8 Areas Most Telesales Training Fail to Cover


How many companies have a defined and structured telesales training program in place to reinforce best practices of sales processes? Not even 35%. Though every sales department provides some sort of training to its telesales agents but most of the time fails to address certain critical elements crucial for their success. Despite the fact that these training sessions have good intentions, the sales reps might struggle to see this. They fail to notice the need of coaching to be on the top of the priority funnel. An under trained telesales team not only lead to underperformance but getting rejected daily by customers and missing quotas lead to lack of confidence which in turn lead to poor attitudes.

Below I have explained 8 areas that many in house telesales trainings lack and fail to cover:

Stand Out

Telesales training sessions mostly cover various strategies to close more leads. But it can have adverse effect as prospects have become frustrated of listening to the same kind of sales pitches a thousand times. So it is not advisable to have all your reps saying the same things. Hence, it becomes imperative for the reps to understand the importance of being different from other reps. But unfortunately, most trainings do not cover this aspect.

Use Case Studies

Simply saying that your product/service is great isn’t going to help. Instead teaching the reps to provide evidence in the form of case studies might help in impressing the prospect. But hardly a company does that. So make it a point to provide the agents with the list of customer names and other relevant data from all the industry verticals so as to showcase the company’s expertise with relevant examples.

Ask for a Referral

Sales training sessions rarely teaches reps to ask for a referral when the call is about to end. It is true that all the sales call that they make are not going to materialize and some of them might end up in the first discussion itself. But it will always be good to ask a person that if the product/service is not right for them but if they know someone for whom it might be useful. Keep a note of the details provided by them and immediately dial those numbers to meet your targets.

Know your Inventory

Suppose, you have finished the sale and the customer has said yes, but then you notice that you are out of the product and it will take at least a month before you have it in stock. So, make sure that the reps are always updated with the status of the inventory to avoid any false commitment to the customer and keep away from creating a bad reputation.

Leverage Google

Do not forget to educate your reps about the importance of keeping their Google Home Page open whenever they make a call and start the discussion. Having it open in front of reps will help them to quickly check answers of the questions and objections raised by the prospect. This will help them appear as an expert and will definitely lure the person at the other end of the call.

Make Training a Daily Event

To make your agents learn a new skill, you will have to reinforce it daily. It is highly recommended to have a brief training session every morning to build up the skills and techniques that your top 15% of the workforce are using successfully.  Playing recordings, role playing, passing out updated scripts can help your team improve on a daily basis. Also, assist your team navigate past some of the common objections, brush offs and situations they encounter on a daily basis.

Share Sales Success Stories

Employee attitude affects customer satisfaction to a considerable degree. High employee engagement and morale has a direct impact on the bottom line. Make sure that during the training sessions, you share the successes of your sales heroes. It will instill a sense of unity in your salespeople and give them confidence to work harder and smarter.

Take Advantage of LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become a primary source for generating leads and driving revenue. In fact for B2B telesales, it can prove to be a critical tool that can make the prospecting faster, smoother and more profitable. It is also beneficial when it comes to finding references and researching about your prospect’s company or industry. Make your outbound telesales agents accustomed to social selling with LinkedIn being the primary focus area.

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