7 Habits of a Successful Inside Sales Representative

7 Habits of a Successful Inside Sales Representative

It requires a great deal of commitment and zeal to take on the most intimidating tasks in any organization- Inside Sales, selling without being face-to-face with the prospect. None of us have the inherent talent of succeeding in inside sales. But with adoption of right habits and practices one can get a foothold in this field and undoubtedly grow leaps and bounds.

Habit #1. Know when, where and whom to target

Sales reps speak with so many prospects in a day that over a period of time, they can very well identify the most suitable time to call a prospect to yield best results, what sort of conversations to have to generate interest in the prospect, and also the type of  industries and regions to target that have the highest success rates. They smartly track and compare relevant data and improve their consistency and productivity levels.Usage of intelligent predictive dialers help them in managing the leads and campaigns effectively. Based on learning several parameters and constantly monitoring them, a smart dialer can focus on the right prospects with effective lead targeting. 

Habit #2. Exactly know What they are Selling and Who their Competitors are

With the availability of extensive data about everything on the internet and social media, buyers do their homework before making any purchasing decision or reaching out to a vendor. Hence, it becomes crucial for sales reps to know in and out about the product or service they are offering. They should know how to differentiate their offering from the competitors and brief the buyer about the USPs of the same. If the buyer turns out to be more knowledgeable than the sales rep, you have lost it.

Habit #3. Use CRM to its Fullest

Smart inside sales representative utilize their CRM for entering client notes. They find great value from the intelligent analytics and reports generated by the CRM based on their data entry. It ensures that you have a meaningful and engaging conversation with your client. It helps you effectively manage your leads and prospects by letting you set follow-up reminders and other tasks.

Habit #4. Leverage their “Marketing” Team

Best sales rep knows that the Marketing department is equipped with lots of valuable content in the form of brochures, case studies, presentations, blogs, promotional emails, and so on. One can easily make effective utilization of this great content and can engage with their prospects in a more meaningful manner leading to a fruitful long-term relationship with them.

Habit #5. Have the Drive to Persist and Stay Motivated

Drive is very important for sales reps. They need to stay motivated as they are always under a pressure to deliver and crush their sales quota.

Successful sales reps don’t give up easily as they know that it might take as many as 8-12 attempts to contact a prospect and convert him into a customer. They use multiple channels and valuable content to reach out to a prospect.

Habit #6. Anticipate their Prospect and Target Accordingly

Great inside sales reps analyze the patterns and trends that give them the direction to modify their pitch, based on the type of target prospect, to make it more convincing and effective. It helps them to hit right at the pain areas and requirements of the prospect. They can foresee the sales objections and questions that might be raised by the prospect and are well-prepared to crush them.

Habit #7. Always remain Reliable and Consistent

One should always deliver what he/she promises. And if circumstances prevent you from doing so, just communicate that to the client and provide him with a solution or alternative. To gain trust of your customer, it is important to be reliable and honest. Immediate and prompt reply to the customers and timely follow-up indicates that you are consistent and loyal to them and will definitely give you an edge over the competitors.

Inside Sales job is really very challenging, but with right habits, the Inside sales representative can come up trumps and generate great results.


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