6 Advice that One Should Never Follow while Making a Sales Call


Take this script and read it!

“Hi Elena,
This is Austin from XYZ firm.
Hope all is well at your end.
We are into providing health insurance services
Would love to meet for a quick chat.”

Gross, what the hell is this?
Can you anyhow call such a pitch to be good?

Till now you must have realised, how the listener will feel while listening to this kind of a pitch. In the world of personalized communication, where do you think this pitch will stand? Are you doing a similar mistake just because your boss has asked you to do so.

There are many things that you should keep in mind while making a sales call. If you keep on listening to each and everyone in your team, you will miss out on the unique outcomes and will land up annoying and irritating your prospects. Believe me you can do wonders once you know the in and out of making perfect calls but it doesn’t means that you will have to experimentation with your underlying sales skills.

Here are few advices that you should definitely ignore while making a sales call:

Do it like the performers: Why do you think that you can not excel with your own set of skills? Performers and laggards are totally different but with effective training and motivation the laggards can turn out into leaders. The way you end your sales call can help you improve your conversion success. People got easily influenced after seeing the hollywood movie “Wolf of wall street” but at the same time they forgot that scenarios which might be favourable for one organization might not support the performance of another organization. Different industries have different ways of excelling in their own field. Thus, it is advisable for sales reps to perform in a way that best suits their skills and knowledge rather than going after a robotic script.

Make more calls: Simply making more number of calls can help you increase your dial outs but at the same time might degrade the quality of calls. Effective sales call is the one that lands up in the category of qualified lead bucket. Such an advice won’t help a sales rep instead will bring down the motivation of the rep as there might be a case where most of the calls are going to wrong people. Before dialing out the rep should be able to answer questions like:

> Is the buyer relevant?
> Will the solution fit their needs?
> Is it the right time to call?
> Should I first call or drop an introductory mail before calling?

Once you are able to justify these questions with appropriate answers, then only you should go ahead and call your prospects.

Don’t ask for sales: If you won’t ask you won’t get. How do you expect your prospects to know the requirement for any particular service when you have not even created awareness. Just asking for meetings and offering new services or products might not result in a sale. Reps should try to understand the pain points of customers and help them realize the need of the offerings. Thus, creating an awareness and nurturing them to buy your products/services is fine. But one should definitely define a time period after which the prospects can be asked “Are you ready to explore our products/services”. This will help you understand the buying phase of your prospect and the right time to connect again.

Don’t go for cold calling: Obviously, too much of cold calling can hamper your brand reputation but at the same time can also help you in filling your sales funnel. I will take you through a personal experience, where I met a sales guy long back. He used to make 50 cold calls in the beginning of his day and then went out for set meetings in the other half of the day. With this strategy he excelled in his career as he always had something in his pipeline. Cold calling gives you a fair chance to introduce your product or service to the customer.

Get past the gatekeeper: Just because deal closure is decided by the higher authority, it doesn’t means that you can ignore the gatekeeper after passing through the initial stage. In many cases gatekeeper can act as your brand advocate and can be the root of success closure. Similarly, it is a myth that the decision maker is the most important person. In many case the decision making authority is with the complete team that involves all levels of management.

Say ‘YES’ to everything: If you have an idea about a promise that cannot be fulfilled, it is advisable for you to deny rather than saying a ‘YES’ or saying that ‘You can get it done’. The basic rule for establishing credibility is by being truthful rather than indulging in small lies that can hamper your brand reputation. Thus, it is advisable for reps to say a ‘NO’ or to end up the conversation by saying ‘I don’t know, let me get back on that.’

If I have missed out on any other advice, do feel free to mention in the comments section below.
Happy Selling!

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