9 Secrets of Quota-Crushing Sales Reps Revealed!

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Successful sales professionals are able to achieve their goals over and over again as they keep themselves on the right track even in the most difficult and odd situations. They have the right attitude, personality traits, habits and skills that enable them to meet their targets and keep ahead of others. Quota-crushing sales reps are always open to learning new things and they know that they need to constantly improve and have the right perspective so as to close more sales.

Here we reveal 9 secrets of what certain salespeople do to become successful:

Gauge the Customer’s Perspective

A high-performing salesperson will always try to identify the top priorities and concerns of the customer. They will use this information to customize their offering and tailor the approach that specifically meets the needs of the particular customer. They offer a personalized treatment to their customers and try to help them solve their business problems and don’t just focus on selling their products. This gives them an edge over others and helps them in creating a lasting relationship with the customers.

Believe in their Product

If a salesperson believes that the product he is selling is extremely valuable, then only he will be able to frame the entire purpose around offering solutions to prospect’s requirements. This will make the clients feel that they are working with an expert whose valuable advice is really beneficial for their business. The helpful approach of the sales rep put the prospects at ease as they no longer are under an influence of someone trying to charm them for commission. A great salesperson has to be really enthusiastic about his product and must believe that it will help the customer in a true sense.

Ask the Right Questions

It’s crucial to ask as much as possible in order to have complete information about the prospects to sell effectively and close more business. Successful sales professionals examine their prospects thoroughly by asking probing, tough and thought-provoking questions. They force their customers to think and answer their questions.  

Research before the Call

In order to ensure that you ask the right questions to make the customers think and get the information you need, you need to research the prospects in depth before making the call. Use the social channels, prospect’s website and industry news and publications to conduct the required research. Based on this, create a personalized pitch and mention how your product or service can solve their problems.

Have Superior Listening Skills

The key to making a sale is to listen to what a prospect is saying as this will allow you to address their issues and concerns. Carefully listening to your prospects will also help you to be flexible in your approach and not just deliver the same pitch to every prospect. So, pay attention to what’s important to your client and his business and make your solution relevant to him. After all, it’s about them and not about you.


A true salesperson will always self-evaluate to improve in every sense. Ask yourself the right questions so as to reflect, upgrade and become better. Here are few examples:

  • Do my prospects align with my ideal customer profile? Am I focussing on the right quality of prospects?
  • Do I put my prospects under tremendous pressure at the end of the month or quarter to buy quickly (and set them apart)?
  • Do I rest on prospects whom I know will not buy but still hold on to them?

Asking questions like these to yourself on a regular basis will enable you to improve and stay on track.

Welcome Complaints

The most successful and quota-crushing sales professionals realize that complaints are an opportunity to refine and improve. Great salespeople do not take offense when they come across a customer complaint. Instead they consider it as a learning opportunity to get better with time.

Think Beyond Initial Sale

Good salespeople have a long-term strategy and aim to create happy customers. They focus on second sale and getting referrals from their loyal customers. This leads to lesser cold calls and better sales conversions.

Positive Attitude and Enthusiasm

Sales professionals with positive attitude and enthusiasm have a bigger chance to succeed. Their positive outlook not just enables them to exude confidence but also keeps them going during hard times. Positive salespeople make their customers feel good as a result of which they are encouraged to do more business.


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