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7 Must-Have Inside Sales Technologies

Having the right tools and Inside Sales technologies in place can significantly increase the productivity of inside sales reps which in turn boosts the sales revenues for the company. These technologies have their own benefits that can drive the management of capturing a lead to its closure in an effective way. There are various tools which make it possible for inside sales representative to create customer intimacy without a face-to-face interaction.

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6 Ways to Keep Your Inside Sales Reps Motivated

As an inside sales manager, it is very crucial for you to motivate the sales reps at every stage of their job life cycle. Motivating and engaging your employees is directly linked to company revenue, employee retention and customer satisfaction. But, motivating a sales team and garnering loyalty and commitment from them is a huge challenge for many sales leaders.

According to CSO Insights’ research, just 63 percent of all reps reached or exceeded their quotas last year, and the number dipped even lower for inside sales to 60.5 percent. The research also reveals a higher annual turnover rate for inside sales (31 percent) than the industry wide average (21 percent).

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6 Vital Notes Inside Sales Must Take After Call

Every Inside sales rep is well aware on the importance of taking down notes after a sales call, and there must be at least one episode where the notes have helped a rep in closing a deal. But there is a fair share of reps that believe that taking notes are off putting and consumes a lot of the reps time, which could have been utilised for other sales purposes. They believe that the time spent to record the details of a sales call could be spent calling a prospect. As Jeff Ernst stated in his book, New Rules of Sales Enablement, post-call notes are but one factor that leads to 65% of a sales reps time doing things other than selling.

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7 Habits of a Successful Inside Sales Representative

It requires a great deal of commitment and zeal to take on the most intimidating tasks in any organization- Inside Sales, selling without being face-to-face with the prospect. None of us have the inherent talent of succeeding in inside sales. But with adoption of right habits and practices one can get a foothold in this field and undoubtedly grow leaps and bounds.

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3 Golden Rules of Inside Sales

Golden rules are principles and approaches to live by. It is an ethical code that states, one should treat others as one would like to be treated by other. “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” – Golden Rule: Common form (Bartlett’s Quotations). This applies in the world of sales too. Inside sales reps are to treat prospective customers as they would like to be treated by their prospects.

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7 Silly Mistakes Inside Sales Reps Must Avoid When Calling Prospects

Inside Sales reps have to be thoroughly prepared before making any sales call. They often don’t realize the importance of a valuable conversation and take the customers for granted. They are simply bothered about pushing their product and meeting their targets. Such scenarios instigate a lack of interest in the prospect and the complete effort seems to go waste.

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