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Blending for Outbound Sales is not Just productivity, its a Necessity

6One Cursory look at the term ‘blending’ and the first word that comes to mind is ‘productivity’. I have always wondered about the customers who did not answer calls received from predictive dialer, don't they ever callback. What do they hear if they do?

Did I get your attention? 

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Hubspot and Call Center Solutions - Friends or Foes?

Dharmesh Shah of hubspot in his blog post in 2007 had predicted death of Telemarketing in 10 years. 

In another Article he says:

"So, instead of blasting the world with, you know, telemarketing and going to trade shows and sending out mailers and all the things we used to do back in the 80s and 90s to try and find customers, ... Why not write a blog and talk about why your product is going to change the world and why customers will benefit from it?"

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Outbound Sales | Dial More to Sell more? | Intelligent Recycle strategies

7If you believe Predictive dialer should just go through the list of numbers and dial them to keep your agents busy, you probably have not kept pace with the advancement of the technology in contact centers. 

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Outbound B2C Sales | Who are you calling today?

In my previous post we discussed about Multiple leads and understanding priority and weightage. Today lets have a look at Filters. 

Filters allow the campaign management in cloud contact centers to “Tell” the outbound sales dialer which numbers should be called “now” from the leads/lists uploaded. It prioritizes the leads based on multiple parameters.

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Boost Outbound Dialer Sales | What Marketing Segmentation can teach us?


Outbound Sales is not just Cold Calling. What HubspotMarketo has done to Web and Email engagements can be applied to Calls also.

One of the most important and time consuming tasks for the Campaign Manager in a B2C Lead Generation/Inside Sales process is managing leads. It is observed that most B2C Sales processes use predictive dialers to generate leads. This can result in increased productivity (By 300-400%).  

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