Account Based Sales Development for Accelerating Sales


Generating leads and to get successful conversions is a challenging task. Its absence can lead to dipping motivation levels; your team’s performance can show a steady downfall and eventually your business will start suffering.

But if your team is really up to the challenge and can get great leads, ideal client profiles and boost sales, there’s no better feeling. And to unlock this level of sales motivation, you need to start experimenting a bit and have a fresh outlook on things and processes. One recent development in the sales circuit is accommodating account based sales development to boost sales. It is a rather new approach, which can be considered a broad derivation of account based marketing development. The key difference metrics in account based sales development and its originator is in the tactical approach it follows.

What is ‘Account Based Sales Development’?

If you look at the basic definition of account based sales development, you will realise that it is a coordinated process of developing qualified pipeline in a target addressable market by running proactive multi-touch campaigns into target accounts. These campaigns, which can be offline sales oriented process or email campaigns aim to target the best prospect options and deliver need-specific content and provide practical solutions.

How do you start with account based sales development?

If you want to succeed in today’s world, which is very closely knit with technology, you cannot afford to neglect the good it can do for your business. You need to start relying heavily on all technical aids you can seek. Account based sales development makes it easy for your sales team to reach out to people, who would be more willing to pick their calls and discuss business possibilities, which is a huge aid instead of cold calling and hearing blunt replies. Internet has a huge pool of data – Big Data. It can get your inside sales team more leads than they can hunt themselves, using traditional means of networking, offline sales pitches, referrals etc. Every organisation that is experiencing this colossal shift from a traditional sales setup to switching to account based sales developmentmethodology is expecting great return on investments (ROI), more leads, better business opportunities and increased revenues.

Follow a 3 Step Process

So if you are having a tough time and cannot pretty much figure out how to go about implementing this strategy, here’s a 3 step regime. All you need is to have your business strategy team on board and start leveraging the insights.

Step 1  Account singularity

It is important that you have huge data repository for this model and strategy to fully function. Have all your contacts and leads imported to a single framework or CRM and start from the scratch. Start analysing the leads, contacts and carefully figure out your ideal accounts to be reached out. With proper CRM integration and other technicalities, you can also auto-assign leads to your sales reps, as per their skill level.

Step 2  Identify and Target prospects

Once you have a sketch ready for your ideal business prospects, you can start filling in the blanks with contacts and leads. You can start evaluating the outcomes of the business negotiations, deliver personalised services and provide need-specific solutions to your prospects problems.

Step 3  Developing and delivering relevant content

Even if it is an email campaign that you are running to promote a product or make people aware about a specific service that your business offers, the message that you put in that emailer can drift the whole scenario. It can either give you great leads or exponentially increase your bounce rate. Many organisations also prefer experimenting a bit with ‘A-B testing’ module to evaluate all outcomes, which is one good way of going about things. With account based sales development, your sales team will become very precise and particular about one fact that is, every interaction with every account or prospect, needs to deliver the best possible, short and crisp message (which is personalised) to provide a directly suggestive solution of all his problems.

If your content is not relevant or precise, chances are that you will lose almost a great deal of leads. And sales is not about surviving, it is about thriving.

I hope you find this useful and it will accelerate your sales process. If you have more points to share or feedback for me, let me know in the comments section below. I would love to get more insights and leverage them.

Till then, Happy Selling!

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