8 Inside Sales Myths to Leave Behind in 2015

Breaking 8 myths about Inside Sales

I agree that Inside Sales is “Virtual” sales but it can certainly add “Real” value to the organization. Right from lead generation, engaging in customer interactions, deal closures to managing accounts- they have the ability to handle each and every stage of a sales cycle with perfection. Despite this fact, they don’t witness the level of significance which they ideally should have. What augments their fragile condition more are the misconceptions that surround them.

Here are 8 of the most prevailing ones-

MYTH 1: It is no different from telemarketing

Definitely not.Telemarketing works in a scripted environment; uses ready sales pitches to solicit prospective customers, and generally involves a one call close. It’s a cold calling technique typically used in transactional sales. Whereas, inside sales follow a very strategic approach to selling and is as challenging as outside sales, but done remotely. Inside sales is NOT Telemarketing. Period!

MYTH 2: An inside sales executive has to be aggressive

It is a belief that to make a virtual sales discussion more impactful, a sales person needs to be forceful and overly assertive. But this does not hold true. All you need is confidence and complete knowledge of product, and the target market segment. It is always better to use social media tools, such as Linkedin to gather some knowledge about the prospect before making a call.

MYTH 3: The more you call, the better you perform and close more deals

Simply making countless calls is not going to produce results. One needs to set his/her priority and come up with relevant list and contact details of the prospects. Rather than making hell lot of irrelevant calls, focus should be on relevant and limited number of calls with which one can create more opportunities and lead to better conversions.

MYTH 4: It can not be used for important and complex sales accounts

Not true. People have learnt to adopt phone skills to build relationships and close deals. With the availability of sales acceleration platforms, and digital selling techniques like web-conferencing, CRM system, sales leaderboards, social media etc, one can create the experience similar to a face-to-face interaction. Understanding how to ask the right questions to uncover the prospect or buyer’s needs and pain points is not a skill that requires in-person communication.

MYTH 5: Cold calling hardly works

I agree that cold calling is the most challenging and time-consuming task, but if done effectively and with confidence, it does work. Especially in conditions wherein you don’t have enough leads or referrals, cold calling is the only option to drive your business.

MYTH 6: Calling a prospect on Friday is simply useless

It is a very common perception that approaching a prospect on Friday would be a waste of time. This is simply not true. Rather, most of them are in a better mood, ahead of weekend, and might give you more time and respond in a better way. Additionally, because most salespeople don’t make calls at this time, you will stand out as someone who is dedicated and hardworking.

MYTH 7: Their job is to merely assist the outside sales team

Not true. In fact they can work as effectively and strategically as outside sales team. They have their own targets and can work on a lot more opportunities in a very short span of time as compared to outside sales. I have clearly demarked in my previous blog Inside Sales vs Outside Sales

MYTH 8: Inquiries are leads

Inquiries are not leads. Inquiries are expressions of interest, but they don’t necessarily indicate an intent to buy. In contrast, true leads are sales opportunities.

You will be surprised to learn that as many as 40% of what you usually think of as leads are actually not leads at all. So, don’t waste your valuable sales time by calling everyone and everything a lead.

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