6 Key Capabilities of Power Dialer to Boost Outbound Sales

6 Key Capabilities of Power Dialer to Boost Outbound Sales

What frustrates an Outbound Sales Manager is to catch sight of all time low revenues and demoralized sales force due to ineffective sales calls.

So in such a situation, the head of the outbound team may question his or her ability to maximize the productivity and effectiveness of his/her outbound sales team. In order to ensure that reps meet sales targets, various mechanism and procedures have to be implemented and automated. This can be done by introducing inside sales auto dialers in the system which automates outbound dialing and results in better connections with prospects at the right time. This is done to harvest the benefits of outbound sales.

There are a lot of debates on the sales dialer for outbound sales. It has been witnessed that Power Dialers work better than other dialers in several cases especially in B2B selling.

Power Dialer, dials a list of numbers one after the other, when the caller is already active on the line at the time of the call. If a number is busy or gets disconnected, it immediately dials the next telephone number in the list. There is almost no possibility of a dropped call as it dials one number after the other. Thus maximizes the amount of time the reps spend on talking to prospects instead of dialing numbers, resulting in more contacts per hour.

Here are some of the power dialer features that will enhance the productivity of outbound sales team:

Customizable Outbound Caller ID: Allowing Sales reps to customize which phone number they would like to show on the outbound caller ID is helpful as it increases connect rates as well as the probability that contacts will return your call. When you can match your caller ID to the area code of the contact you are calling, the probability of call dropouts decreases. The contact may be more likely to answer the call because it comes from a local number.

Computer-Telephony Integration (CTI): Retaining existing customers, regulating costs and seeking competitive advantage have always been a major challenge for Sales. Therefore It is absolutely essential that the power dialer you select has a Computer-Telephony integration. With Computer-Telephony Integration, when a contact is on the line, the software will automatically fetch important information about the person and display it on the agent’s interface. This makes the outbound dialing process more valuable, streamlined and effective and reps will always know exactly who they are speaking with. The total call handling time by a sales rep also reduces which helps in improving the productivity of the Sales rep with increase in revenue over time.

Custom Tags: Power dialers with a built-in CRM will often allow you to assign custom tags to each contact, list and campaign.With custom tagging you can easily recognize the source of incoming calls by adding a unique tag to each published phone number. This allows your business to categorize VIP customers, high-value prospects, incoming calls for specific functions, companies, departments, etc. With this feature you can ensure calls are answered with the appropriate response. This will change the way your reps identify and interact with customers and prospects.

Click-to-Call Feature: Power dialers with a Click-to-Call Feature in CRM provides an option to the reps to call on any number from CRM with the click of a button. The reps can click-to-call numbers collated on a list, from within the contact’s profile, from voicemail and missed call lists etc. This feature saves time, by reducing dialing effort and errors, thereby increasing the conversion rates.

Call Monitoring and recording: Sales managers are extensively utilizing call monitoring and call recording in an effort to enhance their quality control processes. This will help in yielding both quantitative and qualitative data that are necessary for optimizing call center practices. Call monitoring and recording are amazing for assessing call quality, enhancing training and increasing collaboration between team members. Managers can listen to live calls of reps and analyze their response and then accordingly provide inputs and conduct mock sessions to check on improved efficiency levels.

Screen Pop: A screen pop is a feature of a computer telephony integration (CTI) application that automatically displays all of the relevant caller and account information on reps screen during a call. Power dialer with this feature will help the reps in advance to know any critical information about the caller which may be helpful in closing deals. Most power dialers will display the caller’s name and phone number. Power dialer integrated with social media platforms will also display various additional information about the caller like the caller’s company, designation, email, address, phone number and information from their social media profiles.

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