Accelerate your Salesforce with Inside Sales Box Integration


There is no second thought that (SFDC) is the most widely used CRM. However, in today’s fast paced sales world, inside sales tool accelerates sales in sync with your CRM and marketing automation tools. Higher sales productivity and better conversion rate is what makes the difference.

SFDC offers a comprehensive way to manage leads database, and many sales teams use it as the basic sales CRM. But, when it comes to keeping a track of calls and emails to prospect, it becomes a cumbersome task which requires manual tracking activity. Also, due to the wide scope of SFDC data management capabilities, businesses are not ready to completely move onto some other sales platform. Hence, Inside Sales Box have come up with Salesforce Integration, wherein; sales teams can benefit without moving away from Salesforce.

Following key features of SFDC integration with Inside Sales Box can make SDR’s life very easy and highly productive:

Easy Lead Import from SFDC to InsideSalesBox

The very first step of Inside Sales Box and Salesforce integration requires Salesforce leads data to be imported to Inside Sales Box, for sales reps to work on existing leads. All these leads can easily be imported into Inside Sales Box in a csv format without any data loss. Once, the data is imported, sales reps are all set to go ahead with their sales outreach process. They can assign leads to respective sales cadence to work upon them in a more efficient manner, utilising the call, email or, social touchpoints.

2 Way Sync for Lead Creation

After the one time initial lead import activity, any lead which is created on either of the platform gets automatically created on the other one in real time. Yes, no manual entry required for updating the another database for new leads. For instance, if a sales rep gets a new inbound lead on Inside Sales Box, that particular lead will be auto-created on Salesforce in real time, without any manual interference. Similarly, any lead created on Salesforce will be auto-created in Inside Sales Box. Moreover, sales reps can save on time and concentrate on more important selling activities.


Hassle-Free Automatic Activity Logging

One of the biggest takeaways of this integration is – when a rep works on leads of Inside Sales Box, all the call and email activities get automatically logged in Salesforce. A call made to a lead will be auto logged in SFDC, along with other related details like call timings, call duration, call disposition, and supported remarks if any. Also, in case of emails, activity will be auto-logged with the complete email content to avoid any data loss and context. The auto-activity logging in real time not only saves on reps’ time, but improves the overall sales process by keeping an updated leads database.


Automatic Lead Status Update

A sales rep might be working on various leads at a given point of time, and keeping a track of their current status while working on two platforms simultaneously is not an easy task. However, with Inside Sales Box and SFDC integration, reps can easily avoid this concern as there is a provision of fetching auto-status update across both the platforms. For example, when reps calls a prospect and fixes a demo, they can update the lead status as ‘Demo Fixed’ on Inside Sales Box, and the status will be updated on Salesforce as well and the lead can be converted into an Opportunity.

SDRs can put their efforts in an effective manner while working on their leads over Salesforce and  Inside Sales Box. With this integration, sales reps can have the best of both worlds!

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