based on the ability of individual sales persons to achieve their objectives and goals.

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7 Social Selling Mistakes Every Inside Sales Rep should Avoid

Social selling is leveraging social network to gather insights and connections and using those information to discover new opportunities, sell, and get business done.  Sales rep can directly provide value and information to their prospects by answering questions and offering meaningful content until the prospect is ready to buy.

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6 Tips to Generate High Quality Sales Leads

B2B sales is all about the leads. Most of the B2B companies depend on their marketing teams to generate leads for sales and inside sales teams. However, simply generating leads is not going to end their liability. It is also important to do lead management. After all, it is not about the number but the quality. And generating high quality leads is the number #1 challenge of any B2B marketer. But are they the only ones responsible for leads?

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Prospects Research and Sales Leads in 5 minutes

If you’re reading this post, I’m going to make an assumption that you are a sales rep that either spends too much time researching prospects and leads OR don’t research at all. ‘Nada’ ‘Zilch’. How did that go for you?

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A compilation of the best sales pitches from Hollywood movies


Let me accept it, I am a movie buff. Infact at one point of time I was watching so many movies that I had to create an IMDB list just to make sure I kept track of the movies that I saw. Btw, here is a link to my personal IMDB movie watched list. As you can see the list has around 2000+ movies watched since I first started this list almost 7 years ago.

My movie experience has not only been just for pleasure but over time I have picked up quite a lot of skills from them, including the art of selling. Selling is complicated and more often or not, it is not it is oversimplified in movies. However, some movies have shown the real grit of sales, here is my compilation of the best sales pitches that I came across in movies and what we can learn from them:

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Inside Sales Tips to Uncover Sales Context

Inside sales reps spend an extensive amount of their time distributing and spreading sales content. However, in this fast-paced tech-savvy world, there is always more than one solution to a business problem which is not far from your prospects reach. This makes it imperative for Sales Development Reps to spend time gathering sales context.

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7 Mistakes Inside Sales Rep should Avoid when Closing Sales Deals

“Closing” is the hardest part of any sales rep job. It is crucial to get your prospects to sign the sales deal, otherwise a sales rep can’t hit the sales quota. Closing can be really tricky and one wrong move can delay or obstruct the whole process.

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The Best Inside Sales Techniques Overheard!!

“I don’t know what to do”!

I was standing at the office cafeteria awaiting my turn to order. A sharp voice took me to a nearby table where two gentlemen were sitting. A young man in his mid-30s had his elbows on the table and his head in his hands. Our inside sales head looked pleasantly amused.

“What happened, Gaurav?” Inside sales head enquired.

Just having a hard time getting the team together.

I deduced that the young man was perhaps an Inside Sales supervisor himself who had come to an old acquaintance for advice.

The young man looked exasperated. He talked to his senior with an air of someone who desperately needed a vacation.

“What happened?” Our Inside Sales head asked. I sensed he was trying to suppress a smile.

The new inside sales team is full of first timers. That being said. We are unable to deliver results. I am simply frustrated with it.

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Cloud Contact Center Software, TexoCC Raises $5 million in Series-A Funding, enters Sales Acceleration space

Cloud Contact Center Technology provider, TexoCC today announced a $5 million Series A round of venture capital funding. The round was led by Forum Synergies. The fresh funds would be used to enhance its Cloud Contact Center and Sales Acceleration offering and Marketing in the US.

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7 Sales Processes Every Inside Sales Manager must Automate

Inside Sales reps usually spend a lot of their time on tedious tasks like sending emails, calling leads and updating call sheets. However, automating these sales processes can definitely save their time and energy. Today, sales processes can be completely automated- from prospecting to closing deals. This will enable salespeople to focus on the most important aspect-Selling!

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Sales Dialer 101: Taking the first step to make calling efficient

“What is that one difference between an inside sales agency that makes more lead conversions as compared to the one which doesn’t?”

“The dog outside the sales reps cage that barks the loudest.”

Overheard at the cafeteria with the maniacal laughter that followed, the point rang home.

Often, inside sales managers have been metaphorically compared to the vilest watch dogs and bloodhounds by their compatriots.

While it is often unfortunate, the ideal supervisor to a sales team would be a leader on lines not very far from the description.

Vigilant, sharp and motivated to take decisions on-the-fly.

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14 Lead Qualification Questions to Spot your 'Sales-Ready' Leads

Every contact is not a lead, similarly all marketing generated leads are not “sales-ready”. Marketing flushes great deal of leads they have generated over time to sales teams for completing the virtuous cycle of lead generation.

And sales teams assume that every lead that marketing has offered is qualified for sales. They go through the whole process of trying to nurture the lead and close, but all their efforts fail because the leads weren’t qualified.

Sales managers should make sure every lead Marketing passes to your Sales team is as qualified as possible.

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8 Areas Most Telesales Training Fail to Cover

How many companies have a defined and structured telesales training program in place to reinforce best practices of sales processes? Not even 35%. Though every sales department provides some sort of training to its telesales agents but most of the time fails to address certain critical elements crucial for their success. Despite the fact that these training sessions have good intentions, the sales reps might struggle to see this. They fail to notice the need of coaching to be on the top of the priority funnel. An under trained telesales team not only lead to underperformance but getting rejected daily by customers and missing quotas lead to lack of confidence which in turn lead to poor attitudes.

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