6 Ways to Deliver a Winning Sales Demo

6 Ways to Deliver a Winning Sales Demo

Sales demos are one of the most powerful tools for salespeople. If your product is great and you know how to showcase it smartly, then nobody can stop you from cracking the deal, but if you really don’t have any idea about the kind of conversation you will have with your prospect then you will surely lose the deal. Sales demo is an effective way to address the prospect’s specific product-related concerns. It also gives the prospects a chance to see the functionalities of the product and to judge whether it can offer real value to their organization.

Prospects who have strong ability to visualize often need to see your product in action to fully grasp its value and potential. Sales demonstrations provide them with visual support thus enhancing the quality of sales presentation. A product demo should never be treated as a tour of product’s features and functionalities rather it should narrate the customer’s story, where product plays the key role. Sales demos are tough to deliver but if done effectively it  serves the purpose of instilling a sense of ownership of the product to the prospect.

Let’s look at the few essential steps that you need to consider for delivering a Wining Sales Demo:

  • Demo confirmation: As soon as the prospect agrees to see the product demo, it is very necessary to confirm the same by sending a calendar invite, message or email to block the time in order to avoid delays or confusions. Meanwhile the salesperson and the prospect also get time to prepare themselves for questions and answers. This is done in order to ensure if the prospect has not accidentally double-booked somewhere else and for reminding him about the demo too.

  • Prepare a planned demo: There are basically two reasons as to why a rep needs to prepare for a planned demo: to create a positive impact and to give your audience an idea of what you’re going to show. With improvement in technology, demos are becoming more engaging. Sales representatives can create a great impact on the prospect by using tools like GoToMeeting through which they can share their screen and in the meanwhile can also share some used cases and customer success stories as a proof of their contribution.

  • Using Smart tools and softwares: Sales Reps can use smart tools and softwares for demonstration like Skype, JoinMe, GotoMeeting and WebEx, citrix, etc. Communication through internet is quite flexible, convenient and cost-effective. Web conferencing tools have made virtual meetings easy and allowed customers and sales reps to communicate effectively, hence making face-to-face sales obsolete. Both the parties can meet each other conveniently and at their own preferred time. Sales reps should also ensure that they have business statements planned around each feature of the product which they are planning to showcase to the prospect. Preparing a set of questions around the showcased product can help in ensuring that the prospect is following at the same pace at which the demo is being conducted. These questions can spark agreement and invite the prospect to better define the value of a given tool or solution for their business.

  • Tabularize past conversations and create a plan: Summarizing past conversations and reminding everyone about the importance of the discussion that they will have throughout the demo can help the sales reps in clearly outlining the set goals and timeline. While on the other hand sales reps should also create a plan that emphasizes the challenges and the need for the prospect to purchase the product. It will also help in briefing the prospect about the complete agenda of the demo meeting and hence will enhance the complete presentation.

  • Taking customers through “WOW” moments: There is always a “WOW” moment of every product/service.  These “WOW” moments can be features and attributes that makes your customers refer or to provide valuable feedback about your product to other referrals. Starting with “WOW” moments can be of great help for sales representatives as they can create urge in prospect’s mind during the demo to buy the product. It can also help sales reps to showcase the value of products with ease.

  • Tell them a Grand Story: Be specific and tactful in what you are showcasing to your prospect, provide them with suitable reasons for showcasing it, and be deliberate about whatever you speak. Starting with a brief introduction about your company’s process, services and at the same time engaging prospects by talking about their business processes and pain points can act as a awesome beginning. Ensuring that each feature of the demo relates back to the idea and reason as to “why this product is perfect to solve the customer’s problem” can also help in building trust and creating a strong desire for purchasing the product.

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