7 Helpful Tips for Inside Sales Beginners


Generating sales leads and dealing with customers over calls might sound very daunting to a new inside sales representative. While there is no substitute for experience, if guided appropriately, one can surely give an exciting start to his/her career. Keeping a few important aspects in mind can boost your morale before you set out on the inside sales track.

Have you just started out in Inside Sales? Here are 7 tips that can have a high impact in your success

Listen More, Talk Less

Stop talking and start listening to your prospect carefully. The requirement for the rep to be agressive is sort of an inside sales myth. Try to detect the problems that your prospect might be experiencing and offer the solution to those problems through your products or services. Educate them about the benefits that your offering can provide them, hence solving their problem. All this can only happen if you listen to them well.

Never Debate with the Prospect to Close the Sale

Facing sales objection is something very common in this field. So, don’t make an issue out of it and never argue with the prospect, otherwise you will definitely end up losing the order. Instead, take that sales objection as an opportunity to communicate new and unique information about your product/services and try to change the opinion of the prospect regarding your offering.

Set your Own Goals and Track your Metrics

Every inside sales representative is assigned with the goals and targets by their respective managers. In order to accomplish those targets, you need to set your own goals on a daily or weekly basis. And, always keep a track of your own activities and manage your basic pipeline. You should summarize at the end of a week about how many calls you made, how many suspects got converted to a prospect, how many appointment were set and so on. By doing this, you will be able to identify your weaknesses and work on improving them.

Prepare and Research Extensively

Be completely ready before reaching out to a prospect. Have a clear understanding of your offering and its benefits and USPs. Don’t rely on that generalized sales pitch/presentation that has been provided to you, it will hardly work in B2B sales. Research about each lead before making the call and try to personalize the message/presentation in a way that looks appealing and convincing.

Follow-up Diligently

This is something an Inside Sales Rep can’t ignore if he/she wants to generate sales. Organize your follow-up by sending newsletters, valuable content, greetings and other engaging stuff periodically. It helps to create a positive experience within your existing customers even if they are slightly annoyed with your products/services.

Live by the Golden Rule of Sales

Always treat your prospective customers as you would like to be treated by them. Follow these golden rules and gradually see your sales quota being achieved:

  • Call prospects during suitable time windows
  • Respect your prospect’s time
  • Always leave a meaningful voicemail

Do not Get Discouraged

Don’t expect that you will be a top performer and deliver exceptionally from the first day itself. Do not get discoraged by the sales rejections you get. It might take some time for an opportunity to get closed, but don’t lose heart as this is a field that requires dedication and determination.

“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.” – Josh Billings


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