6 Inside Sales Training Ideas Meant for Experienced Sales Professionals


In today’s dynamic and ever-changing business environment, even experienced salesperson who may have been selling for more than 10 or 20 years are likely to face new sales challenges. Entry of new competitors, changing customer expectations and technological evolution require experienced salespeople to let go of some sales practices that worked for them in the past and adopt new ones. So, no matter how matured, skilled and knowledgeable they are, there is always something to learn so as to keep pace with the demanding marketplace and grow.

Every sales professional has their own area of expertise and areas where they need improvement. And providing them with consistent inside sales training can help in honing their selling skills and making them emerge as a winner. Whether it’s about learning advanced sales techniques, CRM system, sales software or industry specifics, undergoing an effective and regular sales training program, aids in boosting sales.

Below are 6  ways to train the experienced sales professionals and garner better results:

Start an E-Learning Program

It’s quite possible that the experienced sales professionals are indulged in constant travelling and frequent sales calls. This makes it almost impossible for them to attend classroom training sessions. Commencing an e-learning program for salespeople to make them clearly understand the product details in order to foster their skills, especially new recruits, is the need of the hour. Adequate product training and knowledge will enable them to clearly identify specific client issues and accordingly position the company’s product as the perfect solution.

Sometimes, even your highly experienced salesperson can fail at closing deals. E-learning program ensures that your sales team is able to brush up their knowledge anytime, anywhere through online tutorials, modules and videos. With the help of progress metrics, you can check how your team is doing and whether they have read a particular material.

Ensure Consistency in Training with Micro-Learning

It is nearly impossible for salespeople to retain a lot of information at once. Recent studies found that multi-day sales training are eventually a waste of time and money. Approximately 50% of the learning content is forgotten within 5 weeks. 84% of content is gone within 90 days. Micro-learning is much more efficient than multi-day sales training as it follows the method of teaching in small quantities at a time and makes learning interactive by sending reminders on smartphones or emails. Micro-learning prevents overtraining which can damage the confidence and natural talent of salespeople.

Utilize Sales Metrics

Ensure that the tracking system is in place by implementing key sales metrics. Metrics allows you to get insight into every salesperson’s performance. It will help you to pinpoint weak points and provide additional training wherever required. Metrics could be in form of- number of appointments set, number of calls made, conversion rate and so on. By tracking these metrics, you can figure out where exactly a salesperson is striving hard and needs support. You will be able to know which skills need to be improved in order to make them deliver the desired results.

Reward Specific Achievements

Achievement-based training program is a good option to motivate salespeople. As every sales professional has goals, recognize them if they succeed in achieving them or exceed their goals. If the concepts taught in the training program are helping them reach their goals, then rewarding them is the best way to demonstrate the benefits of sales training to others. This will help in making your participants more engrossed in the training and take it more seriously.

Ask Them to Train Others

Take advantage of the experience of your newly hired senior sales rep. Utilizing their knowledge and skills to the fullest by asking them to mentor and coach other sales reps. This will help them in polishing their own selling skills and learn new things from others.  

Provide Detailed Feedback

A good and competent manager is one who analyzes the performance of each of his team members. He must listen to sales calls and review recordings in order to provide accurate and timely feedback to an individual. Mangers can listen to and understand customer needs and help salespeople avoid pushing a product by providing direct feedback in a real sales situation.

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