Accelerate Inside Sales Cycle & Sell more Deals with these quick tips

Accelerate Inside Sales Cycle & Sell more Deals with these quick tips

Maintaining a short sales cycle is vital to a company’s smooth operation and expansion. It helps them in gaining competitive advantage over others in the marketplace as short sales cycles enable quicker experimentation and rapid strategy invention for the right sales process. If sales cycles are short, don’t you think your sales team can quickly establish a sense of thrust, which will make the whole organization feel as if they are humming? Guaranteed, it will become easier to deliver on the prognosis, which will definitely reduce the burden on the rest of the organization.

As a Sales leader, you always expect your team to excel and complete their targets on time. But have you ever thought on how your team can shorten the Sales cycle and become a Quota crushing Sales rep?

Accelerate Inside Sales Cycle & Sell more Deals using 4 Quick tips

1) Be Flexible when articulating values: Solving business problems for customers is a lot easier when you can adjust the sales conversation based on what your buyer needs. Audible-ready sellers excel at aggressively moving conversations forward by articulating value and differentiating solutions to their buyer’s most pressing business issues. Selling in today’s corporate environment is a big challenge for Inside Sales Representatives, but with effective tools and techniques in addition to clear understanding & knowledge of the product they can become champions in articulating values when dealing with decision maker.

2) Effective Discovery: Asking right questions to the prospect leads to discovering information related to prospect’s problems and the kind of effect it is having on his business. It is very important for the Inside Sales manager to encourage team members to spend time learning the information they need to drive a compelling business case. An effective effort towards keen discovery will allow them to uncover the pain which will help them in exhibiting the value proposition of their solution shortening the decision-making process and the sales cycle.

3) Exhibit Affirmative Business Intent:  Having a Positive Business Intent is one of the most important chattels that a Inside sales rep can leverage throughout the buying procedure. This can be exhibited by showing business intelligence and understanding what it truly means to think about their business which is achieved through effective discovery. A client can always sense whether the sales rep is being genuine throughout the whole buying process, therefore he needs to know that it is not only about getting the deal done but to drive impact in their organization.  Providing useful industry insights and having impactful value-based sales conversations can be helpful in exhibiting your readiness to improve the client’s bottom line.

4) Tangible Proof Points: Proof points always act as a backup and solid evidence of the success story of your solution. Customers are always keen to know about the efficacy of the product/service which they are planning to purchase, therefore they always ask for metrics and data. A solid proof can be a crucial element to customer choosing your solution over competitors. Providing Sales team with Tangible evidence can help them in moving opportunities through sales cycle faster. So coordination with the marketing department for testimonials and metrics can be an additive advantage to strengthen up your sales strategy.

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