7 Reasons why your Inbound Leads Aren’t Converting

7 Reasons why your Inbound Leads Aren't Converting

With inbound marketing gone mainstream, B2B and B2C sales organizations generate a fair share of their leads through inbound strategies. Salespeople too prefer an inbound lead to that of an outbound lead as it is easier to convert when compared. With an incoming lead there are many chances that you slam dunk. It also suggests that the prospect has heard something about your offering. But getting an inbound lead is not the end of it all. You still need to work towards making the ‘SALE’.  When not done properly you end up losing a client who could have become a long term associate. Here are few of the reasons why an inbound lead is not converting:

1)  Low quality on the part of the sales team: This is the primary reason that you are not converting fails. There may be a case that your sales team is good enough in converting a cold call into a warm call but may lack the required skill set to convert an inbound lead. It becomes even more difficult when the salesperson is left to face a situation they least expect.

2) Talk and only talk: A lot many times an inbound lead doesn’t get converted because rather than listening to the prospect your sales team never stop talking. The main aim of the sales call should be to listen to the prospect and understand their problem and provide a solution to them through your product/service. If this doesn’t happen, you fail to build trust among the prospects and end up not being able to form a long term association with them. At the end of the day, the solution matters and not the sales pitch.

3) Poor content: This usually happens when your lead is in the beginning or middle stage of the buying cycle. When prospects are at such stage you will have to make sure that your content is valuable enough. Content should be aimed at reducing the doubts of the buyer. It is important because all the prospects have one major doubt, “Will this product/service solve my problem”. It is here that your content plays the vital role of giving them the confidence of buying your product/service.

4) No immediate response: This is the one of the major reasons why an inbound lead doesn’t get converted. If the response from you comes very late then there are enough chances that the prospect might switch to your competitor. Responding immediately succeeds majorly due to three reasons;

  • The prospect is most likely to be in front of the system. They will know that you are giving them attention. With this you would also be able to answer their queries directly and also minimise the chance of them shifting towards the competitors’ website.
  • The prospect would be impressed with your immediate response. Simultaneously, they are able to build a trustworthy relationship with you.
  • A recent study conducted gave conclusive evidence that with immediate response you increase your chance of setting up a meeting 21 times more. This is because your product is still fresh in the minds of the client.

5) Improper lead nurturing: Another reason why an inbound lead doesn’t get converted is that your current lead database is not nurtured properly. There might be a case that there are enough leads waiting at your doorstep, but you are too busy at generating new leads who are nowhere in the radar. Try to nurture your current set of leads by providing them special offers and support.

6) The benefits of your product are not being highlighted: Sell the benefits and not the features is often taught in the classrooms. Most of the times companies fail to convert, because they do not highlight the benefits associated with the product/service. Prospects have many options to choose from and what stands out for them, is the advantage they can be at, if they buy a particular product/service. If not mentioned, then be assured that this is the reason, why an inbound lead is not getting converted.

7) High Price Points: If you have all the above points covered, and still not being able to convert an inbound lead, then there is every possibility that the price points you offer for your products are too high. It is always suggested to take a good look and compare your prices to that of your competitors. Are your products too expensive? Are they worth it? If the answer is ‘Yes’, then the non conversion should not come to you as a surprise.

As said earlier, an inbound lead is just the first step towards getting a client. It doesn’t guarantee success. A lot of effort still needs to be put in to reap benefits. Many companies rely a lot on inbound leads. If successful they have the option to keep their worries aside. But for that to happen, it is very important to think about most of the above written points else you have your task cut out.

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