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Simplest Approach to Weigh your Inside Sales Reps

Are you familiar with how National Football League (NFL) and Major League Baseball (MLB) recruit their finest players? How the coaches come up with their gameplan? It is quite simple. The answer lies literally in the film rooms and scouting. NFL and MLB scouts travel all across the country to recruit the best players for their team, and the coaches come up with the team’s game plan based on their teams previous recorded film or of their competition. Either ways, coaches and scouts largely depend on their players game on the field to gauge their performance.

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5 Traits to Look for When Hiring an Inside Sales Representative

Sales is a very important function within every organization. Hiring right salespeople can lead to a steady increase in sales. And an inappropriate selection can lead to eroded profits, damaged customer relationships, and a bad brand image in the market. Keeping these warnings in mind, it's important to not only grow your sales force, but to grow it appropriately.

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5 Perks for Inside Sales to Prospect During Holidays

Most salespeople and organizations believe that lead prospecting in holiday season is futile. It is generally presumed that the last month of the year is for getting deals in and, organizing and preparing for the following year. Why? Because most people take some extra time off during the holiday season, so it only makes sense to reduce or suspend lead generation. Inside sales reps think the strategies that accelerate your lead generation fails to perform in this season. Well, I beg to differ.

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Sales and Marketing - Can one survive without the other?

In practically every organization, Sales and Marketing work together but often share a complex relationship. They conflict with each other when it comes to lead generation and sales closure which ultimately harms the brand’s sales operation processes. Sales complain that Marketing team is not generating quality leads for them and Marketing blames Sales team for not working hard enough to convert the leads furnished by them. Sometimes, the sales department doesn’t even consider marketing when it comes to real business; merely perceived as collateral producers. In order to improve business performance, marketing ROI and Sales productivity, there is a need to align and transform their relationship to a fruitful one.

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Inside Sales is Not Telemarketing. Period.

Inside sales are generally mistaken with telemarketing, because of the same medium at use- telephone. But this misbelief impedes the relationships between inside sales team and clients. It ends up in depreciating the significance of inside sales and the efforts they put in to generate leads. These are two different entities, with different goals, and different approaches in dealing with prospective clients.

Telemarketing is believed to have begun in the 1950’s by DialAmerica Marketing Inc., reported to be the first company to dedicate to telephone sales and services. By late 1960’s, telemarketing became a common phrase used to describe the process of selling over the phone.

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8 Inside Sales Myths to Leave Behind in 2015

I agree that Inside Sales is “Virtual” sales but it can certainly add “Real” value to the organization. Right from lead generation, engaging in customer interactions, deal closures to managing accounts- they have the ability to handle each and every stage of a sales cycle with perfection. Despite this fact, they don’t witness the level of significance which they ideally should have. What augments their fragile condition more are the misconceptions that surround them.

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5 Inside Sales Strategies to Accelerate Inside Sales Lead Generation

As the rough economy intensifies in manifolds, the inside sales team are stifled in culminating their efforts in building a structured and efficient pipeline of quality leads.

The Inside sales manager should work closely with the lead generation function of his/her team to create campaigns, strategize, and measure results.

As an inside sales manager, you are expected to have a lucid understanding of your prospect’s pain points and priorities and how your products or solutions can fit into their needs. This will help you in establishing inside sales strategies, pitches, techniques, etc that resonates well with your prospects.

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Inside Sales vs Outside Sales - can we zero in on one?

Inside Sales vs Outside Sales

Traditionally, sales organizations were primarily dependent on their outside sales team, who work on face-to-face sales model, to engage with existing clients and prospective customers. In turn, the inside salespeople used to merely assist them in completing their daily tasks and other back-end operations. But, today, with increasing competition and tremendous pressure on the sales team to deliver, companies are feeling the requirement for a more structured and target-oriented inside sales department. 

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