6 Ways for Inside Sales to Build Instant Credibility with Prospects


Credibility is indispensable for sales. And both inside and field sales reps take up a lot of measures to build credibility with prospects. But inside sales have to put in lot more efforts since they mostly sell through telephonic conversations, which demands them to cross the credibility threshold in less than a minute.

This may sound like Captain Obvious, prospects are more likely to buy from people or companies that they deem credible, and your task is to build credibility for yourself to conceal the risk involved. Only when concrete credibility is created you can start digging for customer information, get tough questions answered, and make yourself useful.

No Credibility → No Traction → No Digging → Not Being Useful

And sales reps know how important being useful to their prospect is in closing a deal.

Here are 6 ways on how inside sales reps can fast-track their credibility process

#1. Show up at the Right Time

One of the best ways to build instant credibility is by disguising yourself as a helpful advisor. Prospects do not like to be sold, but they are more receptive to sales reps if they feel that you are sincerely there to help them out. Reach out to prospects when they are going through a painful situation. Always remember that their painful situations are your opportunities. As Craig Elias states, reach out to prospects at their window of dissatisfaction which is between the status quo and finding an alternative solution. And the best way to identify this window of dissatisfaction is by looking out for enterprises that have hired new decision makers which are normally seen at their desperate times. A shocking statistic says 80% of decision makers spend $1mn or more on new initiatives in their first 90 days. 

#2. Get a Referral

When initiating your conversation to your prospects, it’s beneficial if you mention mutual connections. See if you have any connections in LinkedIn that are respected by your prospect. Even mentioning that you have done business with them will help you in fast-tracking your credibility. Sales reps can always rely on industry connections to build instant credibility.

#3. Build Interpersonal Trust

Building interpersonal trust is a sure shot way to building instant credibility, and there is no better way to do it than mirroring your prospect. Most people trust people that are like themselves, this induces a subconscious connection. Mirroring and matching your prospects pace, movements, etc are very beneficial to build instant trust.

#4. Establish a Common Ground of Interest to Build Personal Connections

Sales reps are known to be inquisitive and curious, and that works wonders for them. Ask your prospects questions to create a personal common ground not just for mere small talk, but to involve them in giving you a better understanding of their business operations and their status quo. The sooner you establish a personal bond, the sooner your prospect will be open to answer your tough questions enabling you to understand the nuances of the business situation to identify possible opportunities for your business.

#5. Offer Customer Testimonials and Convincing Industry Statistics6_Ways_for_Inside_Sales_to_Build_Instant_Credibility_with_Prospects

Testimonials are the most influential piece of information that can establish credibility. Offering testimonials of renowned customers can boost the confidence of prospects in you. Stating some relevant industry statistic can really help in demonstrating that you are well aware of your prospects’ business processes.

 #6. Plead Ignorance

One of the most powerful ways to earn credibility is by admitting that you don’t know everything. This may sound nonsensical, but trust me, admitting that you do not know everything makes what you do know more believable. Your prospect will start trusting everything you say. And if you ignore this and start making mistakes, and when your prospects find out, which they eventually will, they might never trust you again.

These 6 ways will ensure your position in the Top 20% sales performers, because once you build credibility with your prospects, more referrals, more sales, etc will flow in your pipeline.

Inspired by Craig Elias and Tim Dunne

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