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Predictive or Power Dialer: The Best Auto Inside Sales Dialer

We have discussed in one of our previous blogs “how intelligent dialers help Inside Sales to increase and diversify their sales efforts”. Being one of the most responsive and flexible tools, it helps the inside sales reps reach more prospective clients resulting in more sales. It’s simple- the more calls you make, the more leads you generate, the more sales you can expect. The Power dialer software or inside sales dialer software makes the cold calling process much more efficient.

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Are Men Better than Women for Inside Sales Roles?

Sales or Inside Sales roles have traditionally been male-dominated domains and are considered to be very competitive jobs in nature. It requires people to connect with others and networking at a larger level is the key to success here. And there is a perception that men have a greater opportunity to socialize and connect with the customers. It is widely believed that for a woman, to maintain an active career in revenue-generating positions and managing their family at the same time becomes a challenge. Their commitments at home hamper their flexibility to build and maintain the required networks. Also, women are considered to be very soft and too people-oriented, making companies think that they are not perfect fit for sales.

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5 Tips for Inside Sales to Sell like a Pro

Sales is definitely the most challenging gig in professions, but it is not rocket science. Closing has always been a tough code to crack, but some sales reps are really good at it and others not so much. But with a solid game plan every rep could be a ‘Rockstar’.

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5 Cold Calling Inside Sales Techniques that Really work

Cold calling – sounds scary, Right? You are not the only one who considers it a dreadful process. The truth is that many inside sales reps look at it as the most troublesome aspect of sales. Unfortunately, you can’t get away with it if you really want to boost your sales revenues and find potential customers.

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Inside Sales Box helps Aspire System to Generate Quality Leads and Expand its Customer Base by powering their Inside Sales Processes

Gurgaon, March 18, 2015: Cloud based Sales Acceleration software, Inside Sales Box (  is proud to announce that Aspire Systems, a global technology services firm headquartered in USA with presence in India, UAE, UK, and Belgium has deployed Inside Sales Box  to streamline and simplify inside sales process and marketing collaboration.

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7 Helpful Tips for Inside Sales Beginners

Generating sales leads and dealing with customers over calls might sound very daunting to a new inside sales representative. While there is no substitute for experience, if guided appropriately, one can surely give an exciting start to his/her career. Keeping a few important aspects in mind can boost your morale before you set out on the inside sales track.

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Inside Sales Quick Tips: 5 ways to Improve Prospect Connect Rates

Inside sales struggle to improve their prospect connect scores, since these are existingly been used as metrics to study rep performance. But does merely getting connected with your prospect cut it? Inside sales reps should focus on connecting with the right decision maker of the account, than wrestling in a maze with infinite call transfers to finally get lost in the voicemail abyss.

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Top 7 Challenges Inside Sales Managers Face Today

It has been rightly said that “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”. And in addition to responsibilities, leadership brings challenges also. Inside Sales Manager, being leaders themselves, encounter many challenges during the course of their career. But they must learn to tackle these challenges appropriately otherwise it can hamper the team’s morale and company revenues to a considerable degree.  

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5 Inside Sales Performance Metrics to Track your Inside Sales Reps

To help you improve the productivity of your sales reps, we have outlined a number of important Inside sales performance metrics.

Inside Sales Reps often focus on making high volumes of calls instead of dialing smart calls. They tend to emphasize more on quantity than quality. But ideally a manager must ensure that his/her team spends their precious time wisely by making smart dials. This will lead to more number of quality conversations which in turn will result in higher qualified opportunities.

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