A Complete Inside Sales Software or Not?

ChiefMartec has listed 220 companies under the Sales Automation category, but not many are close to being an inside sales software. Hence, there isn’t a dedicated inside sales category.

Our Founder Sachin recently wrote about the Inside Sales Software Market and talked about how limited the current research is. Also evident in the ChiefMartec Infographic. 
I looked into some of the inside sales software available in the market and why some of them aren’t actually a complete all-in-one software. The space is still evolving and organizations are realising that going from a feature base to an all-in-one software is a need of the hour.


All-in-one Inside Sales Solutions  


Called the sales development platform.

The solution includes email with cadence and advanced calling (manual/auto) with a dialer along with analytics. You may also create a sales process template with a mix of calls and emails.

Certainly one of the best outreach.io alternatives.  


Coming from a CRM space, Close.io are strong contenders in lead management. They have done a great job integrating email tracking and incorporating a click-to-dial feature. All in all it’s a good InsideSalesBox alternative.


A good close.io alternative. 

An inside sales solution built for businesses to manage and accelerate their sales processes. The features include a mix of email, dialer, CRM and special features like coaching, social selling and omni (One Click Social Prospecting).

Looks like the most complete solution covering almost all the aspects of modern sales processes.


Stand Alone Solutions which are Evolving


Started in the same space of sales email software as Yesware, they have now repositioned themselves by including sales productivity solutions like automated campaigns and dialer.

Not much for the Salesloft Vs Toutapp debate. Huh? What was all the fuss about?


Similar case as Toutapp.

Not yet in the league to be called as a Toutapp alternative. Email functionalities with cadence, templates, group emails and analytics. 

Disclaimer: The analysis and recommendations given in the blog are as per my personal research. I would appreciate if you could share your feedback on the tools mentioned above. If you represent any of the mentioned vendor and feel that I have missed something, please let me know. I would add the relevant information for the benefit of our readers.

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