6 Habits that will help you in identifying Sales Laggards


Studies show that “more than half of all salespeople close at less than 40%.”
Have you ever given a thought over the decreasing revenue of your sales organization?
Focusing on top performers is an easy task with minimal effort but at the same time have you ever thought about focusing on the laggards.
How can companies succeed widely with the presence of sales laggards who need massive improvement?
It’s not that salespeople are a lazy lot and don’t care about their tasks. The major reason behind becoming laggards is due to lack of guidance and confidence they need, to do their work. Organizations need to provide effective training and access on resources to the laggards to help them become super performers.
If you have to understand these set of people you will have to know the basics of differentiating them from the super performers. How will you do so?
Well I will share with you few basic sales habits of laggards that will give you a better understanding towards areas to improve:

Relying on Organization’s Generated Leads: Sales reps who completely rely on the company generated leads have proved to be laggards. Rather, the complete process should be designed with a planned structure so as to promote proactive participation. Reps who have proactive approach towards selling are the ones who excel in quota completion. Identifying prospects through cold calling and online research can be beneficial to the reps in cracking deals as they have already applied efforts for the same. While on the other hand, wasting time on leads just because they have been handed over by your organization can be a mistake. All leads cannot be of same quality and so sales reps need to consistently keep on adding more leads to their list.

Arguing with the Buyer: One of the biggest mistake that reps make is to interrupt the buyer in the middle of a discussion. Not only it is considered rude, but at the same time you also miss the opportunity to hear from your prospects. Listening to prospects carefully provides you with an option to have access to some critical information that might be helpful in pitching the offering. Studies show that more than 60% of all problems existing between people and within businesses is a result of faulty communication. 

Lack of Product Knowledge: Sales reps should always have adequate knowledge about what they sell. It is one of the essential sales skill to understand the product feature for presenting their benefits accurately and persuasively. Customers always respond to reps who are passionate about their offerings and are proactive in exploring and demonstrating the benefits. This will help the reps in winning the confidence of customers.

Not Creating Buyer Personas: Organizations are continuously struggling in making the selling conversation interesting. Generating engagement is one of the major concerns these days. Knowing your ideal customers or personas in advance and accordingly designing campaigns and products can be valuable to these organizations. Thus, reps need to do some online research and develop their set of target customers based on the industry domain, buying behaviour, needs, etc.

Inefficient Follow-up strategy: Finding new prospect is crucial for the growth and success of a sales organization. But once a sales rep is presented with a prospective list, there must be a defined and strategised approach to be applied in order to achieve closures. Adding to this fact, a successful closure is always in conjunction with a well organized follow-up strategy. A sales rep should ask and understand why a particular customer needs certain services in a specified manner while the other needs the same services in a completely different manner. They should regularly raise questions to prospects  as well as customers to judge their behavior, buying pattern, likes, dislikes and nurture them to reach the ultimate goal of customer delight.

Failure to Customize Demonstration:  Great Sales demonstration is one of the powerful tools to crack deals. Every customer is unique, so it is the duty of the reps to design the presentation. Sales reps should check news releases, annual reports, company websites and more importantly should speak to the customers before the presentation, to understand their needs. Therefore, don’t forget to customize your presentation as speaking of pointers that matters to your prospects, is the key to closures.  

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