A compilation of the best sales pitches from Hollywood movies


Let me accept it, I am a movie buff. Infact at one point of time I was watching so many movies that I had to create an IMDB list just to make sure I kept track of the movies that I saw. Btw, here is a link to my personal IMDB movie watched list. As you can see the list has around 2000+ movies watched since I first started this list almost 7 years ago.

My movie experience has not only been just for pleasure but over time I have picked up quite a lot of skills from them, including the art of selling. Selling is complicated and more often or not, it is not it is oversimplified in movies. However, some movies have shown the real grit of sales, here is my compilation of the best sales pitches that I came across in movies and what we can learn from them:{{cta(‘e39d29b6-0010-4ca5-9bbe-a81d0d8edb64′,’justifyright’)}}

In no particular order, here we go…


1. Robert Downey, Jr. from “Iron Man” 



A great scene that showcases the art of enterprise selling to a difficult audience with huge budgets.

Key Takeaway for sales:

  • Confidence is the key for Enterprise Selling
  • Technology awareness that connects the salesperson to his audience
  • Building a connect by identifying with the problem
  • Reference to the futuristic innovation in your product
  • Closing with an offer for bulk purchase 🙂 


2. Alec Baldwin from “Glengarry Glen Ross”

Content warning, foul language! But nevertheless a great video for motivating teams that are involved in service selling

Key Takeaway for sales:

  • Urgency on closure by announcing hard deadlines
  • How to get the attention of your audience
  • “Leads are weak”- a common misconception among sales addressed.
  • Show the big picture to your audience
  • My favorite, the ABC rule- Always Be Closing
  • Another rule, AIDA- Attention, Interest, Decision, Action


 3. Ben Affleck from “The Boiler Room”



One of my all time favorite scenes, I must have watched this a 100 times. A great video to motivate your sales teams, infact, I recommend watching this clip before every big presentation.

Key Takeaway for sales:

  • Give respect, get respect
  • Confidence and tone when pitching to a group
  • Building a connect with the audience
  • Dress well
  • Selling what’s possible and what is required to achieve it


4. Vin Diesel from “The Boiler Room” 



Another scene from the boiler room that is a classic example of closing a sale to an unknown prospect. If you in sales and you have not seen this movie, then where have you been doing till now?

Key Takeaway for sales:{{cta(’86dc706a-f86a-4760-a3cd-f065c1201020′,’justifyright’)}}

  • How to make your prospects interested in your pitch
  • How to connect with your audience
  • Show the candy and then take it away
  • The art of selling a large deal


5. Will Smith from “Pursuit of Happiness”

A must watch for inside sales teams who are cold calling leads every day

Key Takeaway for sales:

  • Create your own differentiation, do not follow others
  • Optimism is the key, remain cheerful even after rejection
  • Willing to experiment and think outside the box
  • Go beyond your responsibility, be ready to meet the client at short notice


6. Seth Rogen from “The Guilt Trip” 



Great display for teams who are involved in doing product presentations day in and day out

Key Takeaway for sales:

  • Monitor your audience, keep an eye out if they become disinterested
  • Innovate when required, the same pitch may not work every time
  • Lighten the mood with a joke, everybody loves a good laugh
  • Create a product differentiation, if possible, claim something your competitor can’t

I am sure you there would be many other movie sales pitches which I may have missed, please suggest if you feel there is a particular scene that you feel should be included in this list and I will happily watch that movie and add it to this list 😉



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