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5 Reasons Inside Sales Reps Need Intelligent Dialers

Inside sales reps
do most of their business through a phone call, whether it is making an appointment, following-up, closing a sale, etc. But how many sales rep have a sophisticated dialer system that actually helps them in sourcing opportunities and closing more sales. Sales managers have now gradually raised awareness about the use of CRM tools that automates most of the sales operations. Likewise, specialized sales dialers can also accelerate productivity, along with lifting connection rates, and making prospect conversations more successful. This has a direct impact on business margins.

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6 Ways your Inside Sales Reps can Get More Time to Sell

A major concern that bothers every inside sales manager is that his/her team is not performing at the highest level when it comes to sales productivity. You know that your team members are working hard but not sure what’s holding them back in delivering sales results.

Let me give you two major reasons for their underperformance.

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6 Ways for Inside Sales to Build Instant Credibility with Prospects

Credibility is indispensable for sales. And both inside and field sales reps take up a lot of measures to build credibility with prospects. But inside sales have to put in lot more efforts since they mostly sell through telephonic conversations, which demands them to cross the credibility threshold in less than a minute.

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10 Killer LinkedIn Strategies for B2B Inside Sales Prospecting

“Top Sellers” use LinkedIn 6 hours or more per week to grow their business. How often do you use it for engaging with your customers and prospects?

Although, traditional selling and communication channels such as phone and email are tried and true, social media platforms like LinkedIn can also immensely increase sales performance.

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5 Most Common Sales Objections Inside Sales Rep Should Know

The most frustrating aspect of sales are Objections. I think we can all agree on this. But, we also got to accept the fact that sales objections are expected in every selling process. There are no sales without a few roadblocks. This goes for both inbound and outbound sales.

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Inside sales email templates and strategies that worked for us


Inside sales teams often struggle to come up with the best cold email templates and processes to connect with cold prospects. They are expected to generate opportunities from a cold list of prospects assigned to them. Traditional processes include sending out a detailed company profile and then calling the prospects repeatedly with no results. Our inside sales teams were going through similar challenges until we revamped our prospect outreach process. The new process that I implemented generated over 30% more leads than traditional outreach techniques.  

How I did it?

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4 Ways “Follow-up” Benefits Inside Sales

In today’s dynamic marketplace, businesses are constantly developing new and innovative ways to serve their customers and attract prospects. It has become crucial to continuously be in touch with your current and prospective customers to build strong and trusting relationships with them.

Most customers are not going to purchase from you simply because they purchased from you one time, even if they had an impeccable buying experience. If you do not stay in touch with your customers, they will simply switch to someone else. As far as your prospects are concerned, most of the times, it is not possible to close a deal in a single conversation. However, timely follow-ups with prospects can convert them into customers but you need to be patient and can’t always expect results with just 2-3 follow ups.

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When is the Best Time for Inside Sales to Call their Prospects?

Inside Sales reps are required to master various roles to push leads into their pipeline. At the time of prospecting they become a private investigator. During pitching they take up the role of a solution consultant. When following-up they become the master of words. Sales reps have a lot going on their plate, but the best of the lot is when they become psychologists, identifying the behavioral patterns of their prospects and taking advantage of it. This helps them operate and adapt to the conditions of the client’s convenience.

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Are You Aware of Your Sales Engagement Challenges?

Customer lifecycle (please refer to Customer Engagement Hub) starts with Sales Engagement which is the most crucial part of your business as it kick-starts your business journey. Success of your overall business depends on how better you get with time in closing sales vis-à-vis your competition. Your team might not be aware or at worse bother about industry benchmarks and the point where your competitors stand on the scale for marketing, inside-sales and sales results.

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4 Reasons Why Inside Sales Team Should Not Ignore Social Selling

Internet has changed the buyer’s behavior completely. Majority of the research before buying, for a product or service is performed online with a simple Google search. Instant availability of insights and reviews from past buyers and various competitive comparison reports have made things even more effortless.

According to a recent survey, B2B buyers nowadays complete up to 90% of the buying process before they contact a potential supplier.

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