8 Killer Tactics to Coach Sales Beginners

coach sales beginners

With the desire of introducing new people to the company, the sales managers need to take risks on young reps who possess a similar kind of raw talent. But to hone their talent and turn it into sales expertise, coaching is required. And before introducing the reps to the clients, they need to figure out the company’s strategies and the tactics to sell their respective products to them, so that they turn out to be asset to the company

How do you coach Sales Beginners to bring out their maximum potential? Follow these 7 steps:

1) Provide Exhaustive Company Overview:

A sales rep necessarily needs every bit of knowledge about the company they are working with. The product details, policies, partners, clients, competitors-  the rep has to be thorough with all these details. A sales person with partial knowledge can prove to be fatal for the company as they end up giving either half or false information to the clients.

Here are the areas that should be covered by  the coaching session:

  • Website

  • Company’s Product

  • Competitors

  • Partners

  • Job description- Sales calling or cold calling

  • Prospect Type- inbound Lead or target lead

2) Boost their knowledge with technologies:

An inside sales rep’s main task is to pitch the client through the phone. Sales reps meet the needs of the buyer more rapidly by working smarter with sales technologies. High-performing teams are 3x more likely than underperformers to invest in sales technologies.The technical part include CRM technologies, Predictive analytics, and demonstration skills.

3) Peer -Advisor ship:

New sales reps can be trained under the existing top performers where they can be taught every sales aspect and the best practices used. The new reps can be accompanied by the old reps and get familiarize with different sales tools. The peer advisor ship program counts on old sales reps educating and training the new reps. They can answer one-off questions (singular, unique) and act as an armor before a question is escalated to the manager.

This way the manager’s time can be spent providing reps with feedbacks and coaching them with paramount training. This way the time gets equally divided.

4) Prepare a script:

A script provided to an amateur can be a life savior to them. A few standard statements which are more or less deliberately repeated by all the sales reps can be jotted down in the system or a notepad which can be used while talking to the client. So they won’t get the feeling that the rep whom they are talking to lacks information. This way the rep’s confidence gets boosted and they tend to build the guts to carry the conversation forward rather than routing it to some expert.

A script is even more helpful when the rep deals in same product for domestic and overseas clients, the accent changes, the pronunciation differs and the statement varies. The sales person will be spared from getting confused.

5) Demonstrate the sales call:

The sales managers can accommodate the new reps with the training sessions for calling clients where the agents are trained to communicate with a change in accents for different countries. A part of training efforts should be held regularly according to cultural and geographical areas.This improves both the clarity and the comfort of the caller.

Along with the accent and the communication skills, the new rep should be aware of the cold calls and the warm calls

Cold calling: It is an attempt to pursue customers to purchase either the product or services of the company and it really works for few industries. By cold calls, you might discover a client who needed your product but was unaware of what they wanted.

Warm calls: It is more on the lead generation side. Here the prospect shows interest in the product.

The former techniques used for the call would be different in the latter situation. Different sessions will accomplish the different purpose.

According to a research If you use warm calling to reach out to new business contacts, you will raise your success rate from 2% to over 30%.

6) Coach critical sales Strategies:

Every sales rep are given sales targets by their managers, to pitch new client as well as sell the product to the existing ones. To accomplish those one has to use different strategies like- empathize with the client; selling a product involves more of building relationship rather than just pushing the product to the client, it requires more of empathizing with the client’s situation who isn’t glad about their existing product. If the client is deliberately interested in the product they give certain signals that they need it. The rep has to be alert to the signals but to identify them a session of coaching is imperative.

According to a study, 5% -20% probability is there of selling the company’s product to a new prospect.

There is 60%-70% chance of selling to an existing customer and it is 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one

7) Observation & Feedback:

A sales rep should be observed throughout, in their training period, their scale of performance should be evaluated. Whether the performance level diminishes or goes immensely high, the sales rep can be acknowledged by a feedback form filled by the Manager. This way the new rep can understand where they are going wrong and where need to improve themselves. This is a part of the coaching program, it is majorly done to perceive as how many more training sessions are required by the rep or they are qualified.

8) Chart a clear growth path:

A sales rep should be acknowledged about the company’s policies regarding the career growth right in the beginning. This way the new sales reps will be able to set the goals as where they want to reach after 3 or 5 years. The desire for quicker promotions will motivate the reps to work more effectively and efficiently.

With the successive sessions of the sales coaching, a new sales rep can really polish their skills and become like one of the top performers who are already part of the company. How are you coaching your sales reps? I would love to hear your thoughts.


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