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7 Best Practices Followed By Successful Inside Sales Managers


It is quite challenging and complicated to manage a team of inside sales reps with each one possessing different skills, beliefs, diiferent style of selling and attitudes. It is easy being a sales manager but becoming a great sales leader requires a powerful sense of mission and purpose and the ability to innovate.

But which traits and qualities make a sales manager “great”? A great inside sales manager has to be good at every aspect- from recruiting & hiring a great pool of sales persons, to developing the careers of the sales reps, creating sales programs that fasten up SDR ramp times and get them closer to becoming Account executive/Closers. Building long-term relationships with prospects, customers and facilitating the relationship among sales, customer success and the product team also is an integral part of the role.

Inside Sales Best Practices Followed By Successful Inside Sales Managers

They form a Culture of Continuous Learning and ImprovementStill facing Challenges?

Great sales managers continuously find ways to make his/her company reach new heights. They build a culture of innovation and make improvements over time at all levels. Change always brings excitement for everyone in the team and motivates sales reps to go far beyond their normal routine jobs. Change consists of incorporating new metrics, improving the technology and tools, sales procedures or incentive & reward systems.

 Sales managers who are able to hire the right team members and retain them, find more time to capture and nurture on sales opportunities. Or else, most of them are often caught up in the endless cycle of recruiting, hiring and training.  Also, grooming good talent definitely goes a long way in boosting your top line and controlling costs.

As per DePaul University’s Sales Effectiveness Survey

" The average cost of replacing a Sales Development rep is $114000."

Good managers have a great hiring system in place. They are Perfect at Recruiting, Training and Retaining Top People

They Provide Strategic Guidance

A good sales manager must set goals and clearly communicate the same to the team members. But simply delegating the work is not the end of your responsibility. You must ensure that the sales reps are provided with all the necessary tools, technologies and training to succeed. Make sure you are there to help the team members and solve their problem the very moment they face it. Always share the credit of the goals achieved with other members and praise your inside sales representatives publicly.

Best practices are not enough. Request consultation

They Manage Less and Lead More

Stop micro-managing your team in order to drive performance and meet deadlines. Lead every person in the way you want to be led. Learn to work alongside the sales representatives and not over their shoulders. Communicate your expectations clearly and mentor your sales team accordingly. Constant motivation is a must to drive the desired results. Read how you can keep your sales reps motivated.

They Promote Risk-taking

In this highly competitive environment, a leader should always be willing to try and dare. Following the tried and tested rules and strategies will not make your company a market leader, whether it is about making a deal, hiring a person, expanding the geography or adopting new procedures. One has to take risks from time to time to grow and to get a competitive edge in the marketplace.

They Live what they Teach and Lead by Example

You will definitely lose respect if you do one thing and say another. A sales leader should spread good habits throughout the team by demonstrating them. If you are trying to set a bar for your team then make sure that you too never dip below that bar. So, take ownership of your team and be accountable for your team’s performance and let your team members take ownership of their respective work.

They are Result-Oriented

Sales leaders consistently emphasise on the end results, accordingly set measurable KPIs and make their team work towards achieving those KPIs. In order to deliver results, a team must know what is expected of them and when. They should be aware of the rewards and recognition that can be achieved by meeting the expectations and the consequences of not doing so.

The above mentioned inside sales management best practices might be few in number, but if religiously followed, can make an average sales manager into a great leader. 

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