8 E-mail Tips for your Inside Sales Reps to Guarantee Opens and Reads


A great way to keep in touch with your prospects and customers is to send them regular emails. It will not only remind them of your presence but also deliver value if crafted in an intelligent way. Email is considered to be the best medium for contacting any professional and hence has all the power to persuade the prospect if written well.

It takes 8-12 contacts before a consumer makes the purchase. Thus an inside sales manager or rep must use emails appropriately to stay connected with the prospects and make the most out of it. Here are 8 tips for the inside sales reps to write sales e-mails that would generate leads:

Keep your Emails Short and Readable

People are generally more inclined to read the emails that they think will be quick and easy to read. Long and cumbersome emails can scare the readers and wipe out their interest. No one has the time to read and think over what you are trying to tell them. So, draft the email in the most concise manner possible. An Inside Sales representative must make sure that his/her email has good content and is straightforward, the paragraphs are short and there are bullets to highlight important points.

Spend some Time and Come up with an Attention-Grabbing Subject Line

The subject line is the most important component of your email message. Your prospect’s mailbox is crowded with so many emails every day. As a subject line makes the first impression, a lot depends on it as your recipient will decide which email to open based on the quick scan of the subject lines of all the emails arrived.  Hence, write a subject line that is short, appealing and easy to understand and make you stand out. Nobody will bother to open an email with irrelevant or very long subject line.

Avoid Words that might get Caught by SPAM Filters

Choose the words, phrases and symbols intelligently while drafting the email. There are certain words that trigger SPAM filters like “FREE”, “CHEAP”, “NO COST” and “50% OFF”. And if your email end up in the customer’s SPAM folder, it is very less likely that he/she will read it.

Don’t Try to Sell in your First Email

Never try to sell your product while sending cold emails as your prospect is not ready.  First, build a relationship with him/her and nurture it so that they can develop trust in you. Instead of pitching the product directly, mention the features and benefits it offers that can solve your prospect’s pain areas. Show them the problems and risks that could be avoided through the benefits of your offering. It’s a selling technique that every Inside Sales representative must learn.

Add Personal Touch by doing Enough Research about the Prospect

Your prospects are providing a lot of information about themselves on the internet. Use them smartly and do your homework before writing the email. Social selling is the buzzword today. Going through the data and content shared by them on social media platforms like LinkedIn, will help you understand and analyze your target customers. You can also come to know about a common ground or can get a referral. Instead of giving a generic pitch, send a personalized message to the prospect understanding their business operations and pain-points.

Include a Call-to-Action(CTA)

Do not forget to include a call-to-action and always ask for a response. Providing a clear call-to-action such as Request for additional information/Setup a demo/Visit the Website/Schedule a Call, etc, will tell them what to do next and provoke them to take some action. CTAs need to stand out and should be highlighted by color, size, or placement.

Use Testimonials

Attaching testimonials in your email is the best way to provide a proof of your good work done. It will work as an endorsement for you and the prospects will develop faith in your products or services.

Use an Email Tracking Software

Monitor your emails and know if the intended recipient actually received the mail. It will give you an indication if your prospect opened or read it. If an inside sales rep doesn’t know what happened to his mail then how can he plan the next action or a follow-up email. So, ensure that you are equipped with a reliable email tracking software such as Texo.ccSidekick or Yesware to monitor every email sent.

There are various Inside Sales email templates available to help you guide through the process.

Enjoy Mailing!!!






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