7 Email Signature Goof Ups You Must Avoid In All Sales Emails

Email signature mistakes

The most professional way and perhaps the easiest means of reaching out to a person is via email. Now that person can be a friend, a prospect or a business lead. And when the emails that you send hold such prominence in your work life and otherwise, don’t you think it would be foolish to take your email signatures for granted?

The answer is a loud ‘Yes’.

Sales is itself a tricky little world which supports more competition in comparison to any other business field. If you let loose and let errors be a regular part of your sales emails, your chances of cracking an opportunity would significantly reduce by a whopping 36%. If your prospects see that you have not clearly mentioned your designation or your emails aren’t catchy enough, your bounce rate is ought to go up. Even if they open your sales emails, you would miss to hit the iris of sales quotas, as they quickly hover over the back button and mark your company as spam. This can take away a lot of hot leads from your end and drop them in your competitor’s lap. Respecting your client’s personal space is one thing, but missing out on hot leads because of silly email signature mistakes and otherwise in sales emails, is totally unprofessional and an unforgivable sin.

To make it easy for you and not dwell in too much time researching what exactly to avoid, here’s a list of some common mistakes you can easily avoid to get more leads on-board.

1. Keep it crisp and short

A few contact options are fine but don’t include multiple email addresses, phone numbers, websites, and social media networks! Instead of giving more options to the receiver, you’ll just overwhelm them.

2. Keep it simple

If you are using images in your sales emails you should know that Often people won’t be able to see the images when they open their emails, so if you’re using an image as your signature they won’t see it as well. Use text only to increase your chances of getting a response.

3. Having a stale sign off

We tend to water down our personalities in order to fit a mold of what’s professional, but what’s professional is an arbitrary idea. So instead of going with the flow and using traditional means of greeting or signing off, you can go around be a little creative. Maybe sign off with terms like ‘Happy Selling’ or ‘See you soon’. Unbox your creativity and let it fly.

4. Using too many different fonts

Using lots of different fonts in your email signature is a big no-no. Why? In my professional design opinion, keeping the font consistent throughout the signature makes it look more modern, classy, clean and tidy. And unless you own a kindergarten, leave out Comic Sans.

5. Too much hyperlinking

Back linking every line and statement or overwhelming your customers with too many social pages links can often jeopardize your strategy. Social icons can rescue you here and take away a lot of clutter from your sales emails.

6. Sales emails are not color palettes

If you think that by adding too many colors you can grab your buyer’s attention, you are utterly mistaken. Keep a Unicode color scheme and follow that consistency pattern. Sales emails can be fun and creative, but it is not a color palette where you can drag and drop all colors to make it more catchy and aesthetic.

7. Personal quotes in professional signatures

Avoid the temptation and don’t share personal quotes in professional signatures. Some customers can be easily offended or may not like the humor you’re using. Unless you’re a writer, leave the quotes out.

I hope these basic guidelines can help you overcome your initial barriers and write a more powerful sales email, with the right mix of wit and sales groove. If you have any feedback for me, do let me know in the comments section.

Till then, Happy Selling!

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