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6 Ways Companies Benefit from Outbound Telesales

Outbound Telesales is a service activity where telesales reps sell products and services to customers directly over the telephone.

Representatives normally do a process called cold calling wherein they would call prospects and try to persuade them into purchasing a specific product or service. Isn't that just the opposite of inside sales principles. They also do lead generation campaigns where they call prospect clients and try to gather as much information as possible. Reps keep on dialing innumerous numbers throughout the day not really being aware of the real benefits which their outbound telesales campaign is providing them.

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10 Common Mistakes Made when Onboarding Inside Sales Reps

In my previous blog post, I talked about  “8 Mistakes Inside Sales Managers Make While Hiring New Sales Reps”. If you have tried to avoid the hiring mistakes, you are on the road to perfecting your hiring process. But that won’t cut it. Inside sales managers (humans after all) end up committing mistakes while onboarding the new inside sales reps.

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5 Telesales Strategies that Really Work

Despite how you feel about telesales it is still the most effective way to generate new interest from leads and close sales. A telesales campaign just might be the right tool you have been looking for to engage with your target audience and glean valuable information. Telesales have known to be effective for lead nurturing, lead qualification, appointment setting and event management.

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Sales Pipeline Software - Why your Sales Development Team hates it?


You made an investment into a CRM, more specifically a Sales Pipeline Software. You are happily looking at the snapshot and forecasting but wait, the Sales Development Reps are refusing to use it.

Sounds familiar - Read on!

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8 Mistakes Inside Sales Managers Make While Hiring New Sales Reps

Selecting the right sales people is a critical area that requires a lot of attention as it directly impacts the company’s bottom line. However, it is always a challenge for inside sales managers to hire sales representatives whose interests, personalities and traits align with the requirements of the particular sales job.

During interview sessions, candidates do their best to impress the interviewer and try to communicate effectively why they should be considered for the position. It is for the sales leader to figure out the best suitable person who is truly cut out for the job and has the ability and potential to success and deliver results.

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What is Sales Acceleration Technology?

The world of sales is changing rapidly. What was once a process of remotely selling products and services have now evolved to companies employing sales structure that includes a larger mix of inside sales professionals, sophisticated sales people that interact with buyers remotely and the implications of Inside Sales Technology.

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6 Effective Strategies for Closing Sales

Like any other game there are rules to Sales process, especially when it comes to closing deals. A deal usually has several parts, the idea invention by one party, then its acceptance by the other and finally the closure. The first two parts are much easier than the last in most cases.

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Accelerate Inside Sales Cycle & Sell more Deals with these quick tips

Maintaining a short sales cycle is vital to a company’s smooth operation and expansion. It helps them in gaining competitive advantage over others in the marketplace as short sales cycles enable quicker experimentation and rapid strategy invention for the right sales process. If sales cycles are short, don’t you think your sales team can quickly establish a sense of thrust, which will make the whole organization feel as if they are humming? Guaranteed, it will become easier to deliver on the prognosis, which will definitely reduce the burden on the rest of the organization.

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Boost your Inside Sales Career with these 7 Skills

Inside Sales is swiftly gaining momentum over outside sales. Rapid advancement in technology has enabled the inside sales representatives to sell remotely and to have an edge over their field counterparts. Changing buyer behaviors and focus on cost-reduction are also some of the key factors accountable for this sudden transformation in the selling process.

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5 Reasons why Inside Sales Reps are Missing their Quota


As we reach mid-year many Inside Sales managers and B2B sales leaders are staring at their sales pipeline in aggravation. They have started to realize that their year is in jeopardy. According to SiriusDecisions, an alarming 54% of sales reps fail to meet their quota. WIth the numerous sales 2.0 tools and resources available at the the sales reps’ disposal, this number is unsettling. A critical sales management’s responsibility is determining not only which reps are failing, but why are they failing to meet their quota.

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