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7 Ways to Make Sure Your Sales Pipeline is Always Full


“We all know that dreams can come true,
But nightmares are dreams too.
Of all the dreams that makes us happy,
Some can end on a worthless spin.”

What are your worst nightmares? You have always thought of fulfilling your dreams but have you ever thought of the challenging path on your way to success. Success and failure can’t be planned in advance, rather it is just the outcome of our hard work and capabilities

Same holds true for sales reps who struggle hard to keep their sales pipeline full. A pipeline without the right information and right customers is of no use. Acquiring new projects will matter less if reps don’t focus on their existing leads. Your sales goals should be much more than focusing on acquisitions. A full fledged sales strategy is one that help reps in nurturing and closing their sales leads. All the leads in the sales pipeline may not close immediately but with a proper process in place, these leads can successfully roll down towards conversion and help in keeping your sales pipeline full.

So how can you ensure that you are taking the right steps towards maintaining a full fledged sales pipeline? We at Inside Sales Box have come up with few tips that will help you enhance your existing strategy to lift your sales pipeline:

Upsell and Cross-Sell to Existing Customers: Blending sales with rapport building calls is one of the most prevailing practices being followed by sales organizations these days. Selling to an existing customer is not a bad idea, rather it maximizes your revenue per customer. Upselling and cross-selling also act as a client retention strategy as new offerings provide options to try something different or an enhanced version of the existing offering. While trying to pitch to an existing customer, reps must ensure that the new offer is somewhat related to the main product or service.

Effective Follow-up with Prospects: There might be a situation when the client doesn’t need your offering, but needs time to analyze the market and competition. The client might ask you to follow-up at a later date, wherein he can decide on the offerings. Thus, it is your duty to take a note of this and effectively list the client on the future follow-up list. If you want your sales pipeline full with more conversions, you cannot afford to miss these type of sales prospects. Read key guidelines to make the perfect sales follow-up calley guidelines to make the perfect sales follow-up call to close more deals.

Experiment with Different Lead Source: Sales reps who keep on reviewing their existing strategies and try out different selling styles are often the most successful. Reps might have their own comfort zone selling to customers from the same lead source. Trying out different sources can keep things afresh. Different sources have different prospects, and at the same time also provides you with a whole new set of fresh potential customers.

Go for Social Selling: As said above, experimenting with different lead sources can turn out to be fruitful. One of the major lead sources is social media, where a larger number of buyers interact with different people on a daily basis. Social media is a go-to source that has provided customers with the power to voice their opinion. At the same time it is a great source for buyers to analyze the market before making any purchase. Smart reps make the most out of this opportunity. They use social selling as a tool to find people who are looking for answers to their questions. Thus, social media platforms like Linkedin, Twitter, Quora can be a great tool for lead generation but at the same time requires time and patience to yield results.

Ask for Referrals: Consistent prospecting is the key to successful sales closure. Sales process requires patience, motivation and zeal. Reps need to set smart goals for securing their sales pipeline. Asking for referrals is one of the strategies to ensure that there is something always available in stock.  Reps can ask their existing customers to refer new clients for building a stronger customer base.

Know your Customers: Managers should consider the buying behaviour of their prospective customers before designing any sales process. When organizations know the way their ideal customers think, they can create products that can convert easily. Including customer feedback sessions in the current strategy can be of great help for tapping the target market. At the same time, tracking the buying pattern of people through web and speech interactions can additionally provide data that can be analyzed for introducing a strong product.

Implement a Sales Software: Sales organizations without a good sales software is like a bird without feathers. Your reps need to build smart goals for expanding the customer base. Thus, they need a sales acceleration software to build, manage and develop their sales process in order to have faster connects, better engagement, and a trackable sales process. We at Inside Sales Box help organizations engage with their prospects across the entire marketing and sales journey. The software has a suite of Power Sales Dialer, Email Tracking, Voice Mail Automation, Sales Cadence, Social Selling tools and much more to empower the Inside Sales Reps.

Too often, salespeople puts in less effort and attention to their sales pipeline. Managing it might be difficult but it is one of the most effective way to drive revenue growth.

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